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The Power of YouTube Advertising for Brands


YouTube is the top destination for video marketing and advertising online. The majority of marketers get connected with the YouTube platform for their business promotion. YouTube is a land of opportunities for business advertisers, and one must capture and utilize the opportunity with good strategies and plan for better implementation of such policies. So, let us go through about how powerful is YouTube platform for your brand advertising.

Advertising on YouTube is flexible

Yes, there is great flexibility in advertising on YouTube. The pay-per-view system and the 30-second video view system is very flexible financially for the advertisers to set their weekly budget. There is also an option for the advertisers like Max cost per view payment which can allow them to set their maximum amount they like to pay for their advertising. This flexible nature was encouraging their marketers to advertise on YouTube platform.

Global Reach

More than one billion people visit YouTube platform globally every month and more than one-third of internet population were actively using the YouTube platform. So, the platform has a great potential to help advertisers to reach the large population across the platform.


Advertising on YouTube can help the advertisers to target the things in a more accurate way in which the targeting depends on the demographics, interests, locations and many other factors in details along with the best time to publish and reach the audience across the platform. To utilize the whole potential of the precise targeting you need to find the right audience for your brand.


YouTube ads will work as long as you like to run. The advertisers can control the starting and the ending of the ads and video campaigns. The platform offers the advertisers with unlimited duration to continue their campaigning across the platform to reach your potential customers online.

Detailed In-depth Campaigns

It is not possible to determine the audience through the traditional Television advertisements but, when comes to the YouTube; it is very precise and effective form of advertising where you can get every detail in depth. The campaign analytics reports and the other metrics help you to reach your targeted audience in a better way. It helps your brand to get connected with the new customers across the YouTube platform.

Why should a brand consider YouTube Advertising?

The first reason why should consider YouTube for your brand advertising is your brand will get more exposure and best return on investment, the YouTube ads have high power in reaching the audience which must be aligned with a definitive marketing strategy.

YouTube is an iconic platform where most of the brands have become successful and developed their business. It is a destination that powers the branding with the efficient AdWords system. Most of you might be familiar with the Pre-roll commercial ads which seen before video plays; it was just a single face of YouTube as many other ad types are designed for the advertisers and brands to meet the audience.

Ad types on YouTube or Google Display Network that brands must know

There are mainly four different Ad types that brands must know about to plan their advertising. They are in search, in-display, in-stream and GDN ads.

The In-Search ads are just like a Google Search network type which displays in YouTube search. The top two results that shown while searching the YouTube are placed as a sponsor placements which come under the cost per click model.

The in-Display ads are like a sponsored thumbnail for the videos that is seen on the right-hand side of the videos which is under the cost per click model that is also similar to the in-search ads.

The in-stream ads are pre-roll video ads which were known as commercials that can skip within 5 seconds are more. It is recommended to go with 15 to 30 seconds range for skipping.

The Final one is GDN ads that placed in banner or box ads within the YouTube network that can display on the video. Viewers can close the ads by clicking the close mark button. They can also click on the ad which can direct to the ad specific product related page.

It is very vital to understand the YouTube advertising ecosystem to know which type of ad format can be an exact fit for your brand to meet the right audience across the YouTube platform.

The cost per view on YouTube platform was allowing the advertisers to fetch more impressions that too for affordable and cheapest rates. That means an average CPV started around $0.05 and the view can be counted if and only if the viewer watched some thirty second of the video content. It is the biggest bonus for the advertisers as the skipped ads can get them right impressions at no cost.

The viewer’s click on the ads can direct to the concerned product pages which can boost the conversions for the brands.

What did Must Brands know About Advertising For Millennial?

YouTube had reached more millennial comparing to any other television network. Millennial is more interest in the videos especially about the brands and their products. Basing on the research reports it is revealed that Millennial is preferred YouTube is the best place to learn about the various products and the services that brands are offering.

How to optimize your brand ads to the millennial audience?

• Provide the best content in your video that must have good value. Add little humor and entertainment for the viewers instead of just being made for the promotion and advertising the things in your video.

• Don’t push the ads on viewers. Let them know you are genuine and they will get benefit using your services. You must convey your brand message by keeping the message at the center of your content.

• Don’t be irrelevant while conveying the brand message. Stay relevant and convincing to your audience which can help you in the long go.

YouTube is the best place where you can advertise your brand at an affordable cost and can reach billions of people and finally the best leads to your business.

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