WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Solutions For Large and Medium Scale Enterprises

The business world is evolving rapidly with technological innovations. WhatsApp has taken the lead in this trend by developing a new way to communicate and collaborate on projects with their Enterprise solution. The app will help businesses make sense of customer service, marketing campaigns, and more without spending time on email or phone calls. It’s […]

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Video Performance Analytics

Video Performance Analytics and Quality of Performance (QoS) Monitoring

One of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, to any video quality monitoring system is its ability to measure and report on Quality of Performance (QoS). This can be done by generating reports that provide an overview of the performance metrics for a given period or by displaying them in real-time. […]

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OTT Trends

OTT Trends to Watch For Over-The-Top Streaming in 2022

People are no longer content to watch the same old TV shows and movies that they’ve seen dozens of times before, so they’re turning to over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Netflix and Hulu instead. These services allow viewers to binge-watch their favorite shows without all those commercials in between episodes, and it’s also more accessible […]

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UI/UX Design

How to Create Engagement for OTT Platforms With Better UI/UX Design

A great design should create a seamless and engaging experience for the user. When designing an OTT platform, we think about what we want our viewers to feel when they first open the app and how it will look as they continue to use it. There is no excuse for having a poor UI/UX design […]

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OTT Monetization

OTT Monetization: Best Revenue Models For OTT Monetization

OTT or Over-The-Top video streaming is the latest in technology that has taken the world by storm. It’s a model that allows cable channels and other content providers to stream their content online without paying for cable TV subscriptions. This can be done through an internet connection on your television, phone, tablet, laptop, or other […]

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Video Marketing Analytics

Video Marketing Analytics: Predictive Analytics in Video Marketing

Video marketing is an integral part of every business’s digital strategy. In the past, video marketing was a hard science based on intuition and gut instinct. Today, it has become a data-driven practice with predictive analytics as one of its major components. Predictive analytics in video marketing provides insights into customer behavior that can optimize […]

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Crowdfunding Video

Complete Guide to Launch the most Successful Crowdfunding Video Ad Campaign

Anyone who has ever done crowdfunding will tell you that the most important part of your campaign is the video. It needs to be unique and grabbing. If it’s not eye-catching, they won’t watch it, and you’ve lost the chance to win them over. That’s why I created this free Crowdfunding Video Ad Campaign template […]

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Customer Journey Map

How to launch a Customer Journey Map on YouTube?

The Customer Journey Map represents every customer interaction with the brand and the exciting customer journey. Therefore, a small story of the customer journey between the brands and customers starts from first interactions till purchasing the products by maintaining long-term brand loyalty. Nowadays, a clear marketing vision and strategy for customer interactions is essential for […]

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Web Series

4 Writing Tips to Organize Your Video Streaming Content

Want to engage customers with a series of live streaming videos? That’s a great idea considering that people love watching them. In fact, the live video streaming industry is supposed to hit $184.3 billion in six years—a huge increase. People prefer to watch videos overall, and live streams get 27% more minutes of watching time […]

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Video Metadata

How to Make Your Media Library Searchable with Metadata: Video Metadata

Video Metadata offers a basic information level that helps to describe the specific knowledge of that particular video. Understanding the Video Metadata is key to get huge organic traffic, and it helps the viewers to discover your video on Search results. Metadata will help to organize your search engines index content properly to drive more […]

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Video Content Management System

Video Content Management System: The Best Video Content Management Systems for 2021

Create engaging video content by adding value to the reader if you expect to attract the maximum number of visitors to your website. When it comes to building and maintaining good content means you need to revise, publish, and engagingly update the content continually. Maintaining a bigger database is only possible through the content management […]

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Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing is Vital for Your Small Business

Content Marketing is the creation of marketing material that may not relate directly to a product or service you provide. It is complementary marketing that can work in conjunction with mainline marketing strategies for your products. But why is it important? Surely, marketing that has no direct relation to your core business operation is useless? […]

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OTT Video Platform

How To Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in the Year 2021

OTT is the abbreviation of the over-the-top model platform, which is also referred to as the smart devices. These devices function based on waves and not devices that fasten up the performance of the platform. This OTT is being used in the digital marketing field due to its swiftness, and also a huge population is […]

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YouTube Fashion Channel Video

YouTube Fashion Channel Video Ideas: YouTube Fashion Video Content Ideas

Have you heard about beauty Vloggers of making money on YouTube? Establishing a fabulous YouTube Fashion Channel means that you always have to develop creative content. Uploading the Fashion and Beauty video content will help you generate millions of views on your videos and build a huge fan base. There are various YouTube Fashion Channel […]

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Text to Speech

How to Create Voice Overs for Videos Using Text to Speech Like a Pro: Discover the Complete Guide

With over 85 percent of social videos, such as Facebook videos being watched on silent, it has become essential to tell video stories without sound. Voice Overs can be a great way to provide an excellent voice to those who choose to watch with the sound on. Creating the Voice Overs for Videos using Text […]

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B2B Video Marketing Myths

Top B2B Video Marketing Myths that are killing your Business Growth

The primary objective of any video marketing campaign is to attract new customers for the business. B2B Video Marketing is about appealing and networking to other professionals in your industry and is the only source to generate huge traffic to the company. Video marketing is the way to connect with people, give value to the […]

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Practical Strategies to Build Product Videos for Shopify to Increase Sales

Over a million merchants introduced Shopify to sell their products online. Shopify platform is a highly easy-to-use, customizable platform that puts you under the creative power of users’ hands. Shopify not only makes it straightforward to sell products online, but it also offers strategies for what online stores need to achieve eCommerce success. Several alternatives […]

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Branded Video Content

Branded Video Content: Best Practices to Reach and Engagement

Brands and Marketers are increasingly investing in brand promotion ideas and creating brand stories online for effective communication. Branded Video Content varies from a variety of channels specially designed for Brands without the complex sell approaches. Rapidly growing consumers hooked to the digital media platforms for consuming video content. The study reveals that more than […]

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3D Animation Videos

How to Make 3D Animation Videos Effectively that Help Your Business Growth

Businesses use various methods and marketing techniques to promote and enhance their sales. But at the same time, many competitors also follow a similar type of methods by their competitors for driving the competitive benefit. 3D Animation Videos boost your business an edge over its competitors because 3D animation videos have become more interesting and […]

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Video Content: How to Make Yourself as a Thought Leader Using Video

When it comes to content marketing, companies are still missing the Human elements. One of the most popular words that we are listening to in the marketing world is Thought Leadership. Thought Leadership is basically positioning yourself on your company with an expert leadership quality within the Industry where all other people will engage for […]

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Media Trends

Media Trends That Are Changing the Way We Consume Video Content

Video content is perfect for reaching out to all generations of people to create direct and emotional connections with the user. As mobile optimized video and voice searches, a huge part of the social media content is consumed over mobile devices. As a part of video marketing strategies, marketers, and brands including Artificial Intelligence, 360-degree […]

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Video Production RFP

Winning Strategies to Create an Effective Video Production RFP

Video Production RFP strategies effectively connect with consultants, vendors, organizations, and partners, consisting of skilled resources and expertise to meet that need. A Request For Proposal is also called an RFP which is a powerful print document that contains all relevant and essential information of a project things to be completed. Creating a detailed RFP […]

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Benefits of video on demand

How Does Video on Demand (VoD) Differ from Traditional TV Advertising: Benefits of Video on Demand

We live in a world where demand for video content increased anywhere, anytime on multiple devices. Video on Demand viewing is becoming a norm and lends webcasters engaging views, increasing longevity, and broaden their reach. It is entirely different from traditional TV advertising which offers various types of video advertising opportunities.Video on demand offers ready […]

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Live Video Streaming Encoders

The Ultimate List of Live Video Streaming Encoders for Broadcasters

Live Streaming is the process of delivering data over the Internet in real-time and without allowing end-users to download the data fully. Live Video Streaming Encoders are excellent for the reliability, and it enhances the ability to send multiple streams to different locations from the single same encoder. Encoders are capable of sending various quality […]

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Video Game Marketing

The Secrets of Video Game Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience

Video Game Marketing industry strategy often uses emerging technologies for building good community and pointing the way forward for creative techniques for entertainment-based marketing. Over 67% of Americans play video games on smart devices as mobile game marketing is rising since smartphone usage dominating our lives. Social media is exploding absolutely that every time they […]

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Linear Streaming

The Impact of Linear Streaming on the Global Market: Checklist You should know before opting for linear streaming monetization

Today Multiscreen transcoding is widely used to prepare and distribute media content in traditional televisions and OTT as everywhere at any time services. A digital video revolution is putting over half a trillion dollars into the play. Significantly Linear Streaming is being transformed as the fast-growing inroads of OTT and internet video platforms. As consumers […]

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Twitter Video Metrics

Most Significant Twitter Video Metrics: Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Video Metrics

With over 3 billion profiles on Twitter, and is one of the most popular social media platforms to meet a Global audience. Twitter Video Metrics provides a wealth of information to the brands and offers Twitter native video ads analytics. The concept of video tweets has led to constant outpouring and strong opinions on its […]

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YouTube Stories

How to Understand Audience Personas to Drive Video Engagement

One of the oldest marketing adages is knowing your Audience Personas, which offers a detailed representation of various segments of your target audience. Audience targeting is excited only if you introduce strategic video marketing concepts in your business . To become successful in this digital era, every business needs to drive huge engagement and sales […]

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Benefits of Linear TV Advertising

Benefits of Linear TV Advertising: Everything You Need to Know About Connected TV Ads

Today’s generation is increasingly using the interchangeable Television, whether they are consuming digital TV or Linear TV at their home. Keeping an eye on Linear TV advertising is more attractive to the consumers and advertisers in this video streaming industry. However, this Linear TV advertising ecosystem is facing few bottlenecks by growing its popularity. Here […]

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