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How has YouTube become the great influencer for Food Industry?

Is YouTube driving the continuous audience engagement?

Baking the Delicious Video Storyline through Food Recipes

The storytelling on YouTube might be the most common discussion, but it is the most significant concept to gain the audience attention. The art of framing the amazing story through the video content is the simple way to reach the targeted audiences.

Hence, each brand of Food to Film are more focusing to invest more on sculpting the ultimate video story on YouTube.

The YouTube has become the snacky medium for the foodies to watch the food videos either from making to learning from their doorstep itself.

Most of the Food industries are taking this advantage to promote their Food brands on YouTube. Each brand is uploading the Food Recipes in the form of an extraordinary fable.

Moreover, it has become the tough task for the food industries to sketch the most distinguishable story that is unique from the competitors.

For example, if we take Tasty. It is the brand ambassador for magnetizing the YouTube audience. The most craving tactic that they use is providing the short and sweet cooking videos with regular ingredients. It has become the most haunting YouTube channel for all the millennials to do adventures in the Kitchen in the creation of epic food items by breaking the routine.

Effective YouTube Food Marketing Ideas to leverage the Audience

Till now some of the Food Industries are the track of hunting for the food marketing ideas to engage the YouTube audience. Even the reputed brands in the traditional way are unable to find the simple ways to reach the social media audience, especially on YouTube. Here are the ideas to go.

Virtual View of Kitchen:

The audience will be more impacted by the tour of the kitchen including the funny activities going beyond the cooking. The exposure of the each and everything in the kitchen as the snackable story will grab the attention of the audiences.

Cooking Shows:

These are the most craving videos on YouTube that make the audiences to sit for a longer time at your channel. The preparation of delicious desserts that are unique from the regular cooking will hype the food brands to the millions of YouTube audiences.

Focusing on the other Social Media:

Along with the YouTube that video content should be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. The most advantage of composing YouTube video is that it can be embedded on other Social Media Sites.

Buying Food:

The buying food activity through which the brands can disclose the quality of the food they are maintaining will show a huge impact on the audience to find everything about your brand maintenance.

Upcoming Events:

The organized and upcoming events can be announced through the launch of the videos on YouTube. That is concerning the seasonal events with great offers will clutch the audience instantly.

Collaboration Videos:

The inclusion of the other trending chefs, creators, and brands in your channel videos will gain more than expected audiences. That means the audience might be the fans of guests in your videos.

Story through the Food Menu:

The visuals of your food menu through the shorter video storyline will give the better results to hold the attention of the audiences in draining the frequent visits.

Unique Ways to Promote YouTube Cooking Channels

Social Media presence is required to market any cooking YouTube Channel. If you have the best recipes in the World, it’s nothing when no one knows your cooking Brand. Marketing is the unique way to build an active audience. Here are the few ways to promote your YouTube Cooking Channel.

  • Adwords will promote your cooking channel. Trueview ads and coming with skippable ads on YouTube to help your Cooking videos.
  • Blogging brings massive promotion to your cooking Channel. Nowadays YouTube influencer plays a vital role in marketing products.
  • Content creators are building multiple channels using different themes. The users can subscribe all these channels for the new updates.
  • Facebook is one of the best marketing tools to promote your cooking videos. Facebook is almost equal to the Youtube for supporting the Brands.
  • YouTube videos should contain Video SEO and implement the Video SEO techniques which make easy for video search engine optimization.
  • Use appropriate keywords to your Cooking channel videos quickly searchable on Google search. The Keyword should match the Video titles to recognize your Video.
  • Add proper Description of your video with recipe name, also include Keywords and Focus key in the Description.
  • Use eye-catch video thumbnails in your video. Include HD quality clear images as a Thumbnails. The right thumbnails will lead more audience to your channel.
  • Interact your Audience through proper scheduling the Videos and maintain consistency in uploading the videos to your cooking channel.
  • Organizing your content in playlists helps to promote your YouTube channel content quickly. Mixing different types of videos in one playlist also the best way to improve the YouTube channel.

Top Food Influencers on YouTube


A professional trained chef who started a YouTube to share his passion on Food with other chefs. Byron channel has many tutorials on different breakfast,lunch and dinner recipes. Byron channel popular for making attractive side dishes and deserts.

Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver is well known as British celebrity chef with his English cuisine. He has given many television Interviews, TV shows and his channel included many Tutorials. Jamie Oliver wrote number one bestsellers book names as “ The Naked Chef.”

Tipsy Bartender:

Tipsy Bartender channel is famous for gathering large community on Social media and drinking enthusiasts Globally. This channel has the huge collection of drink recipes for every occasion. This channel includes any type of liquor products in their recipes such as Vine, Jin, Rum to tequila. Vodka Watermelon, Watermelon Keg, Vodka Gummy Bear are popular in Tipsy Bartender channel.

Cupcake Jemma:

Jemma maintains a shop in London and as “ Crumbs and Dollies.” Simultaneously she maintains a YouTube “Cupcake Jemma” channel which has vast collection how to tutorials on making sweets and baking cupcakes. At first, she has the number of adults and Women followings in London. Now her channel was popular for making cakes globally.

Rosanna Pansino:

Rosanna Pansino is one of the best popular baking show on YouTube. Rosanna looks very energetic and engaging on all her videos while cooking. She has almost 6 million subscribers to her channel only because she engages with the audience energetically. Pokemon ice Cream Cones and Starbucks Challenge videos are popular ions her shows.

Best Food Industry Documentaries on YouTube

Beer Wars:

This Documentary leads you to the cutthroat world of the American beer industry which is also available on Hulu. The Documentary reveals the competition between the Miller and Budweiser against Beer Industry.

King Corn:

This document describes that everything we eat in our food that contains some quantity of Corn in it. The two best friends started their journey to America to find out where their food comes from. They were shocked after discovering that everything made from Corn. If you can’t believe it, check this video.

The Kids Menu:

This Documentary made by Joe Cross to acknowledge the people about child Obesity. People do not know food and Food insecurity, They examining the fat, sick and nearly dead children for this documentary.

Chef’s Table:

This Documentary reveals that How the World-renowned chefs achieved the success. This is Netflix Documentary series profiles about Chefs Table. Each series in this documentary inspiring you to make resourceful, creative and teach you don’t leave your demons and Goals.

Just Eat It:

Jen and Grant are Filmmakers who have decided to make a Documentary on trashing the Million dollars worth of Food Every year. They just started campaigning stop buying grocery eat the foods thrown away.


Food Industries can easily elevate their brand at the millions of audiences through YouTube. It can easily drive the potential customers from the audience.

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