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Honest To Vlog: How To Take Your Youtube Channel To The Next Level

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So you’ve been making videos online for a while, you’ve got a decent amount of subscribers who come back regularly for your content, and you’re starting to get some real recognition for the work you’re doing. Well, that’s fantastic! But here’s the real question: what next? What do you do now? You’ve really got two choices. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay at this sort of level, happy with the subscriber count that you’ve got. Or you can take your channel to the next level in order to turn your content into a genuine career. But don’t worry, you’ve already done the hard part, you’ve generated an audience. Now it’s just a matter of expanding it. So here are a few simple tips to help you move your channel forward into the future.

Focus on your branding



Now that you have an audience, you need to remember that your channel is your brand. People are coming for your content and your personality; you need to make sure that your brand is consistent across every aspect of your videos. Look into getting a professional design your banner and logo, as well as creating a professional channel trailer. TV commercial production company, Captiv8 are a fantastic team that will help you create a channel trailer that is sure to entice even more subscribers into your community.

Reach out to sponsors

Sponsored videos are a fact of life on Youtube. There might have been a time when people cried foul at them, but these days people have started to realize that Youtubers have to eat and pay rent too! When looking for sponsors, as well as when they reach out to you, it’s important to stay on brand. Make sure that you’re only making videos for companies that you personally align yourself with. If you’re lying to your audience and talking about something that has no importance to you whatsoever, they’re going to know. And youtube audiences are very sensitive about content creators being as open and upfront with them as possible. Sponsored content is a fantastic way to fun the content you’re making independently as well as offering you more exposure. But you’ve got to tread a very fine line between talking about a company you like, and simply being a corporate mouthpiece.




With the lack of control that many YouTubers have over the advertising on their videos that is their usual source of revenue, as well as feeling uncomfortable with sponsored content, many people are turning to crowdsourcing as a way to support their videos. Services like Patreon are fantastic because they completely remove any separation between you and your audience, allowing them to fund you directly. You can offer special perks to those who donate like shout-outs, additional content, and personalized items. By doing this, you’re able to cut out the middlemen of sponsors and advertisers and focus exclusively on creating interesting and engaging content for your audience.

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