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YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique on YouTube

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique

The successful YouTubers or YouTube channels first identify the SEO techniques and put 100% resources in the execution process. YouTube video Skyscraper Technique is a powerful way of link building outreach where you can earn high-quality backlinks and high website traffic to your business. These YouTube video techniques rank your video on top of the search result. Learn here everything that every YouTuber needs to know about the Skyscraper technique.

How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique on YouTube

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Promote to your target audience

Promote your business using YouTube links by targeting the audience. Build strong connections to your YouTube channels with the help of the target audience.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Stay current using YouTube Trends

Stay updated to the current trends on YouTube video organic and backlinking techniques.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Observe What’s Popular on YouTube Platform

Watch other YouTube videos to know what is popular on different channels to get new ideas for better content.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Research Your Competition YouTube Channels

Stay up to date and research comparators YouTube channel to get more information. Check how they got backlinks from others.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Build a list of potential YouTube Channels as distribution partners

Create several YouTube channels by categorizing your industry or service types. Distribute those YouTube channels to build strong backlinks.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Create better content by observing competitor channels

Encourage your content creator to come up with creative content. Ask them to watch other competitors’ channels for more knowledge.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Find Proven Linkable Video Assets

Gather some information on successful and proven linkable video to your channel.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Research and uncover Video Content opportunities

Research successful videos for better content opportunities. Creators may get good knowledge on how to build strong backlinks to their channels.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Promote Your Content to YouTube Influencers

Collaborate with the influencers, promote your content through influencers for better engagement. YouTube influencers have huge audiences following, and their videos are highly visible on search results.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Measure Your YouTube Video Backlinks

Use various software’s and tools to measure your YouTube video backlinks.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Research link-worthy video content

Research on content where the audience should feel it’s worthy of watching. Link excellent content goes viral on YouTube and other social media channels.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Make Something Even Better Videos from existing popular videos

Consider your YouTube channel most viewed videos and repurpose those videos, including eye-catching thumbnails.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Reach Out to The Influencers

YouTube top influencers are gaining millions of views with their awesome video content. Try to reach the influencer for your content promotion.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Find more prospects from top YouTube channels

Identify more prospects from your top-rated YouTube channels, request they to share your content to build strong backlinks.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Find relevant YouTube Videos with lots of backlinks

Search and find the YouTube video, which consists of many backlinks and does cross-promotion.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Make something even better by analyzing viral videos

Watch viral videos to get better content, add some creativity for creating good videos.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Send personalized outreach emails to influencers

Add some personalized touch to the videos and send emails, including the YouTube video or channel link in it.

YouTube Video Skyscraper Technique: Segment your prospects into the target audience

Divide your content into segments and send them to the target audience, depending on the audience’s behavior.


As seen above, skyscraper technique is not the one solution to all SEO problems. The final results ultimately depend on how you develop and use backlinking strategies for more visibility. Hopefully, now you understand the Skyscraper technique and got the significance of backlinks in growing search visibility.

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