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The Power of Video Influencer Marketing


The video turned as a central element in influencer marketing strategies. Online marketing and businesses are emerging with the influencers. Social media stars, bloggers, Vlogger are becoming top influencers in their niche and helping brands and marketers to reach targeted audience.

The influencer marketing was entirely depended upon the niche and targeting. Let us see how the video made its impact on influencer strategies and how powerful it is.

Influencer marketing

An influencer is the type of marketing where social media stars, top blogger, and vlogger are acts as the word of mouth promoters across the web to promote a brand or service online. Influencer marketing goes hand in hand with the social media marketing and content marketing.

In influencer marketing, marketers create content or influencers themselves create content to carry out the campaigning as a part of business promotion.

Though content marketing and social media go hand in hand, still they are not similar to one another in the influencer marketing.

What are the main components of influencer marketing?

The influencer marketing did not have particular discipline. It just went on its strategies, and campaigning has the ultimate goal is to expand the reach and bring conversions by targeting the audience.

• Identification of product and brand influencers

• Manual search or influencer platform service providers

• Creation of marketing campaigns for influencers

• Secondary marketing campaigns to targeted customers.

• Tracking metrics.

Video influencer marketing

Video has become an integral part of every marketing approach. If influencers made a video as their targeted media for spreading their word, then the process is called as video influencer marketing. Influencers also utilize the images, infographics, podcasts, blog posts, etc. to spread the word.

Why marketers, businesses or brands must work with social influencers?

Social media has great influence on influence marketing. Today people are discussing brand or service with their friends on social media platforms. The majority of people spend at least an hour per day on social media platforms.

So, it is imperative to target the social influencers to reach your targeted audience across the web. Marketers are searching for the right social media influencers on specific platforms and were designing their influencer marketing strategy online.

Every platform is somewhat different from the other social media platform, and thus there will be differences in the way of approaching the customers, targeted audience and the techniques. 

The social influencers have a great impact on the audience. According to the recent surveys, it reveals that social media influencers are the more efficient people who can spread the word faster than any other influencers who are using beyond social media or very less social media interactions.

Hence brands are targeting the influencers across the different social media platforms. Let us go through the top social media platforms for video influencer marketing online.

Social media influencers

Social media influencers are the people who have a good following on specific social networks and are famous for their talent and work. Those people are considered as influencers as they have excellent capability of influencing their audience and it works great for brand promotions and marketing.

Today social media influencers are playing a center role in the brand promotions and lead generation which increases the value of branding and business online.

Let us discuss the influencer marketing scenarios on various social media platforms.

YouTube influencer marketing

Below are the important points to reach the right YouTube influencers for your brand and suggestions for influencer marketing on YouTube.

• Find influencers who love your brand and give them freedom to explore their ideas to represent your brand or service on their won.

• Hire the best YouTube influencer basing on whether they can fit with your brand strategy but not basing on the following they have on the platform.

• If you want to know the success of your brand campaign with the particular influencer, you can track the link for an influencer to know the information. However, marketers must ask influencers to add the tracking links at the top of the video.

• Go with some offer codes that can track the video conversion rate on YouTube platform. So you can get the conversion tracking.

• YouTube Influencers have good relations with the audience so by offering a code with the link can bring better leads.

• Create best titles that can drive better views. Create the best headline or tagline for your product that perfectly fits.

• Go for video search engine optimization by including your brand name in YouTube talent. This tactic can work well for your influencer marketing on YouTube.

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook video influencer marketing

• The Instagram platform is the most preferred platform for the influencer marketing than any other platform across the web.

• The Facebook platform offers different ways to reach the audience on the platform using the influencer marketing strategies.

• The majority of marketers reach their audience through the product Unboxing videos, hashtag campaigns, promotional codes and encourage the consumer interaction with the brand through Facebook influencers.

• People like to follow their favorite video creators, bloggers and Vloggers on the Facebook platform to perform these types of campaigns.

• Facebook is also recruiting the social media content creators to encourage the influencer marketing on social media.

• When comes to Snapchat video influencer marketing, suggest your influencers use the custom vanity type URLs on snap chat for your brand marketing campaigns.

• Partner with an influencer and go snap chat takeover needs an advanced planning and strategy to be successful.

• Snapchat is best for the video influencer marketing strategies targeting the cross-platform strategy.

Follow the above guide if you are planning to start your Social Media Video Influencer Marketing Strategy.

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