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YouTube Channel Video Content Pruning – Technique That Will Boost YouTube Search Ranking in Long run

YouTube Channel Video Content Pruning

Do you want to find the exciting strategy to master the YouTube? Just try Video Content Pruning techniques.

The word that completely shapes the channel growth to long lasting success Video Content Pruning.

What is Pruning?

Pruning is nothing but the trimming of the deadly flowers and branches that are not burning the growth of the plant or tree. The pruning will lead the plant to acquire the perpetual establishment that inspires the upcoming branches or flowers to grow healthy.

How could it be related to the YouTube channel growth?

Now, this doubt might bug in your mind.

What is Video Content Pruning?

As the mentioned above how we are cutting the waste branches or flowers in the same way the content of the video on YouTube that is being useless for long with no performance can be deleted from the YouTube channel.

Why Should You Prune your Channel Videos?

  • You are at the right question to know how it works. When you don’t find any traffic audience for a long time then immediately prune the videos.
  • If you don’t delete the unusable videos then the audiences or subscribers might think that the overall videos of the channel are in the same category.
  • They never take a step ahead to visit the newly uploaded content though you made it in an innovative way.
  • This will completely damage the brand of the channel and gives the logo as the jaded channel. After looking at your channel, they step back immediately. If you think that never happens to your channel then prune your channel.
  • Everything is fine about the word pruning then what are the ways to do pruning.
  • Is it your next query? Have a look below to clear your doubt.

How to Prune YouTube Channel Videos?

Grab all Video Stats from YouTube Analytics:

Make frequent analysis on YouTube analytics and find the performance of videos that showing high or low results.

Sketch the calendar basis analytics like daily or monthly and this can push you to immerse the videos with innovative ideas.

Get the list of Low performing Videos with respect to Views:

Then make a list that is being as the very slow performer then remove those videos immediately.

After that, use that content concept by making amendments with new strategies.


The YouTube top YouTuber ‘Pew Die Pie’ could be the best example to run the most successful channel ever. Here we can observe the pruning activity that has been applied to their channels.

Get the List of Low Performing Watch Time Videos:

The watch time will define the overall activity of a particular video on the YouTube channel.

Keep the keen eye on the watch time of each video and figure out the videos having deficient watch time and take away them.

Get the List of Low Performing Videos with respect to Audience Retention:

Note the videos which are being surfed by the audience less frequently that expose the lack of interest to watch by the audience. Then quickly eliminate those videos from the channel.

Clean YouTube Channel Videos which are having Low Views, WatchTime and Audience Retention


YouTube Channel Video Content Pruning: It will reduce your Overall Channel Growth once you have done this.
But in the Long term, it will increase the overall growth of your Channel.


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