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How Brands Can Take Advantage Of YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

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YouTube, as we all know, had a considerable name for offering video streaming.  Of late, YouTube started to experiment live streaming on its mobile app.

YouTube has its own commendable name on PC as well as Mobile phones.  The number of users that are hooked to the App is increasing day in and day out.

The latest trend in this direction is live streaming.  YouTube could get the best opportunity to roll out its ambitious plan of Mobile Live Streaming on the occasion when House Democrats live streamed a sit-in to protest the Republican Majority’s inaction on gun control.

Based on the initial success, YouTube is planning to offer the product to many more operators.  At present, the mobile live streaming is available to select operators only.

Advertisement on YouTube has got its own immense impression and Brands are ready to spend unlimited funds to take advantage of advertising on YouTube.

Though the sit-in program gave the edge to Periscope, YouTube is much anxious to roll out its ambitious plans to widen the offer of mobile live streaming.

Now with the latest addition of mobile live streaming, YouTube is gaining dual advantages:

1) It will be directly competing with platforms like Periscope, Facebook, Meerkat etc

2) It will be attracting Brands to go in for huge advertisements on YouTube.

Brands are already aware of the success that advertising on YouTube can bring for their products/services. The latest buzzword being the Mobile Live Streaming, brands can definitely take advantage of the newest technology.

With the established market share of YouTube, Brands are expected to form a queue to renew their partnership with YouTube.  YouTube, as it is, is facing stiff competition from many platforms offering more or less similar programs like video streaming etc.

The mobile live streaming, being a new and challenging technology and that too coming from well-accepted platform like YouTube will definitely find more takers. And this will be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e., YouTube, Brands, customers etc.

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