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How to Discover YouTube Insights about Your Competitors

YouTube Insights

Well, you have started the YouTube channel successfully, but there might be a chance of getting a huge competition. Once you have acquired millions of subscribers and your channel is going viral then all the YouTube competitors will focus on you to overcome your channel. Does anyone have an idea on How to Discover YouTube Insights about your Competitors?

People may misunderstand that the success measure of the YouTube video campaign depends on the views itself, but YouTube platform offers impressive video site analytics feature known as “YouTube Insights”.

This YouTube Insights feature can help you to reveal the in-depth analytics from the age of the viewers to a place of which they have watched your video in a clear list. YouTube video campaign helps you to discover your audience and also target the people basing on the location.

The YouTube Insights tab can access from the My Videos page on the YouTube platform. But, in this heavy competition in the video marketing one must also concentrate on the competitors YouTube Insights too to step forward towards success with your videos. Here is the guide to discover your competitors YouTube insights.

YouTube Insights : Research on Your Competitors Videos

Grasp the central theme of your competitor and how they are managing the channel with the type of topics they are posting. Also, observe the way of presentation of the top competitors and learn the things you don’t know.


You can just go to their channel and observe the subscriptions of your competitors. Youtube insight provides you with the subscriber rate of your channel or videos. The subscribers based on location, Age and sex is also provided within the insights provided by the YouTube platform.

Video Engagement

Know your competitor’s audience also by interacting with them in the comment section or the place where that particular video has embedded. Video Engagement helps you to know more about your competitor’s video and the response of the audience which can help you to estimate the overall insight of your competitor.

YouTube Channel Analysis: Getting to Know Your Competitor Channels

YouTube channel analysis is very important to know the position of your channel on the YouTube platform. The report can give the better idea and understanding of the Channel and can pave the way to succeed on YouTube platform.

The YouTube platform provides the different analytics for the users, which can give the complete details on the YouTube audience engagement with the particular videos of the channel. Which can helps the users to know about their videos and its involvement in the audience which can help them to improve their videos according to the analytic reports that are provided by the platform.

The channel performance can evaluate the earnings report which estimated the ad performance of your channel. Provides you with the expected earnings report of your channel which can be very helpful for the estimation and can make some predictive data basing on the analytics which can be utilised to improve the channel performance. The new watch time reports consist of information related to the watch time of your videos and the number of views.

It also reveals the best time of the video content that is watched most by your users which can help you to analyse the best part of the content and can balance the things in the nest video to succeed. The traffic sources and the audience retention reports are also beneficial to analyse the channel performance.

The audience retention graph can indicate the retention of the audience at specific stage towards your video which can help you to explain the things that are responsible for the backward of particular video which lack engagement of the audience. The engagement reports on analytics provide the detailed information of the subscribers and the annotation reports.


The reports also provide the competitor analytics which can be very helpful to estimate your competitors performance and can act your plan accordingly.

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