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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Monetization

YouTube Monetization

YouTube is a video sharing website which has a large user base.Brands and individuals can make use of this platform to promote their products, services and make money. YouTube Monetization program allows the users to earn money on their videos.Advertisements are shown before, during or along the video, and the revenue from these advertisements can be shared by the uploader.

YouTube Monetization Basics

When a video is uploaded on YouTube and is getting the attention of viewers, these clips can be used to make more money by enabling monetization process.Here are the steps on which YouTube account can monetize.Sign in your YouTube account and choose the video manager.Go to channel settings and click on monetization option. In the Monetization page, choose the enable my account button and check the YouTube terms and conditions agreement box.Follow the steps for monetization. YouTube checks whether the videos and the channel meet the monetization requirements and within two hours approves or rejects it.

There are different ad formats available for YouTube channels. The uploader can enable them to increase the ad revenue.Different types of ad formats are

• Display ads:

This type of ad format is lower paid and appears on desktops and laptops only.

• Overlay ads:

These ads also appear on laptops or desktops and these can be dismissed by the viewers.

• TrueView in-stream skippable video ads:

These can be inserted at any place in the video and viewers can skip these ads after they are played for five seconds.

• Non-skippable video ads and midroll ads are other types of ad formats available.

YouTube Monetization Model

To earn revenue from YouTube, you have to monetize your YouTube videos. Accept the guidelines of YouTube advertising and then connect to AdSense account to receive payments. Google’s ad revenue share for YouTube should be agreed to enable YouTube video ads. Google keeps 45 percent of the advertising on Videos on YouTube and the user will get the 55 percent share.

YouTube pays the credit for YouTube channel once $100 in earnings is accumulated.The money is a pad to the bank account of the user.

YouTube Monetization Tips

Here are the ideas using which YouTube videos can be monetized –

• The basic thing to monetize the YouTube videos is to get the account verified to enjoy YouTube advanced feature such as YouTube Live, Hangouts on Air etc.

• One of the ways in which YouTube videos can be monetized is through YouTube partner programs. Video uploaders can use this system to earn money through revenue sharing system.

• Paid product placement is another option for monetization of YouTube videos.Find a sponsor who is ready to buy airtime in your video. The approval from YouTube administrator is required for this.

• Collecting funds from fans for financial support is another option and this is called the fan funding. This feature can be started after enabling YouTube channel monetization.Google Wallet needs to be enabled to start the YouTube fan funding.

• The user can promote and sell their own products and this way he will be able to earn more money as the revenue need not be split with anyone else.

• Building affiliation relationship also one of the ways to earn money from YouTube videos.

After the YouTube channel is monetized, the uploader needs to release the content regularly to keep connected with the audience.Bring in viewers from other social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook,Instagram etc.Refine your YouTube monetization strategy t make more money.Maximize the income by pushing people towards offers on your affiliate product, website etc.

20 Facts about YouTube Monetization

Video Monetization as well know part in YouTube to get Good revenue. Huge demand for advertisers to consume online content and YouTube Monetization concept is multiplying get high revenue.

Monetizatising YouTube channel is an easy process, to get revenue from video ads. As it is easy and you should follow hundreds of Monetization tips. Other than Monetization you can promote your Merchandise, sign up for sponsors and you can become a partner to the YouTube channel.

  1. Monetization is the best way for the content creators to earn good revenue
  2. Monetization on Youtube is allowed the access to across the twenty different countries
  3. Monetization is a long term investment which requires time as investment
  4. In order to monetize the videos, you must have the necessary permits for the visuals and audio content usage and its free from copy content
  5. If you like to include any third party visuals or audio or any other part then you requires permission from the third party owner
  6. You must take written permission from the copyright holders
  7. Promote your own venture or project or company with your creative videos to earn better through monetization
  8. YouTube pays one dollar for 1000 views
  9. The money making depends upon the engagement of the audience with your videos
  10. The engagement of the audience with your videos is generally referred as the cliks and video watching more than 30 seconds
  11. The ads are generally managed under the AdWords platform
  12. The cost per click type of video ads are generally depends upon the number of clicks
  13. The cost per views (CPV) depends upon the views that was gained by the video
  14. Sometimes there may be several reasons to lock your monetization through your account
  15. The minimum age requirement to get involved in the monetization is 18 years
  16. You can check the monetization status by referring to the status and features of monetization which can obtain in your YouTube account
  17. The ads will play before your video display if the content ID have identified your content
  18. The content ID blocks if the videos didn’t not follow the regulations of the content ID policy
  19. YouTube rejects the dishonest answering by the user for his fault
  20. There will be a simple survey for every video monetized and you have to fill up that one.


If you are waiting to set your career on online business live online videos, This is the best platform to Utilize. Already several YouTube stars have proven through YouTube Videos. Here we have given 20 facts about You Tube Monetization.

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