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How to use YouTube for eLearning

YouTube for eLearning

The only trend that has become the only source of learning or entertainment is online. The YouTube is the best platform to find plenty of video content through which the learner can easily go through the concept. The tutorials of video with audio is better than reading plain text.

YouTube is not only a great platform for videos, but it is also great for learning things. Here is how YouTube can be made a part of your eLearning.

As is already known, eLearning videos can be very beneficial to get knowledge and to understand difficult topics.

These can be watched and rewatched many times.

Accessing the eLearning videos for each topic will be easy if playlists are created for each subject. Creating eLearning course webinars or presentations makes it easier for the learners to access the course videos whenever they want. These can be used as reference tools.

Learners can make YouTube videos on the topics they learnt. This help boosts knowledge retention. e-learners will have to be given clear guidelines about making the videos.

Complex subjects are difficult to understand but using YouTube videos for eLearning can help demonstrating the topic visually that helps the learners to acquire knowledge about the subject. eLearning professionals can use YouTube to upload their course videos so that they are accessible to only a group of people.

After watching the YouTube course videos, let the learners discuss the topic online through Google Hangouts or other chat platforms. Encourage them to ask questions and give feedback.

Use the annotations feature of YouTube to give links related to the topic in YouTube course videos so that it becomes easy for the learners to access other articles, sites, videos, etc. It helps the learners to save time in searching the web for references related to the topic.

Using eLearning videos can help the audience learn any subject matter effectively. Videos made to be appealing and engaging the audience is more effective in making the learners understand the topic and is also more fun to learn. Making these videos is expensive and time-consuming, these are worth the effort.


YouTube has become the trending platform for watching videos in regular basis. It is the only social media site where we can find plenty of videos related to education, entertainment, and sports. The online learning through YouTube is the simple and best way that saves the time. Just go through this article that describes how to use the YouTube especially for e-learning.

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