ADA Compliant Video

ADA Compliant Video: How do you make a Video ADA Compliant

A video is just a few seconds long. It can capture and maintain viewers’ attention in an instant. But what about those with disabilities? Yes, they too are watching videos on the internet! But not all videos are ADA compliant, which means they do not have captions for hearing impaired people or transcripts for those […]

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Video Piracy

Amazon Fire TV Advertising: How Amazon is selling ads on Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV advertising is a growing phenomenon. As of October 2018, Amazon has sold more than $2 billion in ads on the video streaming device. If you consider advertising on Amazon Fire TV, this blog post will give you some insights and what you need to know about selling ads on Amazon Fire TVs. […]

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Zoom Webinar

Webinar Recording: How to Record a Webinar for Free on Any Device

The webinar recording is an essential aspect of any live event. It allows those who could not attend the event to see it still and learn from it. The best way to get a good quality video for your online audience, though, is through a professional webinar recording service. I will be discussing in this […]

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Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV Advertising Trends: Why You Should Look into Addressable TV Advertising

User-specific advertising has become the most commonplace in display marketing. More than 62% of the advertisers using addressable TV by believing that it is an essential part of media buying. An advertiser who is planning to increase their ad investment to address the target audience to get success. Over 40% of marketing professionals and addressable […]

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OTT Video Advertising Strategies

OTT Video Advertising Strategies – Why Businesses should consider for Brand Promotion?

OTT Video advertising is an increasingly essential component and Connected Tv, OTT markets have become more valuable in this digital era. Despite the growing importance of OTT content, marketers’ focus shifted to OTT video advertising strategies. OTT advertising is similar to traditional Television ads, but the only difference is content is delivered over streaming media. […]

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Web Series

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Web Series: Get Noticed as a Filmmaker

As video technologies gets smaller and the attention spans become shorter with faster Internet connections. In this world of media streaming, Web-based content will continue to explode. Web Series are driving value and making waves for a whole range of brands. These short and structured videos capture an audience’s attention with addictive quality, ensure that […]

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OTT Challenges

The Content and the Facilitator: Differences Between OTT and OVP

Over The Top (OTT) Video is a relatively new entry into the world but has already begun upsetting the big dogs in the entertainment, education, and distribution industries. Some of the biggest examples of OTT video streaming, including Netflix and Prime, have already made themselves at home in our daily routines. New and more niche […]

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SEO for OTT Platforms

SEO for OTT Platforms: 50 Best Video SEO strategies for your OTT Platform

You may be having great content in the OTT platform, but you must check whether that content reaching the people who are searching for it? OTT platforms may be extremely satisfied with their audio/video library with quality content, but you must optimize your content accessed by the viewers first place in the search result. SEO […]

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ott 2

Top 50 Global OTT Market and Advertising Predictions And Trends For 2021

OTT refers to the delivery film and TV content through the internet without ant satellite or cable connections. EMarketer survey revealed that more than 56 million had cut the cord on cable in America. Because of rising in on-demand video content, more people converted to OTT delivery services. Here we compiled top 50 OTT Video […]

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Korean Movies

Top 10 Best Ways to Watch Korean Movies Online For Free

Movies are the best entertainment for many people across the world. Watching movies online is even an excellent means of entertainment. Get a good internet connection with sufficient speed and watch Korean movies without spending money. In the digital age, you would have thought watching Korean movies online for free would be effortless. The truth […]

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Digital Media Landscape

Indian Digital Media Landscape [Study]

How the digital media shows the impact on overall Indian market? How the digital advertising plying role in the consumption of digital media? What will be the major factors affecting the India digital media? To find each of the above questions just goes through the below-given phrases. Key trends responsible for digital media consumption in […]

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Cross-platform Measurement

What is Cross-Platform Measurement?

The media landscape is fragmented, and the audience is consuming digital media on multiple platforms and devices. The advertisers are also running campaigns across different platforms and devices. It has become more important now to measure accurately across different platforms to know the consumption habits of the audience to change the digital marketing plans accordingly. […]

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Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising Continues to Expand

The video is the best form of advertising and marketing to go. Businesses from startup to big business are following video marketing as their marketing strategy to go. Many small companies have already made their tactics on the Youtube platform for their marketing. Today the marketers are turned towards the format and optimization of their […]

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YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

The YouTube Recommendation Algorithm That Makes Millennials addicted

Here we are going to discuss the interrelation of YouTube Recommendation Algorithm and Millennials. In the present era, 90% of the millennials are being addicted to the digital media usage through user-friendly gadgets. In that, the YouTube is the most seeking video platform for the teenagers to find anything that is not available on any […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Advertising on Your Roku Channel

Roku is one of the most famous digital channel which delivers over the top content to the people. It is like a setup box that provides both paid and free content to its users. The content like Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, etc. is available on Roku TV. By connecting with the internet, you can access […]

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How To Stream YouTube Videos On TVs Using Google Home

How To Stream YouTube Videos On TVs Using Google Home

Google is the First thing, whenever we need to search for something, go to browser google it. This process runs for decades. It’s been done on our phones, computers, laptops and anywhere where the internet is available. The interaction with Google always by typing the keywords check the display on the screens. But the future […]

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What is the Second Screen? – Second Screen Advertising

The television screen was the only thing people were focusing on to enjoy their movies and shows earlier. But now the experience has expanded to the second screen. It said that people keep on browsing the internet on their mobile devices while watching the television. Millennials are also consuming video content on their second screens. […]

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Cord Cutting

What is Cord Cutting ?

Cord cutting is referred to as stopping the costly cable subscriptions and switching to the internet or any other clients for television channels. It is the act of canceling or disconnecting one’s TV cable subscription.  Cord-cutters are the new generation of revolutionaries. They’re fighting for their right to watch TV on their own terms – […]

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Video Hosting for Business

The Ultimate Guide to Video Hosting for Business

Businesses choose the best video hosting platform base with the goal of their marketing plan. The selection also influenced by the type of videos that created, the target audience, and the budget of the business. Businesses usually host their videos through third-party video hosting sites. Companies use the video content to get extra traffic and […]

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