OTT Trends

OTT Trends to Watch For Over-The-Top Streaming in 2022

People are no longer content to watch the same old TV shows and movies that they’ve seen dozens of times before, so they’re turning to over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Netflix and Hulu instead. These services allow viewers to binge-watch their favorite shows without all those commercials in between episodes, and it’s also more accessible […]

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LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends for 2022

LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends for 2022 will be an in-depth look at the techniques to make your videos more engaging and shareable. With this research, you’ll learn how to use video marketing to create a better company culture and connect with consumers on social media. The trends are broken down into three sections: The future […]

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Facebook Live Video

Facebook Video Marketing Trends for 2022

The social media giant Facebook has been dominating the video marketing world in recent years. Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and just about everyone has a smartphone with a camera built-in. This means that anyone can upload videos to their timelines and target their audience, no matter how large or small it may be. […]

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Short Video Market

How to Use Data Forecasting for Video Marketing

By now, you’ve probably seen the latest technology trends in video marketing. You know that there is much more than just Facebook and YouTube for your social media strategy. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which one is best for your company’s needs. However, data forecasting can help you narrow […]

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Shoppable Video Platforms

Livestream Shopping: How to do a live stream shopping event for your Business

It’s a new year, and you’re ready to start a business. You know how important it is to build your brand on social media, but what about Livestream shopping?   Livestreaming was trending in 2019, with people like Kylie Jenner making millions of dollars off their live stream videos. So why not try it for […]

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Live Streaming on Blockchain

Live Streaming on Blockchain: The benefits of decentralized Live streaming

Live streaming is the future of broadcasting, and it’s time to get on board. Live streaming provides a more authentic experience for viewers as they can see what you’re doing in real-time. Streaming services like YouTube are excellent, but many drawbacks come with them, such as not broadcasting live events or charging people who watch […]

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Video Piracy

Amazon Fire TV Advertising: How Amazon is selling ads on Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV advertising is a growing phenomenon. As of October 2018, Amazon has sold more than $2 billion in ads on the video streaming device. If you consider advertising on Amazon Fire TV, this blog post will give you some insights and what you need to know about selling ads on Amazon Fire TVs. […]

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Zoom Webinar

Webinar Recording: How to Record a Webinar for Free on Any Device

The webinar recording is an essential aspect of any live event. It allows those who could not attend the event to see it still and learn from it. The best way to get a good quality video for your online audience, though, is through a professional webinar recording service. I will be discussing in this […]

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Video Marketing Analytics

Video Marketing Analytics: Predictive Analytics in Video Marketing

Video marketing is an integral part of every business’s digital strategy. In the past, video marketing was a hard science based on intuition and gut instinct. Today, it has become a data-driven practice with predictive analytics as one of its major components. Predictive analytics in video marketing provides insights into customer behavior that can optimize […]

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YouTube Live Streaming Strategies

Live Video Marketing Guide: YouTube Live Streaming Strategies for Business Growth

YouTube is an incredible platform to build an engaged and loyal audience personally connected to your YouTube Channel. Livestream on YouTube is a fantastic approach to expand your business and grow your audience. Implementing the right YouTube Live Streaming Strategies can help you achieve your business goals. Growing YouTube live stream audience is a time-consuming […]

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Video Consumption

SaaS Video Marketing Strategies: How to Get the Best out of Video Marketing for your SaaS business

Nowadays, the power of video marketing is undeniable. However, many people are not sure how to get started with this type of marketing strategy. Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help you improve your business. It provides the opportunity to show off your products and services in an engaging way, as well as […]

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Live Streaming Hacks

Live Streaming Hacks: Live Streaming Tips To Make Your Broadcast Superhit

Live Streams are an excellent way to draw and stand out from the crowd. Having a professional on-screen presence does require some thought and preparation. In most of the video marketing industry areas, YouTube is on top of the list for Live broadcasting. It is a fast and powerful way to connect with the audience […]

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Baby Boomers

Short-Form Video Marketing Success: Process, Strategy and Tips

You’ve probably seen the ads for Short-Form Video Marketing – short-form video marketing. Short-Form videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and motivate them to take action. This article will show you how it is done, what kind of videos work best, why they’re so popular, how to make your own Short-Form […]

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Ecommerce Video Advertising

How to Scale Your Business with Ecommerce Video Advertising

Video is known to build trust among the audience and increase the engagement of brands. Few kinds of eCommerce videos need for your business to see a revenue uplift? Ecommerce Video Advertising strategies are often made up of many separate elements and Insights to boost sales. Running an eCommerce business is difficult, and sustaining your […]

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Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV Advertising Trends: Why You Should Look into Addressable TV Advertising

User-specific advertising has become the most commonplace in display marketing. More than 62% of the advertisers using addressable TV by believing that it is an essential part of media buying. An advertiser who is planning to increase their ad investment to address the target audience to get success. Over 40% of marketing professionals and addressable […]

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Video Consumption

How Video Consumption is changing in 2022?

In this Digital World, video has become a critical component of your overall marketing strategy. The video landscape is drastically changing and constantly coming across innovative ways to tailor video content and consumers’ specific business goals. Video is an excellent opportunity in 2021. Whether you run a business or personal branding from your basement, it […]

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YouTube Marketing Secrets

YouTube Marketing Secrets: Guide to Create the Effective YouTube Video Intro in 2021

Making videos is all the rage these days, but no one tells you the secrets to effective YouTube marketing. You need to speed up your learning curve and go straight to the YouTube Marketing Secrets. Have you seen video marketing results for your business that have impressed you? Do you want to know the secrets […]

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Video Gaming

Effect of Big Data on Video Gaming Industry’s Digital Transformation

The video gaming industry has been highly disrupting over the past few years positively. The gaming industry has evolved over the years. As a matter of fact, it is one of the biggest industries in the world today. The video gaming industry could be termed as the current biggest revolution that has stunned the world. […]

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Crowdfunding Video

Complete Guide to Launch the most Successful Crowdfunding Video Ad Campaign

Anyone who has ever done crowdfunding will tell you that the most important part of your campaign is the video. It needs to be unique and grabbing. If it’s not eye-catching, they won’t watch it, and you’ve lost the chance to win them over. That’s why I created this free Crowdfunding Video Ad Campaign template […]

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Branded Video Content

How Display ads and Video ads help attract customers?

Generally, advertisement refers to promoting brands, products, or services to increase the viewership to boost audience engagement and sales. There are different types of ads in the market, and marketers must pay for their ad publishing and viewership. Video ads are in video format and are a popular advertising method because they generate high engagement […]

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Customer Journey Map

How to launch a Customer Journey Map on YouTube?

The Customer Journey Map represents every customer interaction with the brand and the exciting customer journey. Therefore, a small story of the customer journey between the brands and customers starts from first interactions till purchasing the products by maintaining long-term brand loyalty. Nowadays, a clear marketing vision and strategy for customer interactions is essential for […]

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Web Series

4 Writing Tips to Organize Your Video Streaming Content

Want to engage customers with a series of live streaming videos? That’s a great idea considering that people love watching them. In fact, the live video streaming industry is supposed to hit $184.3 billion in six years—a huge increase. People prefer to watch videos overall, and live streams get 27% more minutes of watching time […]

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Whiteboard Video Animation

Understanding YouTube’s Algorithm in 2021

YouTube’s Algorithm plays an excellent role in your YouTube channel growth. YouTube Algorithm 2021 made content creators’ role easy and to be consistent on their platforms. YouTube describes its algorithm as its viewer’s different interests. As a result, YouTube has become a constantly influential platform for content creators for creating excellent video content for this […]

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Zoom Webinar

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on education: Must-Have Tools for Virtual Learning

More than 1.2 billion students attended online classes through the Virtual Learning process Globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual Learning offers various benefits to both the teachers and students and allows everyone to learn anywhere, anytime, at any cost. Having easy-to-understand practical virtual learning tools are the backbone of any virtual learning environment. Proper use […]

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Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends for Banks that actually Work

Video marketing strategies are just new techniques applied to create a commercial space and buy things without researching and strategizing. Video Marketing Trends will ultimately boost your financial services within your budget and in your timelines. When it comes to financial industries and banking, everyone works on separate goals and their own initiatives. Video Marketing […]

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YouTube Views

The ultimate guide to generating the right YouTube Channel Name

The process of establishing a personal or business YouTube Channel takes just a few minutes. Then you need to customize your channel with the help of adjusting features and uploading a logo or photo and linking your YouTube channel with other social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To launch a perfect […]

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Video Metadata

How to Make Your Media Library Searchable with Metadata: Video Metadata

Video Metadata offers a basic information level that helps to describe the specific knowledge of that particular video. Understanding the Video Metadata is key to get huge organic traffic, and it helps the viewers to discover your video on Search results. Metadata will help to organize your search engines index content properly to drive more […]

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