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How to Scale Your Business with Ecommerce Video Advertising

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Video is known to build trust among the audience and increase the engagement of brands. Few kinds of eCommerce videos need for your business to see a revenue uplift? Ecommerce Video Advertising strategies are often made up of many separate elements and Insights to boost sales.

Running an eCommerce business is difficult, and sustaining your business needs to do a lot more work. Suppose you are running eCommerce ads on social media for promoting your products from a direct store. Scaling your business is difficult with traditional marketing methods. There is no other great way except eCommerce Video Advertising to promote your business around that.

Scaling your business is easier when you implemented a set of video marketing and advertising strategies in place along with clearly defined business goals. Video advertising goals should be measurable, specific, time-bound, attainable, and realistic.

Table of Contents

Tips to Scale Your Business with Ecommerce Video Advertising

  • Shopify makes video ads easy
  • Turn video views into sales
  • Create an explainer video for new users
  • Show what you’re good at with product videos
  • Set up your goals and tracking
  • Choose your right placement, hashtag, and timing
  • Create inspired video content you’d want to watch
  • Use Smart Shopping Ads
  • Set up remarketing
  • Promote your videos on other social media channels too
  • Use the power of video for marketing
  • Use a video for new product introductions
  • Showcase new products and services with video
  • Build an audience through video advertising
  • Use product videos that show off the benefits of using your product
  • Create explainer-style videos to onboard customers
  • Highlight what makes your brand special by showing different angles
  • Promote videos that are creative, not promotional
  • Always stick to the script, use hard numbers and be specific

Grow your eCommerce business in 2021, and you better start with video now

  • Skip the written ad and start promoting with video right now
  • Instead of using a product display as an ad, use a video
  • Show a more extended version of the product in its natural environment
  • Create and promote real customer stories about how your product impacted them to increase product sales
  • Use call-to-action overlays for extra visibility

Why eCommerce video advertising is the way to scale your business in 2021

  • Video can increase revenue by 21%
  • 75% of consumers say they trust videos
  • 85% of consumers say videos improve rankings

Scaling your business with online video is a great way to expand your reach

  • Start video advertising on Facebook now
  • Create visuals that put you in a place of value
  • Engage with influencers to get people talking about you
  • Video is universal. It speaks a language everyone understands
  • Track progress closely and test relentlessly

How you can scale your business with eCommerce video ads

  • Use product videos on Instagram Stories
  • Add a “QVC” section to your website
  • Create a product video
  • Plan the story arc for each video

Small eCommerce store. How do you get more paying customers?

  • You can buy ads on Google and Facebook
  • Video advertising is insanely engaging
  • Find out why video marketing is the best way to scale

Have you considered eCommerce video advertising?

  • You can start with Facebook Messenger
  • You don’t necessarily need a massive budget to get started
  • Campaigns are super-efficient with proper video & targeting
  • It’s a great way for small businesses to enter the market
  • It’s filled with opportunities because it’s so new and nuanced

The secret to creating videos that actually convert

  • Compare the performance of Instagram video ads with other social media platforms
  • Look at ways to improve your advertising strategy; for example, a/b test your ads
  • Improve Ad Rank
  • Use Instagram Story Ads

eCommerce video ads are taking over

  • They drive demand generation
  • And conversion
  • They focus on your customer’s pain points
  • And they are one of the most affordable ad types you can use today.

You need to use eCommerce video advertising

  • It’s cheaper than FB and YouTube ads now
  • The right video gets you +100% ROI
  • Videos get you more product reviews
  • For the first time. You can run a campaign without a cinematograph of your own products!
  • Shopify lets you add any video on the internet, even long-form content.

You may not be using video ads to scale your e-commerce business

  1. Your product is right for video ads
  2. Ad platforms support video ads
  3. You’ve got the budget

Video is being watched more and more, but most e-commerce ads are still boring!

  • Tell a Story
  • Show how to use your product, not just how it looks!
  • Keep your length between 25 to 30 seconds with a:15 CTA.
  • Create Stories that visitors can join in on.
  • This will get their followers involved and help build trust and authority in your brand.

Benefits of eCommerce Video Advertising for Business

Nowadays, Customers can spend more time shopping for what they are searching for. eCommerce video advertising can make their job easier to browse through many items at a time of buying. Most Online customers find the products in physical stores.

Video marketing is everywhere, and now is the right time to get your business aboard. eCommerce business started integrating the product videos for your business and in the right place and running the eCommerce video ads primary goals driving a massive amount of sales and metrics to measure and optimize your business that will change your leads. eCommerce business makes sense if you leverage the eCommerce product video ads with a broad social media strategy.

  • Video advertising is a great way to attract new customers, especially for online retail brands.
  • Customers can be targeted by location, demographics, and behavioral characteristics.
  • Research shows that companies see eCommerce marketing ROI as very high with video advertising.
  • Videos with a strong CTA generate more leads.
  • Consumers who view videos are more likely to buy
  • High-quality videos increase conversions.
  • Video advertising is a cost-effective way to reach more customers.
  • You can use video for retargeting your ads.
  • Reasons why eCommerce businesses should start using video ads
  • Improves conversions
  • Save on marketing costs.
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve SEO & ranking
  • Boost brand visibility
  • Brand image
  • Explainer videos, explainer video ad 8. Get you more sales, get more visitors and get more app installs
  • First and foremost, videos are engaging.
  • Videos are usually long-lasting.
  • Videos can be shared easily.
  • Video creates trust among consumers.
  • Video boosts SEO and site traffic.
  • Video is more engaging than textual content.
  • Targeting options are useful for businesses.
  • 30% of users say that watching product videos made them buy a product
  • Because of this, 84% of shoppers think better of brands that create and share video content.
  • 66% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product before purchasing it instead of reading text
  • They attract visitors to your website.
  • eCommerce videos receive more social shares and links
  • Videos can increase sales up to 90%
  • Improved conversion rates – increases trust, credibility and can help potential customers overcome their concerns quicker.
  • Increased engagement – video content means the potential consumer is more involved with the content than just reading a list of benefits or features.
  • Video boosts brand awareness.
  • Video ads have the highest ROI (return on investment)
  • Video expands your reach.
  • Package your products
  • Creative titles and thumbnails
  • Secret keywords or phrases
  • Create high-quality video content
  • Use the correct camera angle.
  • Add voice-over recording/filmed.
  • Shoot in HD format
  • Advertise online to get your video seen by more people
  • Track ROI & conversion *becomes more important as you get closer to the launch date.
  • Videos increase brand awareness.
  • Branded videos work great for remarketing.
  • Videos are easily shared via social media.
  • Videos help boost conversion rates and sales.
  • Video should be used to establish credibility.
  • Shorten the buying cycle
  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Generate traffic to your site
  • The ability to capture leads by using opt-in forms
  • Watch Videos = Higher Conversions.
  • Use of Video = Increased Engagement
  • Online video is Cost-Effective.
  • Video Budget is Easier To Manage
  • Reach the Local Audience Easily
  • Videos Can Make Customers Feel Cared For
  • Video Marketing is Perfect For Reaching The Right Audience
  • Video marketing increases the likelihood to purchase
  • Boost brand awareness and sales
  • Establish trust with customers
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Easy to Setup
  • Target Your Audience
  • Increase Awareness of New Products
  • Present your products in a more creative way
  • Good storytelling makes a difference.
  • Usability is important
  • Video is memorable and tells stories better.
  • Increase Sales ROI
  • Increases on-site Visibility
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Low overheads

How eCommerce Videos Increase Conversions

Sometimes gathering the product videos for eCommerce for a single page and adding those customers’ testimonials to Products pages in your website make sense. Customers’ testimonial videos could lead to more brand awareness in social media boost sales for online retailers. eCommerce industries believe that eCommerce video advertising can do wonders to increase conversion rates and sales. Video ads do a better job of explaining the entire product use, which adds significant value to your product’s videos.

eCommerce Videos Serve As A Sales Assistant

  • Video is the best performing type of content on Instagram
  • Videos increase product exposure by more than 80%
  • Videos can boost signups and conversions up to 500%

You’re missing out on sales if you don’t make eCommerce videos

  • Videos boost conversion ratios by 80%
  • They increase the likelihood of purchase
  • They boost your website’s SEO
  • An explainer video converts better than a static image or text card

If you’re throwing up random videos for Instagram, you’re doing it wrong

  • Plan your video around your customer’s interests
  • Make sure the sound is good
  • Test longer videos against shorter videos
  • Show your faces and use body language. Be personal!

Get the best eCommerce conversion rates

  • Tell your story like a Hollywood producer
  • Add on-screen engagement buttons
  • Use YouTube to make a short video series
  • Let people know you’re on Instagram

Video marketing can solve your conversion rates problems

  • You’re unsure about how you want to sell
  • You’re unsure about how you want to look
  • You don’t know what questions your customer has
  • Focus on the CTA, not the sale

Here’s how to increase conversions

  • Include clear CTA viewers can’t miss
  • Make a product look desirable
  • Keep it short, 2 minutes max
  • Use an engaging title and thumbnail
  • Identify the main benefits of your products

You’ve skipped straight to the point

You should do that with a video by creating a clear call-to-action

  • E-commerce Videos Increase Conversions
  • Create Engaging Content for Your Product Listings
  • Use Relevant and Memorable Call-To-Action Captions and Thumbnail Images
  • Show Off Your Products in Action
  • Add Social Proof to your Video Results with User Testimonies

Video is the #1 SEO ranking factor

  • Writing long descriptions will hurt you, but not using them won’t help
  • Some key elements in eCommerce video improve conversions
  • You’re missing out on increased sales by not using product videos
  • Reel-less videos perform worse, but they still work better than no video at all

You should be using videos to sell on Instagram

  • Videos get 200% more engagement
  • Videos keep users on your store an extra two minutes
  • Videos reduce shopping cart abandonment by 80%

Making your eCommerce product video look professional

  • Explain why customers should buy your product
  • Show only the best parts of your product
  • Remember to use copywriting in your videos
  • Try demoing or using an actor for better quality content

ECommerce Video Advertising Trends

The growth of online shopping has shown successful advertisers’ insights and their different trends playing out in this area. Here are some of the pertinent eCommerce video advertising trends for 2022 and more. All these trends can help to increase your brand awareness and visibility that increases the return on investment.

  • Video as a branding tool
  • Videos for customer feedback
  • Understanding your video visitor
  • Videos Keep Viewers Engaged for Longer
  • Users Are Watching and Sharing Videos More
  • More Prominent Video Display
  • Facebook Watch
  • Dynamic Product Ads Tailored
  • Reliance on product videos is increasing
  • Growing focus on brand building
  • Creating specific adverts for mobile viewers.
  • Video is converting
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Live streaming
  • ECommerce Video Marketing
  • Increased Budget for Ecommerce Video
  • Targeting specific niches
  • Better targeting and tracking
  • QR Codes and QR Coded Videos
  • Youtube Commerce
  • Video Ad Contextual Targeting
  • Smartphone App-Finding Videos
  • Online search is still the number one medium for video ads
  • Vast majority of online videos are watched on smartphones
  • Number of videos watched online keeps growing
  • Multi-channel video advertising
  • Use of live streaming
  • Targeting and tracking pixels are the norm
  • Promoting products and brands
  • Use captions for SEO
  • Use short video clips
  • Have a CTA at the end of the video
  • Branded content tops outbound video
  • Video ads in-feed increase
  • Video budgets continue to grow
  • Longer and more expensive videos
  • The rise in Explainers
  • Live videos
  • Native Videos

Ecommerce Product Video Advertising

Have you thought of purchasing the products while watching the product video advertising on an eCommerce store? eCommerce videos are changing the way advertising and shoppable videos break through the innovative change. Brands are more responding to eCommerce video advertising. More than 67% of marketers expect the eCommerce ads are permanent ones. Shoppable videos are gaining more traction nowadays, and the combination of eCommerce and video will probably change the retailers’ experience in the future. Shoppable videos are now ready for brand engagements, partnerships to improve overall business results.

How are you planning to grow your Ecommerce in 2022?

  • Email list
  • Digital PR
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Paid social ads
  • Product videos

How to advertise on Instagram using product video

  • Start with a great content strategy
  • Create persuasive copy that builds brand value
  • Use videos to introduce your product
  • Be consistent and share it from different accounts

How to grow your IG without buying followers

  • Create awesome eCommerce product videos insta-worthy
  • Post them to a separate IG account
  • Tag the products with @’s
  • Track them on YouTube and other platforms using URL’s
  • Use a virtual assistant to help you schedule and organize IG posts

Product videos on social media are great for boosting conversions

  • Create engaging product videos that entice potential buyers to convert
  • Share a link to your product video in promotional ads
  • Dedicate time to optimizing your product video thumbnail
  • Share product videos on the platforms amassing the most eCommerce sales
  • Be consistent — repetitive posts with low YouTube views can be damaging

If you’re selling a product online

  • Use a product video to advertise it
  • Your video should fulfill three basic requirements
  • You should be in the video, talking directly to people
  • Highlight your problem and your solution
  • Share your video everywhere

Video advertising matters

  • You can get higher conversions with video advertising
  • Videos get 4X more user engagement
  • It costs less to advertise a video
  • Show customers what they’re buying

How to boost your eCommerce sales with Instagram video ads

  • Go with short-form product videos
  • Edit videos to fit the platform
  • Use vertical videos for mobile and horizontal for desktop
  • Run in-feed campaigns by targeting users currently looking at similar products.
  • On desktop, run interstitial campaigns by targeting users that just left your website

Any successful eCommerce business has product videos

  • Running Youtube ads or sponsored headlines/deck on IG
  • Working with Influencers 3: Using your remarketing capabilities on current customers and products that did well
  • Doing page post-link ads campaign on IG with your product videos
  • Do a look book or collection page outside of Instagram

A quick way to increase eCommerce sales on Instagram

  • Use a product video and captions to educate the consumer
  • Attach links to your products or other animations
  • Use hashtags and other relevant tags
  • Tell a story that includes ‘feeling.’

Ways to advertise your eCommerce product

  • Product video ads on Instagram
  • Brand video ads on Facebook
  • Reach your target audience with mobile ads
  • Sell products at a discount with Promoted Posts
  • Create custom shoppable photo ads
  • Canvas ads for foot traffic
  • Advertise on YouTube

Create a video for your eCommerce products

  • Encourage people to shop more with your video
  • Direct people to your website
  • Increase conversions and revenue
  • Navigating the Future of Video Advertising in Social Media

This eCommerce product video ad is killing it

  • Show a clear CTA at the end of your ad
  • Use ‘call to action sounds’ to zero in on the action
  • Include social proof of others using your product
  • Give the brand a face to put with the name
  • Use real people, not models

This is how you get more sales

  • Create a detailed product video first
  • Use your product video to increase your sales on Instagram and Facebook
  • Leverage influencers to boost your sales on Instagram
  • Create an Instagram campaign, not a one-off
  • Target the right audience

Video ad trends for eCommerce in 2022

  • ‘Video’ will be the new ‘Buy Button.’
  • 80%+ of buying journey is visual and brand influenced
  • Product videos are an opportunity to showcase your brand personality, connect with your customers and drive conversion.
  • The majority of purchase decisions take place before final checkout.

A product video is the biggest eCommerce growth channel

  • It’s already proven to increase revenue
  • The technical requirements are low
  • Take advantage of the Facebook audience with longer, more detailed videos
  • Keep your videos on-brand and very consistent

Product video ads are driving sales for these companies

  1. Banggood
  2. Nike
  3. RiteAid
  4. The North Face
  5. H&M
  6. Guess
  7. Starbucks Foods
  8. Adidas Originals
  9. Timberland Earthkeepers Collection.

Shopify Published a study on the best product video ads do

  • Have short descriptions and long titles
  • Showcasing the product is important
  • Don’t use custom thumbnails
  • Product videos have the best average engagement

Tips for eCommerce Facebook Video Ads

Running the Facebook video ads for your eCommerce business is a bit hard to introduce strategically. Most of the retailers forget to consider Facebook for eCommerce video ads. Few of them don’t know how and why to run Facebook ads in the first place. Facebook’s video advertising strategy must match the Facebook user’s mindset for generating more sales for your business. For each Facebook campaign, you should define the specific goals, objectives, and segmented audiences. The following are few tips for eCommerce Facebook Video Ads to reaching potential customers and shoppers at different touchpoints in their customer journey.

  • Have a Video
  • Target your audience
  • Create special filming conditions
  • Use emotional appeal in your video
  • Offer a deeper insight into the company and its products
  • Use storytelling
  • Schedule your video to post during peak hours as much as possible
  • Encourage people to Like our Page while watching the video and also after it is over
  • Call to action that is clear and easy to understand by everybody watching the video, not just
  • Use videos that capture your Facebook viewers attention
  • Give them the right tools to share
  • Make certain your video is captivating
  • Longer videos
  • Live videos
  • Facebook Live ads
  • Use specific targeting options
  • Hide ad copy in the video
  • Keep it short and engaging
  • Be yourself when doing video
  • Start off by introducing your brand or product
  • Add personality to your video
  • Inform and entertain
  • Ad Text: Create videos that share specific benefits your products provide
  • Create titles 1 – 2 minutes to keep viewers’ attention
  • Audience and targeting: Target customers currently in the buying funnel
  • Target people most likely to use your product or service
  • Call-to-Action: A/B test different CTAs to see which one gets you the highest click-through rate
  • Don’t hold back with the product shot
  • Be creative with an intro, outro, and visual graphic gags
  • Utilize engaging elements that will grab viewers attention
  • Have a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of your video
  • Get relevant and enthusiastic testimonials from real people (real customers)
  • The first step to creating a video is the script
  • Get your product in front of the customer
  • Right copy makes all the difference
  • Record and edit professionally
  • Use persuasive call to action
  • Be consistent with your brand
  • Don’t spend too much on each ad campaign
  • Staying true to your brand
  • Making it relevant to your unique niche
  • Test, test, and test again
  • Create high-quality content
  • Vary your call to actions
  • Use all video formats
  • Create an offer
  • Use images and videos
  • Create a compelling call-to-action
  • Makes sure you target the right audience
  • Have a call-to-action
  • Have a clear brand message
  • Be yourself
  • Have an authentic story
  • Integrate it with your social media content
  • Get people to stop scrolling
  • Engage
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Know your customer
  • Live-stream ad
  • Story ad
  • Static image ad
  • Be able to answer your phone
  • Keep it short and snappy
  • Make the ad story compelling
  • The video should center on your product
  • Make sure you have great lighting
  • Put out regular content in different formats
  • Video capture attention
  • Choose a good time
  • Record your video locally
  • Test, measure, and track your video ad performance
  • Try to include more descriptive text in the ad
  • Pay attention to the length of your video
  • Focus on a call to action
  • Start by telling your visitors about the product
  • Add value for the consumer
  • Be natural and avoid being too salesy
  • Keep your video less than 30 seconds
  • Keep it focused
  • Add impact before and after your main product

Ways to Use Video in eCommerce Marketing

Video Marketing is changing the product promotion strategy used by businesses to market their products, brands in the form of video. Whereas video marketing has created a trend for quite a while, many eCommerce businesses will pay much attention to its benefits. Visual data is much faster than text, so eCommerce product video is a great way to help in prospect’s experience before buying the products. eCommerce videos ads are revealed product descriptions that drive brand awareness and boost website SEO when you share on social media.

Product Demos: Install video software. Mobile videos are the best way to engage with mobile shoppers

  • Video Blogs and Customer Testimonials
  • Educational Videos and How-Tos
  • Tips and Tricks Videos With Clear Calls To Action
  • Optimize your listing page
  • Share videos to build an audience
  • Use video in product descriptions
  • Get people excited
  • Engage customers
  • Solve customer problems
  • Produce video content on a budget
  • Video testimonials
  • Unique customer videos
  • Product reviews
  • Display your brand ethos
  • Get interactive
  • More customers coming in means more conversions
  • Adding videos to your site not only makes it exciting, but it can come up on search engine results
  • Videos are easy to embed and easy to share on social media channels
  • It helps spread brand awareness
  • To increase your online sales, you have to make it easier for customers to buy products from your website
  • It will also help boost your SEO
  • Create Informative Videos
  • Use it to improve SEO
  • Get your customers involved
  • Create an explainer video
  • Make a how-to guide video
  • Strategically add videos to your product pages
  • Use a product demonstration video
  • Testimonials can be implemented in many ways, even in video format
  • Create a Video Showcase
  • Use Video for Product Demos
  • Use Video to Engage with Your Audience
  • Video Examples to Inspire You
  • Be Passionate about Your Brand
  • Be Consistent in Your Message
  • Video adds a human element
  • Video is more engaging than static images or text
  • Videos create a memorable link in the customers’ brain
  • Budget for high-quality videos.
  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words. Video is worth much more.
  • The psychology of color
  • Use product videos
  • Answer questions
  • Remind visitors what you offer
  • Get the right equipment
  • Get clear, close-up shots of your products
  • Don’t be afraid of ‘boring’ product shots
  • Use video in service of the needs of your audience
  • Weave them into product pages
  • Host contests
  • Make live videos and posts
  • Create video product reviews
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Review Videos
  • How-to Videos
  • Branding and Tutorials
  • Animated Ads
  • Utilize Explainer Videos
  • Produce how-to videos
  • Create product videos
  • Storytelling
  • Product Demos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • How-to Videos

Tips for eCommerce YouTube Video Ads

Anyone looking for ideas for using video to grow your e-commerce business? here we are sharing creative ways for e-commerce businesses with the help of eCommerce YouTube video ads. eCommerce videos ads offer a well-rounded perspective on your products by showing them from a wide range of angles. eCommerce videos are used to convert product pages as used to drive brands awareness, boost SEO, and are great for sharing on social media. Let’s get started.

  • YouTube is a top-performing platform for e-commerce…
  • Make your videos about shopping
  • Keep your video short and sweet (5 to 10 minutes)
  • Have an exciting offer or discount
  • Add a call-to-action in the description
  • Have fun with your video.
  • Know your audience
  • Do your research
  • Analyze current top-performing ads
  • Focus on the star rating and watch time
  • Don’t be afraid to test new channels
  • Encourage engagement
  • Select products that reflect your brand
  • Give visitors a clear CTA
  • Ensure your videos don’t get demonetized
  • Be selective with target keywords
  • 5, #6, and #7 are internal links!
  • Make sure you can get the video URL
  • Cut the boring parts
  • Be specific in your ad copy
  • Use a trackable link to as many landing pages as possible
  • Target the right audience through keywords
  • Be consistent
  • Have fun with the video
  • Use a value proposition to interest potential customers in your video
  • Try humor to build rapport with the viewer
  • Brand yourself with a specific style
  • Communicate known facts and stats about your products or services
  • Keep the video short
  • Choose the right format
  • Pick a topic related to your product
  • Optimize your settings
  • Watch some videos about the best online video ads and Pay Per Sold video advertising
  • Ending your sales calls with a question
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Find relevant channels to sponsor
  • Create an effective thumbnail
  • Use different types of videos like vlogs, tutorials, and product reviews
  • Focus on the viewers and not the advertiser
  • Create a long-term strategy
  • Make An Eye-Catching Video
  • Write Your Ad to YouTube Guidelines
  • Create A Call to Action
  • Use Emojis and GIFS
  • Use a strong ask at the beginning
  • Use a call to action at the end
  • Have clear benefits for the viewer
  • Use your own products to demo how it works
  • Do not go longer than 1 to 2 minutes
  • Share it on other social media platforms
  • Good lighting is vital.
  • `Needs to look professional, not like an evening vlog or home video setup.
  • 8-10 hours of 2×1 videos in the background and try not to have anything else distract from the main product.
  • Incorporate product shots
  • Use B-roll footage
  • Shoot a second camera angle
  • Include subliminal messaging if you can’t mention your name in the video’ Thanks for reading!

Best tips for eCommerce YouTube video ads

  • Keep the audience hooked & pay attention
  • Grab the attention of early adopters
  • Try multivariate testing
  • Use the right thumbnail image. Show a clear benefit/specification of your product
  • Give them discount codes & deals that don’t expiry

Why your eCommerce YouTube ads aren’t converting

  • Your YouTube video title doesn’t talk to the right audience
  • You’re using generic, boring or overused, music
  • You’re using too many images and not enough video
  • Camera quality is low. This will turn off customers
  • You’re not using subtitles. Subtitles are important for SEO

YouTube Video ads are super effective for eCommerce

  • Use a questionnaire video for advertising YT
  • Have a featured or banner image in your ad
  • Only use videos that describe your brand, product, or service
  • Make sure your kitchen sink is in the ad
  • Brand awareness is the main goal of any video ad

Future of eCommerce Video Ads

Statistics suggested that between 15-20 seconds of a product video is shown on the page before the user clicks to resume watching this on youtube.The future of eCommerce video ads will continue to rise as mobile consumption increases on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Websites that have a video on their landing pages tend to convert better. The data suggests that you can generate a 48% lift in leads or sales from adding video to your landing page.

  • Video is the future of eCommerce
  • You need to invest in video.
  • You need to do product reviews.
  • Advertisers have started using video in a big way to advertise.
  • Video ads show a higher engagement rate.
  • Already popular with Google and Facebook.
  • Find a place for video ads.
  • Create attention-grabbing ads
  • Target the right audience
  • In-stream video ads
  • Interactive video ads
  • Native video ads
  • It’s a good idea to integrate video ads.
  • Future of video ads in eCommerce
  • Integrating video ads into your website
  • The importance of having mobile-friendly videos
  • Make the most of Facebook and Google Adwords integration.
  • Advertisers will keep investing in video advertising.
  • Instead of interrupting each other, the different platforms will try to work together.
  • Social media will play a more prominent role in video ads for eCommerce
  • Affiliate attribution for video ads
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Amazon and Google are working towards creating a new ad format that will be better than any other video ad.
  • Current videos autoplay on the mobile web and require the user to tap on the screen to pause them.
  • Pop-ups are not preferred by users.
  • The best way to monetize video ads is with pre-roll ads.
  • Creators are getting more choices.
  • Flash sales work well in the video format.
  • Increased competition for ads means higher ROAS
  • Businesses are starting to use video ads to drive direct response marketing campaigns.
  • Video ads are an excellent opportunity to link directly to your site.
  • Video ads convert well on mobile devices.
  • Video brings emotion into shopping.
  • Integrate your product with different videos
  • Show your product unboxing.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Video ads can be incorporated into the ad networks.
  • Ads break up the monotony of looking at banners.
  • More interactive ads allow consumers to engage with the products.
  • YouTube views and likes
  • Keep it short, simple, and don’t play the hard sell.
  • Promote products in the videos too
  • Offer exclusive promotions or contests.
  • Live Stream your video campaigns
  • Collaborate with influencers and bloggers
  • Use software to create better videos.
  • Utilize content sites for video distribution
  • Create your own podcast show
  • Video works for video, and written works for written
  • Video – is interactive like TV commercials.

What will the future of eCommerce video ads look like?

  • Ecommerce businesses will no longer be selling products on their IG stories
  • You’ll see a new wave of IG creators offering ‘out of the box services’
  • Personalization will become much more important to eCommerce businesses
  • The media will stop covering retail and jump back into B2B videos
  • IG influencers will dominate product-based ads in most industries

These are the growth hacks for eCommerce video ads

  • Use a celebrity to endorse products
  • Use an attention-grabbing GIF animation
  • Use a short video as a carousel ad
  • Offer coupons and discount codes in video ads
  • Use image ads instead of video

Announcing the next big step for eCommerce

  • Soon, the video will become a must for all eCommerce sellers
  • Don’t be late to the game; you’ll lose out
  • Change your strategy now; otherwise, you’ll fail


Video needs to be a part of every business video marketing strategy. Every company needs to know what type of video marketing and advertising trends are important right now? Retailers must try to collect and leverage the testimonial videos from loyal customers by requesting through social media. Focus on the product manufacturing and advertising strategies that may have testimonial videos they are willing to share. Your eCommerce Video Advertising Strategy can help boosts Conversions and drive huge Sales.

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