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Instagram Video Ideas: Brilliant IGTV, Stories, Reels Video Content Ideas for Instagram in 2020

Instagram Video Ideas

Instagram is the perfect video marketing tool for any business because it entirely relies on visual content. Instagram Feed videos, IGTV videos, video stories, and live Instagram videos are four options offered by Instagram. Instagram videos are a great way to interact with your targeted audience via Hashtags. We have compiled a list of Instagram video ideas that can use as inspiration to develop their own Instagram videos, IGTV, Stories, Reels Video Content Ideas for Instagram in 2020.

Instagram Video Ideas for Instagram in 2020

15-Second Influencer Videos

30 to 60 Second Tutorial Videos

360 videos

A Moving Portrait

Account Takeovers

Add Basic Design

An Event in Brief

Animated Text & Graphical Videos


Announce What’s New Videos

Ask for suggestions Videos

Beauty Mode Videos

Before and After Videos

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes Videos

Bestsellers Videos

Birds-eye view Videos

Biz Birthday Videos


Branded Giveaways Videos

Business evolution Videos

Business Videos

Cause-related Marketing Videos

Celebrate fun dates Videos

Challenge Videos

Coming soon Videos

Community Videos

Competitions Videos

Competitions and Giveaways

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Videos

Count something Videos

Countdown to a Release

Create a recap video

Create Motivational Videos

Create teaser videos

Customer Interviews

Daily Stories Strategy

Day in the life Videos

Different way to use Videos

DIY Ideas Videos

Do a Product Review Videos

Dollowers debate

Emojis Videos

Employee Interviews

Entertain with Animated Content Videos

Events talk Videos

Exclusive Offers Videos

Exclusive Sales Videos

Experiment with Text

Expert Roundups Videos

Explainer videos

Explore the power of tech Videos

Fast Motion Videos

Favorites Videos

First Impressions Videos

Follow What’s Trending

Gameday Promo

Generate Lifestyle Videos

GIF Videos

Giveaways & Contests Videos

Handheld Selfie Videos

Helmet Cam Videos

Holidays and Events Videos

Host a contest Videos

How-to Video Tutorials Videos

How-To Videos

Hyperlapse videos

Influencer and Celebrity Endorsements Videos

Influencers’ Shoutouts

Instagram Music Video

Interview Videos

Introduce Your Team Videos

Introduce yourself Videos

Keep it simple Videos

Leverage the power of tech Videos

Lifestyle Videos

Live Streaming Videos

Make a masterpiece in minutes Tesaers

Make a slideshow

Make a trivia

Make a Video Slideshow

Make teaser videos

Mistakes Videos

Music Video Magic

Music Videos

Myth Busting Videos

New Product Announcement Videos

Offer a discount Videos

Offline Events

Packing orders Videos

Popular Hashtags Videos

Portrait Videos

Post Commercials

Product Overviews

Product Fashion Show Videos

Product features Videos

Product Launch Videos

Product Reviews Videos

Product-in-action Videos

Promote a freebie Videos

Promote Your Existing Products Videos

Promotional Videos

Provide a sneak peek Videos

Publish Seasonal Content Videos

Q&A Sessions Videos

Quick Tip Videos

Quotes Videos

Recipes Videos

Rewind Mode

Screen recording Videos

Series Videos

Shadow Play Videos

Share a story

Share Something Entertaining Videos

Share Something Inspiring Videos

Share something interesting Videos

Share the news Videos

Share tips Videos

Short Clips from Longer Videos

Show one product only Videos

Show people enjoying your product Videos

Show some customer success stories

Slow-motion video

Slow-Motion Videos

Sneak Peek Videos

Sneak previews

Spotlight on others

Stats and numbers Videos

Step-by-Step Drone Videos

Stickers Videos

Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion Videos

Style a product Videos

Teach Something Videos

Teach your followers something Videos

Team Up With Influencers

Tell a Story Videos

Testimonial Videos

Text Videos

Thanks for subscribing Videos

The New Age of Promos

Thought Leadership Videos

Throwback Videos

Time-lapse Videos

Time-Limited Offers and Discount Videos

Transformation Videos

Trends Videos

Try a Simple Boomerang

Turn Quote Posts into Video

Tutorial showcasing your product Video

Unboxing Videos

Use Boomerang Videos

Use rewind mode Videos

Use stop-motion videos of your products

Use Your Face

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Vertical Videos

Video series using hashtags

Video Slideshow

Videos on loop

Videos using External Tools and Apps

Week’s Top Picks Videos

What people can expect from you Videos

World in 15 Seconds Videos

Yes vs. No Videos


We know that it is a little bit tricky to stand out from the crowd. Be consistent, creative, and include fun in the making process. Now here you have a massive list of Instagram video ideas to start making videos. You can use these above listed inspiring Instagram Video ideas to create and use it for your own business.

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