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Data-Backed Strategies to Increase Your Video’s Play and Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates

There is no doubt that Over the last decade, video consumption has seen a meteoric rise. Every business’s primary goal is to increase sales, which actually requires promotional investment and advertising strategies to increase the average Conversion Rates. To increase the video’s play and drive the conversion rate to your channels, you will need to follow the right video marketing strategies. Before going to video metrics, see some interesting Data-Backed Strategies to increase your Video’s Play and Conversion Rates and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Strategies to Increase your Video’s Play and Conversion Rates

Make sure to maintain the optimal page load

Create friendly thumbnails

Create the audience targeted personalized landing pages

Include the Company videos on the About page

Create content for video Vlogs

Launch live broadcast and live chat on your landing page

Create Mobile Optimized landing pages

Keep in mind visitors’ thoughts while creating the content

Preview your videos before you publish

Embedded the Facebook videos in your company Blogs

Include proper Call-to-Actions in your Video

Test the working of Landing Pages

Tag other popular pages in your video

Frequently arrange the Live session

Try to create square videos for YouTube and Websites

Keep an eye on insights to understand video performance

Focus on key points in your video

Encourage and boost Facebook video ads

Recheck your video to Eliminate the Obstacles

Grab audience attention within the first 3 seconds of the video

Target the preferred audience based on Type of Industry

Add closed captions to your videos

Use your brand’s color as video backgrounds

Set some expectations for every video

Suggest your viewers turn on the sound

Upload videos using third-party apps like Buffer

Have a feature video on landing pages

Create Dynamic, simple landing pages

Come up with Descriptive Titles

Give a reason why visitors should click on the link

Create specific Ad copies for Facebook

Add social proofs to a landing page

Put the turnstiles where it is countable

Be ready with an exact copy of the video

Having great landing pages increase the conversion rate

Use Explainers videos

Add a clear and single CTA

Create simple inquiry forms for Consumers

Keep your video short and simple

Leverage the post-production analytics

Work on digital ads

Create separate product pages

Always your CTAs above the fold

Use the recorded webinars and demo videos

Break down your forms into two steps

Have a post-purchase onboarding

Create Tutorials, Product Demos videos, and Webinars

Invest more on Lead Nurturing

Focus on the end or video conclusion

Create and Align video messages

Insert a lead grab form in the First 10-20% of Your Video

Create the custom thumbnails

Create and Leverage the Annotations and CTAs

Have a video viewership knowledge with automated marketing

Convert Testimonials and Case studies into video

Create quick trust in brads

Set realistic goals and deadlines

Optimize your video for conversions

Study and research to include new things in landing pages

Optimize video content based on the type of convention

Make Your Video Short and Immediately Entertaining

Create storytelling, Corporate and brands videos


Without tracking and measuring your video’s play and conversion rates, you miss out on a few strategies to drive sales. You cannot improve your Conversion Rates if you don’t monitor or analyze the video metrics. Follow these Data-Backed Strategies to increase your Video’s Play and Conversion Rates and take a significant advantage from it.

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