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YouTube Advertising Best Practices and Checklist

YouTube Advertising Best Practices

YouTube is the top destination for the video advertisers across the web. It opens a great opportunity to reach a huge audience across the platform of YouTube has millions of hours of content has been updated every day.

Businesses and individuals follow various YouTube advertising techniques and tactics to get successful on YouTube platform. However, only a few companies and businesses are successful in reaching their advertising goals and objectives. Here are some best YouTube advertising practices and the perfect checklist for better YouTube advertising.

YouTube Advertising Cost

• You must need to have a clear idea about why you choose YouTube platform for your business advertising. Now comes to its costs and budget planning for the YouTube adverts.

• There are different types of ads that YouTube platform offer and the rates or cost of those ads will entirely depend on the kind of the ad you have chosen and the marketing budget you have allocated for the ads for your advertising.

Youtube Advertising Targeting

• You have many targeting options on YouTube where you can target the demographics which covers and target basing on the Age, Gender, etc. and when comes to the target basing on audience interest, it majorly covers the individual topics that audience are interested.

• The video remarketing is also one of the best ways of targeting the audience basing on the past interactions with the videos.

• Basing on the Ad placements on certain channels, Apps, websites you can target the people on YouTube platform with your advertisements.

• Along with these targeting elements, you might also have a clear understanding on targeting keywords and tags.

• The Advertisement costs entirely depend upon your budget, level of targeting and the ads you have to choose.

• There several types of YouTube ads and you can choose the best to target the things. The pricing depends on per ad unit and clicked through rates.

YouTube Advertising Revenue

Earning income from the YouTube platform is a challenging one, and it can be done with a perfect strategy.

Adsense for your account

• The first step to earning on YouTube platform is to connect with the Google Adsense and turn on the monetization.

• By enabling the monetization, you need to accept the terms and conditions of YouTube platform, and it connects with the Adsense account for payment.

• By agreeing to the terms and conditions to Google ad revenue sharing the ad revenue will get split like 45:55 for the content creators.

Promoting video

• For earning better revenue with videos, you need to post the videos and publish on your channel.

• Create and edit the video content and make it interesting and compelling to the audience.

• If you are not OK with the view count you are getting for your videos, Cross promote your video across the social networks and gain a good following and view count.

• Make a clear strategy to promote your video content.

Payment gateway

• Once you have linked the account to the Adsense, you will get credited monthly revenue that you have earned from your YouTube channel.

• Once you reach $100, Google will issue the payment to the bank account you have given while linking your Adsense account.

YouTube Advertising Options, Rates and Specs

• If you have good knowledge and if you frequently watch YouTube videos, you will know some types of ads that come before and after during the video play. Along with these, the ads are differentiated on YouTube platform.

• You have great options to advertise on YouTube with these ads. Let us have a look on different ad formats.

Display Ads

Display ads are based on search, and it appears along with the streaming video and the suggestion list. They are just similar to the Google display ads type.You have to pay only for the ads that viewer begins to watch.

CTA overlay ads

Call to action overlay ads are like in-video banner ads which appear in the lower middle of the video.

• These overlay ads consist of three components like Headline text, thumbnail and URL destination.

• The URL will take the viewers to the particular location outside YouTube means to your business page or sales page.

• It gets collapsed after 15 minutes in video and just showed like a thumbnail image.

Skippable ads

This type of ad format opts for skippable ads, and they are also termed as in-stream ads. The ad format comes under the actual view ads and billed as a CPV basis.

The advertisers have to pay the rates only if the viewer watches the video for 30 seconds completely.

Non-skippable ads

• These ads cannot be skipped ad will be playing for 30 seconds.

• They can be displayed during, before or after the video play.

• Mid-roll ads, Bumper ads and pre-roll ads are some other options you have to go on with your advertising on YouTube.

The rates will also depend upon the type you have chosen.

Youtube Advertising Statistics

• The Digital video advertising has reached 6 billion dollars by 2017

• The pre-roll and regular mid-roll ads were lifting the brand awareness.

• 75 percent online business are advertising on Youtube platform

• 60percent B2C companies are using the preroll and skippable ads on Youtube.

• Native YouTube ads were performing very well with brands

Youtube Advertising Best Practices

• Understand your audience and prepare the content they are interested in, and they love to share.

• Always target the audience with the intention of making them your potential customers.

• Choose the best ads option for your business to target your audience.

• You can target your audience basing on the location and demographics which are specified in our article in Youtube advertising targeting.

• If you are choosing the 30 seconds ad, make sure you have conveyed the audience the best of your marketing efforts.

• Don’t over promote your brand or business.

• Interact with your audience and customers and help them to know more about your brand or business.

Finally, follow the above checklist which can be helpful for your YouTube advertising.

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