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Best OTT White label Video on Demand (VOD) Platforms

White label Video on Demand Platforms

Over 70% of the US households have at least any one of the video-on-demand subscription platforms. This indicates that video-on-demand is the future of digital streaming, and the new services are popping up, offering customers a new way to view media content. It provides limitless choices in the form of movies, music videos, series, and documentaries on the White label Video on Demand platform. The reason for the growth of video streaming increased the usage of mobile and digital video consumption.

The new technologies allow any small businesses to create their own Video On Demand platforms. There are a number of video on demand platforms out there in the market. But few Video On Demand platforms offer White label products. Let go through theses white label video-on-demand service providers to build your VOD platforms.

Top White label Video on Demand platforms


One of the best white label OTT, VOD streaming providers. It also offers video encoding, monetization, and streaming solutions. Vodlix supports for Live TV, Linear videos with the EPG. It is all in one solution for multi granular and supports more than 50 languages. SVOD, AVOD, PPV support, and DRM integration are the best features of Vodlix.


Muvi is an all in one OTT platform which provides the audio and video streaming services. Muvi OTT platform is easy to use and which helps in technical aspects of your video’s platform. Content creators can create and customize their video-on-demand services, live streaming in various channels. It offers a limited number of websites, marketing functions. The robust cloud-based VOD platform offers live streaming, On Demand video, and easy to set up the platform.


Clipbucket is an open-source OTT and VOD platform. Many consider it is one of the best in the business solution for video websites. It allows users to upload and stream video content. Build your own on-demand video platform with the excellent services offered by the Clipbucked. It offers the top content security.


Brightcove offers the most comprehensive video-on-demand solutions to the content creators and businesses. You can get a complete wide range of video creating and distribution services. The suite is designed especially for businesses to deliver video content effectively. You can monetize these videos across a wide selection of devices and platforms.

Brightcove offers a strong backend framework for video delivery CDNs. Easy to understand user interface and YouTube synchronization option is a great way to manage the videos, organize and manage your channel.



Streamhash enables you to set your own on the demand video platform. Streamhash app is done quickly with excellent quality with budget-friendly investment. This software back end structure built-in features allow you to kick-start your projects easily. You will get the complete source code and with advanced technology stacks at a time of subscription. It offers the best White label Video on Demand services.


Ooyala video on demand platform is disrupting the media scene by delivering VOD content to various types of devices. For many businesses, it is a good revenue model, no longer reliant on viewership rates. This powerful video platform can deliver video management tools that deliver accurate video consumption, content delivery, and viewership analytics. Video Publishing, Live Streaming, and video monetization are the highlighted features of the Ooyala platform.


Vimeo is a video hosting platform for creators and brands. In addition to hosting videos, it offers an OTT streaming, VOD, live streaming, CMS system, video customization options on its platform. Vimeo supports white-label video subscription and content delivery services. Vimeo offers end to end encryption codes for providing high security.


Uscreen is an all-in-one video hosting platform that enables the content creators to distribute their video profitably and high security. The powerful SaaS solution provides video creators full control of video distribution and video monetization. It allows for selling their single videos with subscription plans instead of a revenue share model. It offers live streaming and video-on-demand services to build your own white-label streaming.


Vplayed is a high-level business VOD solution. Video Content Management, Fully Customizable, Reliable Video Hosting, Exhaustive Access Control, and Video Monetization for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD are the best features of Vplayed service provider. It is entirely Video on demand and customizable platform. It supports AWS and Akamai server, live streaming capabilities, inbuilt video analytics, and reliable video hosting are some major benefits of Vplayed.

Contus Vplay:

Contus Vplay is an ideal solution for video on demand users like video creators, publishers, broadcaster, and independent businesses who want to stream their video globally. Multiple Video hosting, Monetization, and management services, 100% customization solution are the best features of Contus Vplay. The small and medium scale business can create and live streaming their videos with this white label VOD platform.


Vidizmo is all in one VOD, which offers innovative On-demand HD streaming solutions to the businesses. It also provides powerful AI and effective video solutions to entrepreneurs and companies. Integration with API & widgets, multiple device compatibility, and advanced analytical tools are some of the significant benefits of Vidizmo.


Mangomolo offers a fantastic video content delivery network starting from the content creation to delivering across multiple devices. It is built to fully measure the video-on-demand platform that can collaborate with the website using video content, smart tv apps, mobile app. It provides device-independent streaming, YouTube integration, on-demand cloud video editing, and real-time viewership analytics are the best features of Mangomolo service provider.



Digivive is one of the Leading OTT streaming and VOD platform for content creators and publishers to launch their own video-on-demand services at reasonable prices.
It is one of the best technology providers that can offer live streaming services, white label OTT platforms, and providing world-class multimedia streaming on various devices. One of the largest and Live TV mobile TV service providers.


Webnexs is one of the best OTT and video-on-demand platform providers that offer reliable packages to video creators and publishers. It is a global platform for broadcasters, artists, and media entrepreneurs. You can launch your own video streaming service with Webnexs services. Webnexs doesn’t require more technical knowledge it offers easy to use interface. The robust CMS to control everything from a single admin panel. It also provides multiple monetization channels and gateways.


Most of the brand’s businessmen strategy is to launch their own white-label streaming serveries with the collaborations with the best video-on-demand services providers. These OTT platforms provide quality services to build your own VOD streaming. The above is the ultimate VOD platform for streaming solutions. Make use of this valuable information if you re in search of White label Video on Demand platforms.

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