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What is Programmatic TV ?

What is Programmatic TV

More than $68 billion business in Television advertising has brought a significant change by following the social, desktop and mobile ads. The Ad ecosystem operates in a completely different way, and programmatic advertising is going efficiently and drives better automation of ad transactions. Let us go in in-depth about What is Programmatic TV and advantages in advertising.

What is Programmatic TV?

The programmatic Television is a new technology that drives the automated data the drives towards the way to buy and as well as to deliver the ads towards the TV content. It also includes digital TV ads which serve the web and also targets the smart devices and connected television.

What is Programmatic TV Advertising?

The programmatic TV advertising delivers the ads through the web and other smart devices that are connected. It also focuses on the TV that is connected and hooks with the internet. It also included the gaming consoles and setup boxes and other devices which can collect and as well as the transmit the information about the users. That information may target the advertisers’ interest basing on the location and the viewing habits. The new TV built with the software that easily tracks the user’s interest and their viewing location etc. Previously brands used to advertise basing on the demographics towards a particular TV show expecting some list of targeted audience who have seen the ad, With programmatic TV advertising, brands are easily able to purchase the ads basing on the desired demographics towards their products instead of basing on the popularity of the program.

Advantages of programmatic TV advertising

The new technology is more advantageous to the TV programmers and the brand advertisers in different ways. The programmers can track the selling impressions instead of based on the television shows popularity and viewability. It also helps them for better monetisation with the inventory as they have the information about the demographics which adds value to them.

When comes to the brand advertisers they are planning and automating their metrics and buying. The campaigns with programmatic TV also helpful to the advertisers as it is providing the much better brand exposure as the ads can be able to reach the targeted audience specifically and increases the marketing spend in an effective way.

Campaigns of programmatic TV can be measured in real time too. The changes that occurred in the real time can be easier to test them and can bring changes which can include the creative targeting and the improve performance by focusing on the higher goals.

Programmatic TV Market Statistics

The Programmatic TV advertising has increased with the rise of budgets from the top brands. It expects that more than $9.9 billion TV budget allocated by the end of 2019. The majority of the audience was buying through the programmatic Tv ads, and it was reached over 90 million households and had a significant change in the future. According to the recent survey reports which revealed the future of programmatic TV advertising for the coming year 2017. It revealed that the programmatic Tv budgets will get doubled in 2017 and continued its increase to $4.5 billion by 2018. More than 55 percent digital video ad spend was around $5.4 billion mark this year, and the programmatic TV is expected to raise the bars.


Finally, programmatic TV advertising bought huge benefits to the marketers and advertisers with the comfortable targeting of the audience. Budgets also raised by several companies stepping towards the Programmatic TV ads.

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