Video Piracy

Video Piracy: Best Practices to Protect Video Piracy

Many people believe that video piracy is a victimless crime. They may think that the only consequence of downloading an illegally copied movie or show is a slightly lower profit margin for the company releasing it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Video piracy costs companies billions of dollars each year and has […]

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Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Must-have Chrome Extensions for YouTube Creators: Bonus YouTube Tips

YouTube is an excellent platform for businesses, especially those who deal with brand videos. YouTube offers all the necessary features required to any regular user. As a YouTube content creator, you must create viral videos for search engines and social platforms by leveraging the existing features of Chrome Extensions for YouTube Channel. There are tons […]

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Social Video

Social Video Trends: A Growing Demand for Video Marketing

Are you planning to use Social Video in your social media marketing campaigns? Many brands using Social Videos to market their new products due to their effectiveness. The demand for video marketing continues to grow in the digital world because of marketing professionals and brands, including video as their marketing strategy. Based on a survey […]

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Election Videos

Political Campaign Videos: Lessons Politicians Can Learn from Election Videos

Political campaigns provide an opportunity to refine and develop a wide assortment of skills in an extremely flexible and fast-paced environment. Election videos give you a unique perspective concerns and care for elected officials. No matter which side of the political fence you are in, politicians can learn a lot from watching election videos. We […]

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Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends: Top Video Marketing & Advertising Trends for 2022

Video marketing has become an essential tool in social media marketing. Most of successful digital marketers and Organizations are using video marketing as a powerful tool around the world. It has become a staple for everyday life to internet users for providing an efficient and convenient way of Boosting conversions and sales. Here is the […]

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Amazon Live

Amazon Live: Best Practices for Amazon Influencers can Livestream on Amazon and earn commissions

The major online eCommerce platform Amazon recently come up with the new feature called Amazon Live. Amazon Live offers an interactive shopping experience to the customers; they can browse the products and can interact with the influencers in Live chat. Through Amazon Live Creator, brands can directly engage with shoppers and drive more sales on […]

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Short Video Apps

Short Video Apps: Top TikTok Alternatives In India For Short Videos

The demand for the best TikTok alternatives has gone spike as a skyrocketing rate after banned TikTok in India along with other popular Chinese apps. TikTok has dominated the social-networking market and video-sharing apps Globally. This app was being used by millions of users to create emotional, funny videos. Here are the best TikTok alternative […]

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Twitch Tools

Twitch Tools: 50 Must-Have Tools and Extensions for Streamers

Anyone who broadcasts live video will tell you that Twitch streaming is no easy task as we discuss. Apart from finding creative ways to capture the audience’s attention, we should have a whole bunch of tedious technical teams and Tools. Trending third party Apps, widgets, extensions, and tools were designed for the streamers in mind. […]

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OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising: The State Of OTT Advertising In 2022

OTT stands for ‘Over The Top,’ and that refers to the streaming platform delivers content over the internet. The streaming service is provided ‘over the top’ of another platform. OTT devices, including Smart TVs / Connected TVs, smart set-top boxes, gaming consoles, smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets. OTT advertising similar to traditional TV advertising, but the […]

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Indian OTT Statistics

50 Significant Indian OTT Statistics and 2022 Trends

Over the Top Consumers completely changed the way of video consumption. Video viewing on Traditional televisions has replaced anywhere any time on-demand video streaming on apps. According to the 2019 Survey, When it comes to Indian Viewers, they love to watch the regional content on OTT platforms. Here are the 50 significant Indian OTT statistics shows […]

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ott 2

Top 50 Global OTT Market and Advertising Predictions And Trends For 2022

OTT refers to the delivery film and TV content through the internet without ant satellite or cable connections. EMarketer survey revealed that more than 56 million had cut the cord on cable in America. Because of rising in on-demand video content, more people converted to OTT delivery services. Here we compiled top 50 OTT Video […]

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Conspiracy Theories

How YouTube is Tackling Conspiracy Theories

The Conspiracy theory videos on YouTube have become the challenging task for the YouTube to prove its brand capability. By considering that YouTube is heading to launch the new feature that is unique and most advantageous to the YouTube users. What are Conspiracy Videos on YouTube? Due to the elevation of conspiracy and hoax videos […]

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Video Advrtising trends predictions

50 Video Advertising Trends Predictions

Video advertising trends are very important to the marketers and advertisers online. The trends help the advertisers to stay updated and include the best strategies in the plan for better implementation. This video advertising trend predictions helps them to estimate the future trends. 1. Video in Email leads. 2. Mobile-optimized email campaigning with video increases […]

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Digital Media

A Guide To Using Digital Media For Advertising Job Positions

Finding the ideal candidate is desperate for any job role in this competitive economy. All the best candidates have their pick of top jobs in the industry. Much like convincing consumers to pick your business over your competitors, you have to convince job-hunting graduates and professionals to choose your company over your competitors. You want […]

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YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

The YouTube Recommendation Algorithm That Makes Millennials addicted

Here we are going to discuss the interrelation of YouTube Recommendation Algorithm and Millennials. In the present era, 90% of the millennials are being addicted to the digital media usage through user-friendly gadgets. In that, the YouTube is the most seeking video platform for the teenagers to find anything that is not available on any […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Mixed Reality Video

The Ultimate Guide to Mixed Reality Video

The year, 2017 has become a remarkable year, this year brought continued growth and awareness on Augmented, Virtual reality, and Mixed Reality. Various questions lingering in the minds of newcomers, trying to understand the new fast growing digital phenomenon in the digital world. Augmented and Virtual reality looks like similar features, but there is a […]

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Strategies to Promote YouTube Web Series

Strategies to Promote YouTube Web Series

The trending tech of the social media is YouTube. Everyone can launch the route for a career through YouTube. Mostly to attain the attention of the teens and homemakers, most of the YouTubers are thinking of establishing the final web series with creative thoughts. YouTube Web Series makes them spend much time watching enthusiastically. But […]

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Baahubali 2 Trailer Reactions

Baahubali 2 Trailer Reactions From Worldwide

Baahubali the Beginning has created the sensation in The Indian Cinema Industry. SS Rajamouli placed Indian Cinema on the world map, and he got National Film Award For Best Feature Film for Baahubali the beginning. Baahubali 2 going to be biggest Tollywood hit in Indian Cinema History. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah ware […]

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