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Media Trends That Are Changing the Way We Consume Video Content

Media Trends

Video content is perfect for reaching out to all generations of people to create direct and emotional connections with the user. As mobile optimized video and voice searches, a huge part of the social media content is consumed over mobile devices. As a part of video marketing strategies, marketers, and brands including Artificial Intelligence, 360-degree videos, AR, and social videos for business promotions. The entertainment industry has been turned to streaming media rather than traditional television. Here are the top Media Trends that will matter most to brands, marketers, businesses in 2021.

Different Media Trends Changing the way of Video Content

Visual Content is already Taking OFF.

Hike in Television streaming services

Video marketing is not going away.

Use of mobile devices

The potential use of quality long-form content

Social Media content goes viral everywhere.

Growth One to one streaming

Drastic changes and growth in social media

Consumers rely on brand marketing videos.

Consumers rely on relaxed daily life.

Most of the Gen Z and millennials don’t know how to live without video.

Live video is engaging and leads substantial fan followers.

People depend on Internet things.

The younger generation is focusing on long-form content.

People entirely depending on Multiscreen don’t like to stick n TVs

Consumers rely on App Entertainment.

People learning their passions through niche content

Consumers do not like big-budget corporate videos.

More engaging personalized videos

Existence of free web applications

The potential use of 360-degree video content

Mobile will continue to be easy of the essence.

Mobile search content is more trending.

Growth of Instance News Channels

Spike in mobile video marketing

Voice search will be the Norm.

Voice search will trend in digital marketing.

Marketers depend on voice search Optimizations.

More Searchable long-tail keywords

Understanding the mobile-first search

Continuous investments in AR and VR

A data-first approach in video marketing

Integration of more marketing funnel

Advanced developments in Mobile Video Marketing

Maintain the public relations and Data Analytics


The various digital transformation is happening in the Entertainment and media business that mostly focuses on marketing and money. The future of media streaming and consumption results in behavioral changes in living rooms. It is essential to know the consumer needs and follow the Media Trends that are changing the digital world.

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