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YouTube for Event Promotion – The Ultimate Guide

Why don’t you go ahead of using YouTube for Event Promotion?

Is it seems strange?

Need not to think deeply about it. Just make your brand event promotion on YouTube. The brand enhancement through this rapid-fire activity is simple and easy without going over budget.

Ideas to create a great Promotional Event Video on YouTube

The event videos that have launched on YouTube must buzz as the long lasting one. Most of the business brands are making amendments to retrieve all the directions to hype their brand at the toe of the audiences.

The company events, especially on YouTube that expose the brand name, has become the main target for the businesses. To make your events great on YouTube then have a look.

Live Streaming the Event:

Live streaming is the best tactic that gives the instant results of large viewership rate in short period. Just launch the live streaming of your event on YouTube where it can get the attention of the huge audiences.

Plenty of tools are arriving especially for live streaming along with the YouTube. Hence, these tools are boosting the event performance on YouTube by reaching the millions at a time.

Guest Testimonials:

When the guests are heading to exit or entry, then let them share the epic moments of the event and try uploading on YouTube. Through this, the audiences or fans can easily get attention by making comments at your event videos on the channel.

Another idea is to get the shareable moments from the attendees that work as the gunshot to clutch the audiences at your brand’s video content.

Homemade Videos:

These videos will completely let the audiences to have the immersive experience of being in that event. Hence, it can be the great measure to project the positive side of your company including the business.

Live group discussion:

Make your business group discussion as the live event such as the Google and Facebook are the best examples to find that audience intended videos. It can be featured by discussing the features or services of your brand with the attendees.

Along with all these the quality of the YouTube, event video is the most significant one. What does it mean?


The initial watch time of the video is more precious for the events to go viral on YouTube. The script of the event should influence the audiences to watchfully.


The audio is the main seeking factor to explore the video event. If the video should not have the proper sound effects, might fails to stick at the audiences.

Production quality:

The poor video quality with no lightning effects will fall quickly with no views.

Using Videos before, after and during the events

Using video before the Event:

Behind the scenes of the event can be uploaded on to YouTube before the take off the live event.

The teaser for the launching event can be uploaded to let the audiences to buy the tickets for the event. The event uniqueness can be discussed with the host that excites the audiences to watch your event lively.

During the Event:

Try to share the event highlights, taking interviews with the attendees regarding the event. The Event memorable moment can be shared with the YouTube audiences during the event.

After the Event:

The multiple speakers that have involved in the event can be split to create the multiple videos on YouTube. The feedback from the event sponsors and customers about the business event can be organized.

How to start Live Event on YouTube?

There are two categories to set up the live event on YouTube. What are they?

Auto start:

In the Advanced settings choose the Autostart option to set up your event.

When the ingestion from the encoding software occurs then the event auto-start on YouTube takes live, and then data will be sent to the viewers.

When the live event finishes then click on Stop Streaming.

When the event is stopped, it is impossible to restart the event.


The Autostart events will not stop automatically.

Manual start:

Download encoder software

Then click on the preview to test stream from the encoder.

When the testing is done then click on start streaming.

Through the Live Control Room monitor the live event.

YouTube slates and mid-roll ads can be merged.

To intimate audience about the delays before and during the event make use of Broadcast Alerts.

Enhance the Viewing Experience of Live Events on YouTube

Here are the few Tips to enhance the viewing experience of Live Events on YouTube.

Network Tips:

  • The total bit-rate of the streaming content can’t surpass the upload bandwidth. Leave a bit room for streaming an Event.
  • Make sure to have high-speed internet connection while streaming the Event. If 1000 people are sharing the network, you may get limited speed.
  • Check your internet speed, have a speed test. The download speed is higher than the upload speed.
  • The recommended streaming rooms are 20, and the recommended outbound stream rate should be Primary + backup + 20.
  • Make sure to have a reliable network; if the connection is gone, it may be a disruption to the Live Streaming Event.

Encoding Tips:

  • Encoders should start 15 min before the Event begins.
  • Configuration Of Live encoders 2 hours before the Events.
  • Check the Preview of the Events before clicking “Start Livestreaming.”
  • Verify all the integrity of the local archive files, if the event is accessible through watch pages, mobile devices.
  • Continuously monitor the synchronization settings, audio, video, stream for A/V quality.
  • After your Event was Finished, stop the Encoder.

Using a Webcam:

  • The quality of the stream depends on the video streaming equipment used for an Event. You can use both the Webcam and the Laptops.
  • You should use software encoding programs like Flash Media Live Encoder or a Wirecast.
  • For high production Events, professional hardware equipment should recommend.
  • Make sure to test the SetUp thoroughly for streaming a Live Event.

Strategies to Shoot the High-Quality YouTube Event Videos

YouTube platform become the core marketing strategy for all the marketers to succeed in their marketing targets achievement. organizations come to the events for producing significant revenue.

YouTube streams Live Events when it started Live.The YouTube platform allows the individuals, marketers, educationists and many other users to launch the best event on YouTube platform.

Create a Perfect Plan for Creating an Event:

The essential stage is planning. The Event can be successful if it has an ideal strategy and implementation of the plan. Events help you get connected in real time, so, it is essential to know your targeted audience and the focused topic of your event idea.

Spread to your Audience:

At first, you should promote your Live Event link to your friends and family before the Event is going to be Live. So inform your friends, relatives and video subscribers about your live event. Schedule the time to your account. Alert your subscribers about your live event.

Tweet your Upcoming Event on Twitter:

Post the time, and date twitter is the busiest platform where you can build better connections between you and people. It also helps you to promote your YouTube event to grab the new audience who are interested in.

Update your Event Timings on the Facebook Platform Before the Event:

So, the people can reach you at that time on your occasion when you are on living to Remind the people before one hour and ask them to join in your event live.

Benefits of Live Streaming Event on YouTube

Billions of users are active on YouTube using Live Streaming Events. Billions of hours of video content watched every day. Live Streaming an Event on YouTube platform makes sense.


Users spend 3 X more times on YouTube streaming. You will get 10 X times more comments while the Live event is going on Facebook and YouTube.

Cost Effective:

The number of Business organizations using YouTube for Promoting their business. Many small-scale companies were organizing Live meeting via YouTube because it’s cost effective.

Grows Attendance:

30 % of the users who watch Livestream of an Event attend the events. It makes minimum attendance of the users who give Live streaming.

Increase ROI:

52% of the marketers using video content to get the best ROI for their business. Live streaming events on YouTube increase the ROI.

Examples of Event Videos on YouTube

Beyond 2012 – An integrated design story:

In 2005, the London 2012 Olympic games Organiser had the vision to deliver best quality streaming. London Olympic and Paralympic would inspire the next generation. This a best example for the Britisher designers, architects and engineers vision for the future.

Volvo Brand Event:

AT Communication done a great job by Organising the Volvo Brand Event. This was named and awarded as the “Small Event of the Year” from UK Event awards. Best live streaming an Event example for Event Promotion for Brands through YouTube.

Calvin Klein Multi-Brand Event in Singapore 2014:

Calvin Klein Organised a Multi-brand Event at Singapore in 2014. This was hosted by celebrating the expanded presence in Asia.


Medium and small-scale industries using YouTube for their brand promotion via Videos ads. Multinational companies are in step forwarded to Live stream their Brand events through YouTube for their business expansion. The above Articles reveal how people are using YouTube for their Event Promotions.

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