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Tips For Writing The Most Effective YouTube Description

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In the world of social media, visuals are everything. Using YouTube to market your brand and product is a great way to provide information and invite new viewership and traffic to your other social pages. When developing your YouTube channel, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when creating your channel and YouTube Description. At first, these descriptions may not seem important, but giving viewers more information will help grow your channel in the long run and will help with gains new subscribers and better SEO.

Tips For Writing The Most Effective YouTube Description


In the world of digital media, context is everything. Depending on your brand and who your target audience is, you need to focus on what your selling and do it well.

Research trends and keywords, when writing up your YouTube video and channel descriptions, give as much information as you can. People want to know your story and your reasons for advertising and sharing your content.

The video description needs to belong and concise. You want to intrigue people to click onto your channel and boost your ratings.

The same goes for your page description, telling people your background and reasoning will make viewership and searches authentic, you want to invite viewers in and let them know what to expect from your YouTube channel and end with a strong call-to-action.


Including links in both your YouTube channel and video, descriptions is vital for growth. Link everything from your social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, and Website. Linking will drive viewers to click these links and drive traffic to your other media.

You need to promote and sell your brand and your message so that you become known for that one specific thing. The same goes for linking to any other pages or articles mentioned in both channels and video descriptions. People will trust your recommendations when they are legitimate and if they are linked to notable sources.


Researching keywords that relate to your brand and YouTube channel will encourage SEO. In your YouTube video, use three keywords in the first couple of sentences and repeat them throughout the description, you can use wide variations and synonyms of your keywords as well.

Using the keywords in your YouTube video title will also help rankings and potential if being top of the search page. Use keywords in your channel’s description, too, as YouTube’s algorithm takes notice of this.


Thanks to 15-second TikToks, people’s attention span is a lot shorter than it used to be. Using timestamps is essential if you want to divide up your video and let your subscribers pick which part of your video they want to watch.

Timestamps are also useful for longer-form content as subscribers will be able to decide what specific area they want to view, cutting downtime, and otherwise, people clicking off your video.


Having a unique selling point and being authentic are integral to your YouTube channel’s growth. Do this through both your YouTube video and channel descriptions, and it will be easier for new subscribers to find your content.

Go back through all your videos and make sure that each description is different; you want to show that you’re investing time and effort into each description. When people are inauthentic, it comes out. Eventually, people will subscribe if they trust you and what you’re doing and so build this credibility through your descriptions.


Just like keywords, hashtags are great for SEO. Use hashtags at the end of your video’s description and make sure each one relates to your content. Don’t go overboard, though, as YouTube can easily track if you use too many, do your research and pick the right hashtags that apply and complement your channel.

Keeping content original will set it apart from others, investing time and research will help with viewership. Having people discover your YouTube page and videos is not always by chance, the algorithm will help you if you follow these guidelines and help drive traffic to your page. Happy writing.

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