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What is Volumetric Video?

Volumetric Video

Nowadays we could say that Virtual reality has almost reached as a sophisticated technology because of VR experience. Currently, people using VR and AR applications have increasingly engaging and exciting technology which will change our lives by redefining the way they interact with the people in the digital medium.

To strengthen these technologies, we should capture more real-world content suitable for VR and AR which helps to erase the lines between the virtual and real world.

People are expecting more advanced technologies to offer real-time experience other than VR and AR for storytelling, Live streaming, and sports events.

Volumetric video technology offers content and tools to create next-generation AR and VR experience, and it will shadow the way to communicate and express ourselves.

What is Volumetric video?

Volumetric video technology captures the real person images with an array of cameras and generates naturally moving 3D models enables from Arbitrary viewpoint in Virtual reality.

The volumetric video market is driven mainly because of massive usages of Volumetric video content in VR And AR content creation for filmmaking and video games. The acceptance of Volumetric video being increased due to the selling of Volumetric hardware by different vendors.

Volumetric video technology offers people to capture the photos in real time using multiple cameras simultaneously and that it can turn to realistic 3D models which behave naturally. Volumetric video technology requires multiple cameras skillful 360 degrees in depth capturing and processing unit to stitch all images together.

How to Capture and its Importance

As we know that 360-degree video can capture with a single VR camera placed on center allows to captures the panoramic video. When it comes to Volumetric video, it requires an array of cameras to offer a more immersive experience.

The 360-degree video was impressive at the beginning, but the content creators realized that it has some limitation. To resolve this problem and take 360-degree video to the next level Volumetric Video technology arrived.

The volumetric video contains spatial data, and it enables the viewers to walk and interact with the people, object around us in a CG environment. The volumetric video offers more immersive footage in 3D. It captures people real-time movements into 3D and users can view from any angle in positional tracking.

The Volumetric Video production is similar to the Mixed reality video capturing. Mixed Reality  video production requires a green screen stage equipment with multiple cameras. These array of cameras handling videogrammetry or photogrammetry which can convert live footage into three-dimensional objects.

These multiple cameras capture 3D model of a person and color for textures. The algorithm generates the 3D models, textures, and animations. Once the presenter’s body is fully digitalized, individual viewing perspectives recorded it will display the aviators. It will help to more personal interaction and enhance viewing capacity.

The 3D information captured from a different viewpoint of a person is fused and transformed to a natural, consistent and 3d representations.

The Hardware unit only required for the Volumetric Video capturing is depth sensing 360-degree video cameras and a processing unit to process images to 3D models.

Use of Volumetric Video Technology in Various Fields

Volumetric video technology will replace the standard video streaming and recording, and it would be more impact on the enterprise market.

The volumetric video has demand in Filmmaking and video gaming  industry.

Medical applications are expected to multiply with Volumetric Video Content.

Live streaming sports event and to develop the entertainment applications Volumetric video content plays a dominating role in the future.

Many experts believe that volumetric content will bring revolutionary changes in the fields of sports, entertainment and medical industry of more personal user interaction.

In Future the entertainment industry plays a significant role in volumetric video technology. The volumetric video with AR / VR devices  offers to view images in a 360-degree environment.


Volumetric video technology enumerates another dimension to the storytelling, high-quality visualization due to its creative and fully optimized VR and AR. The volumetric video also takes people to communications and interactions to the next level.

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