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How to Engage Your Audience with Live Video: Ideas for Live Video

Ideas for Live Video

Live streaming videos allow YouTube channels and brands to directly engage with their audience. Spontaneity and Creative freedom are two crucial points When creating a live video. As per the Live streaming survey, over 80% of the audience prefers to watch Brands Live videos rather than reading blog posts. Nowadays, brands effectively leveraging their Live videos engage and influence their target audience. However, these are a few proven Ideas for Live Video you can follow to drive your point through.

Ideas for Live Video

Record Live video and experiment in real-time

Provide live teardowns and critiques

Offer your Motivation and strategies.

Run a contest on Live Streaming

Offers the behind-the-scenes footage

Provides the Spontaneous Videos

Make your Live Video with fun.

Host a special guest through Live

Conduct the Contests and Giveaways

Offer 24×7 Customer Support or Troubleshooting.

Encourage your audience to shares.

Conducts Q&A session

Talk more about the Live shows.

Announce Limited-time Deals and Other Promotions

Answer the Viewers questions

Please respond to the Respond to Time-Sensitive Events and share it.

Provide Live chatting in your Live

Facebook live offers Engagement.

Give Brief Overviews about new joiners.

Call people’s names who are active in the session.

Enhance your Live Events

Effectively engage with your audience.

Notify your Events in advance to your followers

Conduct Polls on trending topics

Introduce Live Training sessions

Describe the purpose for Your Live Broadcast

Interact with the Readers

Become an expert through Live

Listen to your Live session now.

Celebrate the Trends, Holidays, and special events

Get your Audience Involved

Gently Breakthrough the Viewers

Tag other people who are near to your location

Discover and Celebrate the Week

Remember, the people might join part-way through.

Take key points from the Special episode.

Plan your broadcast in Advance

Be Honest and Be yourself.

Give the audience a season to stay till the End.

Reuse your Live Videos

Share the content of your Live video as posts.

Make sure to connect the Internet connection and equipment.

Write an excellent description of your video.

Source the range and create themes from your community

Arrange and go live on a regular schedule

Conduct Interviews and Q&A

Provide new announcements and Breaking news in Live

Greet and thank your Viewers Personally

Share your Live events Schedule through email.

Be Interactive and responsive.

Share a few personal things about yourself.

Scale the Live Events and Performances

Offer a constant context.

Host a Live show regularly.

Provide the Campaigns and Product launches events

Promote your Event before you broadcast

Collaborate with popular influencers

Do research on the topic.

Determine your CTA in Live

Prepare the limited distractions by yourself.

Create the formatting decisions

Choose the right time to Go Live.

Connect and build a relationship with viewers

Offers Live Tutorials and Product demos

Recap your critical points before the broadcast

Do not ignore the viewers; be active in communicating.

Live Stream Exclusive interview

Announce New Product Releases events in advance

Use other YouTube channels to promote your Live Links.

Include paid promotions to Promote your live event

Choose the right topic for the broadcast.

Film an unedited version of your videos

Offer an Improved Customer Service

Conduct How to sessions

Track and Analyse your ROI

Try to Improve Message Clarity

Answer to your blog comments

Offer your live content to a private group.

Monitors and analyze your results.

Host a Q&A Session for viewers

Explain brief and display your products

Offer a live tour of Something.

Offer recurring shows

Share the Breaking News through Live

Collaborate with the other YouTubers

Choose the right time where the audience were active.

Showcase brand personality through Live


Brands can leverage their Live streaming content to provide important information and announce the new services lunch. Most successful brands share the Behind scenes content and creating two-way communication through Live videos. These above Ideas for Live videos provide a new way to launch new products and increase reach and engagement.

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