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50 Coolest List of YouTube Easter Eggs

YouTube Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are hidden stuff in YouTube. These do not appear on the user interface but have to be searched in a specific way. The users will find searching for them very funny. YouTube has some funny Easter Eggs. Let us find some cool YouTube Easter Eggs.

List of YouTube Easter Eggs

1. Dogs Meme is one of the Easter Egg. Type in the name in the YouTube search box. An entire colored text page will be displayed. The whole page is converted into Comic Sans.

2. Type ‘Use the force Luke’ in the search box. All videos will be showed with Star wars effect.

3. Another cool Easter Egg is the Webdriver Torso. Type this in the search box and the videos will appear with red color background and some videos will appear in the blue color background.

4. Do the Harlem Shake is another Easter Egg and you will see the videos keep shaking and the Harlem Shake song playing in the background.

5. Leanback is another Easter Egg using which lets using the YouTube with the keyboard.

6. For Repeating the YouTube video, right-click the video and select the Loop. The video will get played repeatedly.

7. Beam Me Up, Scotty will give the YouTube the classic star Trek.

8. At the end of the video URL, that you are searching for, add ‘&pow=1&nohtml5=1’. A small ‘pow’ button appears to the video feature and clicking on it will make the video appear comic book-ish.

9. Type ‘/geek week’ in the YouTube search bar and the result page will appear in retro ASCII format.

10.  Missile Control game can be unlocked by typing ‘1980’ anywhere on the page.

11. Type ‘1337’ on the video page and the comments will appear in ‘1337’ (LEET) Speak.

12. Type ‘fibonacci’ in the search box in YouTube. The results will appear in tiled effect like Fibonacci mathematical sequence trick.

13. Type ‘ponies’ in the search bar and cute little ponies will appear flying across the screen.

14. Type ‘bronies’ in the search bar and the result will be similar to the above.

15. Type the names of the character in shows like ‘Rainbow Dash’ and see the magic. The top bar will appear in the color of the character.

16. Type ‘/robots.txt’ after the YouTube URL and see the YouTube troll Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines style.

17. and you can use YouTube with keyboard shortcuts.

18. To skip the first thirty percent of any YouTube video, just type ‘&wadsworth=1’ at the end of the video URL.

19. To bypass the regional restrictions of YouTube, add watch?V=9y73PrQVgl4 after the URL.

20. Add watch?v=9y73P4QVgl4 to the YouTube URL to share the exact time that you want your friends to see a certain part of the video.

21. Here is a complicated Easter Egg. Right-click on the video and choose ‘stats for nerds’. The dimensions, frames, volume percentage and other statistics of the video will appear.

22. In the browser bookmarks put ’Quietube’. Click the bookmark button when watching a video. You can watch the YouTube videos with peace.

23. Add ‘&fmt=18’ to the end of the URL to view the high quality video.

24. Add ‘&fmt-22’ to the end of the URL and if the video support this resolution, enjoy the high-quality videos.

25. Firefox users can use YouTube Smart Pause to automatically pause the video.

26. Floating YouTube Easter Egg can be used by chrome users to play the video in a separate moveable window.

27. Watch any YouTube video in full screen and type ‘awesome’. The red time bar will turn into the rainbow.

28. Click the down arrow on the keyboard when a YouTube video is buffering and you can reveal the Snake game Easter egg.

29. Open a video on YouTube and paste &vhs=nohtml5=1 string at the end of the video URL. A new tape mode button will appear in the video toolbar. The videos will appear in classic videotape style.

30. Type in ‘let it snow’ and you will experience a special treat.

31. Add ‘&list-UL’ to the YouTube URL to create auto-line of favorite videos.

32. To jump through the age restrictions, add ‘nsfw’ to the beginning of video URL.

33. To see the transcript of a video, open the video, press the ‘More’ tab, underneath video title and choose ‘Transcript’.

34. Edit or upload a transcript to help the video get found.

35. It is possible to create a playlist on YouTube.

36. Add videos that you want to see later to ‘watch later’ playlist.

37. Create own custom YouTube URL. For this, the YouTube channel needs to have 100 or more subscribers.

38. If you want a clip to be repeated simply enter the URL of it in TubeReplay.

39. Compare any of the two YouTube videos by entering the two URLs in mashup helper.

40. DragonTape helps to make a remix with all the clips you drag and drop.

41. SynchTube can be helped to watch YouTube videos with up to 50 other people with the chat window.

42. InfiniTube will create an infinite playlist based on the choice of keywords you entered.

43. Splicd can be used to cut down a YouTube video. Simply enter the start time and the finish time.

44. Add ‘/feather_beta’ after the YouTube URL for the best performance hack.

45. To download YouTube videos without a download manager, add ss after ‘www’ and before ‘YouTube’ when any video is playing.

46. Add ‘add&list=UL to any of the video you are watching and all the video upload by the uploader meta playlist in chronological order will be available

47. If the internet connection is slow, watch the YouTube videos on VLC by opening the app, going to file, open the network link and putting the YouTube link as URL.

48. Hold down the space bar while a YouTube video is playing and the video will start playing in slow motion.

49. Add #t= to the end of the video URL followed by the minute you want to watch with an m and then with an s to watch the YouTube video from a specific playback point

50. The ‘Feather’ feature helps the YouTube videos load faster.

The above mentioned are some of the coolest YouTube Easter Eggs. Try your favorite ones after knowing the exact steps to reveal them.

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