Tourism Video Marketing

Tourism Video Marketing: How to attract More Visitors in 2022

In 2022, tourism will be a billion-dollar industry in the United States. To stay competitive with other countries that are also vying for a share of this market, we must have a strong marketing strategy to attract visitors from all over the world. The following post will discuss how video marketing can help you grow […]

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WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Solutions For Large and Medium Scale Enterprises

The business world is evolving rapidly with technological innovations. WhatsApp has taken the lead in this trend by developing a new way to communicate and collaborate on projects with their Enterprise solution. The app will help businesses make sense of customer service, marketing campaigns, and more without spending time on email or phone calls. It’s […]

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CTV Advertising

Trends occur in Digital-Video Advertising in the next 5 Years?

Digital video advertising is a hot topic in the marketing industry, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With the rise of digital content and social media, advertisers shift their budgets from traditional television ads to online video ads. Video advertisements can range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long. The longer duration allows viewers […]

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Virtual Reality Filmmaking

360° Virtual Reality Filmmaking: Techniques & Best Practices

Have you ever wanted to produce a 360° video but don’t know where to start? In this post, we’ll discuss the equipment and techniques that will give you the best results. We’ll also share some of our favorite 360° videos that showcase what’s possible! Virtual reality is no longer a novelty. It’s not just for […]

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How the Metaverse Will Change the Future of Video Conferencing

The Metaverse is the concept of a shared, immersive virtual space. It’s also what we’re all working to create! Our team at Drift has been hard at work with our partners to make this vision into reality. Imagine logging in and seeing your friends’ avatars, meeting new people from around the world, exploring an environment […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Video Marketing: The future of AI in Video Marketing

Are you looking for a way to boost your video marketing? Are you considering artificial intelligence as a potential solution? If so, this blog post will be the perfect place to start. I’ll include some of the most helpful AI features currently available and give an overview of how they can help with video marketing. […]

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Live Video Streaming Encoders

Live Streaming Trends: Live stream video delivery optimization in 2022

Live streaming video is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon, and Live Stream Video Delivery Optimization will be critical for success. Live stream video delivery optimization allows viewers to enjoy high-quality live streams with little or no buffering. Live streaming video has become one of the fastest-growing trends in social media marketing, […]

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Video Advertising Trends

Video Advertising Trends: Powerful Video Advertising Trends for 2022

Video Advertising Trends are changing and growing beyond the traditional TV platform. Here are 15 predictions, tips, and data-driven insights for what will happen in video advertising in 2022. Video advertising is changing and growing beyond the traditional TV platform. Here are 15 predictions, tips, and data-driven insights for what will happen in video advertising […]

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360˚ Video Production

360˚ Video Production: How 360-degree videos are reshaping Business growth?

Technology has made dramatic progress in the last few years. With the advancement in technology, we have witnessed the birth of 360˚ Video Production. These kinds of videos are also referred to as panoramic videos or even immersive videos. The content recorded in such videos is often distributed through VR devices by consuming the 360-video […]

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Video Gaming

Effect of Big Data on Video Gaming Industry’s Digital Transformation

The video gaming industry has been highly disrupting over the past few years positively. The gaming industry has evolved over the years. As a matter of fact, it is one of the biggest industries in the world today. The video gaming industry could be termed as the current biggest revolution that has stunned the world. […]

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B2B Virtual Event

How do you make a B2B virtual event interesting? Tips for B2B Marketers can Improve Virtual Events

The business world will remember 2020 as the year everything goes under to virtual as marketers discovered that the B2B Virtual Event is an incredible increasing and must follow the marketing tactic on its own. Virtual event marketing has surged the digital transformation by restrictions due to Pandemic. B2B marketing refers to marketing your brands […]

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Drone Videos

How Drone Footage Can Enhance Your Videos: Benefits of Using Drone Videos for Business Growth

Nowadays, Drone Videos are everywhere. Would you like to capture the cinematic shots for your videos? Here is the best guide to shooting Drone Footage for your channel videos. The drone footage takes your business to the next level to stay top on the Video Marketing industry. Drone Cameras are equipped and trained specifically for […]

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Tips for Improving Your Virtual Reality Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing is the most promising element in any business. From Small to higher Organizations, companies leverage the immersive experiences market themselves as fresh and creative ways to connect with the audience personally. Virtual Reality brings simulated experiences that can be different from reality. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two prominent marketing tools that […]

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How to shoot and film 360-degree Virtual Reality content: Ultimate guide to 360-degree video

Shooting and filming is a time-consuming and cost-effective way to create 360-degree virtual reality content. Many businesses use 3D video, 360-degree video, and Virtual Reality content interchangeably. Facebook has launched its support for 360-degree videos on its timeline, so anyone with the proper camera can shoot and upload a 360-degree video. Capturing immersive 360-degree videos […]

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Live Virtual Reality

Live Virtual Reality (VR) & 360 Degree Streaming: Top Video Streaming Tools

With the rise of 360-degree, Live Virtual Reality, augmented, and real experiences, it is a part of immerses dynamic, and reactive spatial audio and video are necessary to deliver live streaming content. Live video streaming such as YouTube, Facebook support spatial audio playback, and tools required to provide such 360-degree live audio and video easily. […]

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Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality Marketing For Travel Brands

Virtual Reality has become one of the most popular technologies being applied to the marketing of various industries. One of the sectors that get lots of benefits from Virtual Reality Marketing is the travel industry. VR helps to enhance the travel experience, and it also influences the behavior of travel consumers. Potential customers can catch […]

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YouTube for Healthcare Brands

YouTube for Healthcare Brands: Online Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry

Thinking about promoting your brand? Are you belonging to healthcare category?? Confused about video marketing on YouTube for your healthcare brand?? Don’t worry!! Follow this simple guide for beginners and dummies to get good knowledge. Present Healthcare industry scenario You may go through some ads and videos across the YouTube platform by reputed hospitals, clinics […]

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vr image1

360 Degree And VR Videos 101 – A Guide to Virtual Reality Videos 2021

Do you want to dive into the new world of 360-degree virtual reality videos? Have you ever had the excitement while watching a video where you are? All these queries can have the full-stop by discussing the concept of 360-degree virtual reality videos what actually is. What is 360 Degree Videos? The video content which […]

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Video Advertising Trends

Video Advertising Trends: Online Video Advertising Statistics And Trends

Are you still bugging to gather the tremendous strategies that help in building the better business branding through Video Advertising? The list of Online Video Advertising Statistics will be discussed here. Why don’t you go ahead to look at the simple and seeking Trends in Video Advertising? Here is the Complete Guide to finding the […]

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VR 360 Degree Videos

How VR 360 Degree Videos are Revolutionizing the Medical Training and Treatment

VR 360 Degree Videos are becoming invaluable tools in the medical training and treatment. Trying a new surgery or procedure on a live patient is the most nerve-wracking thing. VR helps to practice without any risk for a patient. VR programs train the surgeons in a virtual operating room. Not only in raining but in […]

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Video Gaming Industry

Role of Advertising in the Success of Video Gaming Industry

Video Gaming Industry is the one which elaborates its stunning success by expanding the advertising strategies. Advertising and Video Gaming Industry are inter-related to each other that drive the huge sales for the video gaming products or services. In simple words, we can say that Video Gaming is the backbone of the global market that […]

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