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YouTube Kids Channels new rules for Creators and Advertisers

YouTube Kids Channels

Nowadays, kids are more attached to the mobiles, tablets or desktops to watch videos like rhymes, unboxing, animation, and comics, etc. Instead of playing in the ground, they are spending time to view the videos. They find watching rhymes, and puppet stories give more fun than any other. Here YouTube is the top social media platform to serve the kids with amazing video content. The YouTube Kids channel or Kids App are finding their best ways to entertain the children with unique and fresh content.

Also, most of the creators are crossing their limits to engage their channel with kids. Instead of providing kids content, they are merging the adult content, which can quickly spoil the children.

To filter such creators, YouTube has recently changed YouTube Kids channel rules for both the creators and advertisers. In the same way, it becomes a little bit harder for the creators, either small or big, to make money. But they are more responsible for YouTube brand reputation where it should have healthier, happier and no controversies.

Why is YouTube making significant changes to Kids channel video policies?

The change in YouTube’s software helps to find them, which can be the quality kids’ content, gain traffic to individual videos, and in buying other channels.

The updated changes on YouTube Kids channel will notify the parents that they are safe for kids, and they are featuring the content without violating the law.

YouTube offers massive entertainment for the kids. The Google child YouTube has faced controversies when it let the creators post the inappropriate footages with very few limitations, and these issues let it face the criticism.

The US Federal Trade Commission has ordered new rules for Google, and it faced the penalty of $170 million for the privacy of the kid’s data on their platform.

It is the huge penalty that never taxed for violations of ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,’ or COPPA.

Though it may be very less fine for Google as it is one percent of annual revenue it made resolutions in the protection of children’s data privacy. It happened that YouTube illegally gathered personal information from the kids without parental consent.

The significant announced policy changes

  • YouTube stops running the personalized ads on the content which has been created only for kids.
  • After creating the kids content, the creators need to find that is made for kids, and then the machine learning helps them find that content adequately disclose.
  • It will consider the data from anyone watching the kid’s content that is coming from kid irrespective of the real age of the user.
  • The on-going features like notifications and comments will be no longer available on YouTube video, which meant only for kids.


This type of strict changes can make YouTube be the solo trending kids video platform for both the adults and kids. The parents can happily refer YouTube to their kids to watch any program.

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