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YouTube Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube Keyword Research

If you are using YouTube as a video sharing platform for your content, then you should leverage SEO for YouTube. Using the right keywords increase the chance of videos to show up higher in YouTube search results.The right keyword should choose by using YouTube Keyword Research tool.

There are five SEO tactics for YouTube Keyword research, and these are the auto-suggestions, using video keywords, using Google Keyword Planner, do a Google Search and the YouTube Trends.

Selecting topics for content is the most significant challenge for any content creator. A high-quality video topic of which is not in people’ interest might not get any views.

Thus in video production, it is useful to research for things that people are looking for and create something to meet their expectation. For maximum engagement, it is necessary to find keywords that people are using in YouTube search.

YouTube Suggestion is a great way to know what people are searching for a related keyword. Type the keyword in the YouTube search. Then type the keyword and each letter of the alphabet and see what the auto suggestions are.

Some tools help to get keyword ideas that can use for free. Type in the specific keyword and add video or videos at the end of the word.

Google Trends one of the excellent keyword research tools. Google Trends allows looking at queries that are specifically related to YouTube. Use keywords that are relevant to the niche. Google Trends is a potent research tool.

For beginners, who are just getting started to use YouTube for their marketing or promotions purposes, free tools such as YouTube Autocomplete, Google Trends or AdWords Keyword Planner are sufficient.

For those marketers who want to maximize the impact of the marketing campaign, premium tools available online will be beneficial these include the Keyword Tool and YTCockpit, SEMRush, etc.

YouTube Keyword Tools

Keyword tool helps you find keywords that users are searching for YouTube Search box.

Creating a good video will not be enough to achieve those good results. Make sure that people will be able to find the video that you have produced.

To reach the target audience, you need to put your video in front of them. That is what YouTube Keyword Tools will help you to achieve.

Currently, Google Keyword Planner Tool integrate into Display Planner’s AdWords video keyword suggestions. To use this, you need to have an AdWords account.

Exploring the Google Keyword Planner as mentioned below-

  1. Login to Your AdWords Account
  2. Type in a Seed Keyword Phrase
  3. Find The Sweetspot
  4. Sort-n-Purge Your Keyword List
  5. Bonus Keywords.

The first free tool of Google search is YouTube’s Auto-Suggestion feature. It allows you to find natural long-tail keywords in any slot.

Keyword Research Basic

Start with Google Keyword Planner :

Keyword Planner has the most useful data for AdWords advertisers.

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool to identify higher volume a keyword with marketplaces on a resource.

Spend Time To research Keywords:

Spend time exploring forums, communities and blog comments on Forums, can be a suitable place to see what people are talking. Spending time on these can give ideas for keywords to incorporate into your Videos.

Use Keyword Suggestion Tools:

Keyword suggestion tools automate this process and provide hundreds of possible keyword variations in a single search. After that, you can choose the relevant keyword to your website then place it into your Videos.

Use LSI or Related Keyword Tools:

Here in this tool, you don’t have the same keyword base, use to generate the LSI or related keyword tools.

Use Competitive Keyword Research Tools:

In this tool, the best keywords will display according to your competitors ranking.

There are two types of Trends we need to check before doing Keyword research.

One is Google Trends, and another One is YouTube Trends.

Google Trends :

Google Trends is a public relations tool for Google. Enables you to take popular search queries around the world in any category.

YouTube Trends :

YouTube Trends is the most natural thing to do, merely typing your ideas on the search box and it will show all the related suggestions which you can target.

YouTube Trends helps you to stay on top of the current favorite videos and trends on the world’s largest video site.


Keywords are the main key to optimize a Website or an YouTube Channel. The above is the Ultimate guide to YouTube Keyword research and How to work with YouTube Keyword research tools.

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