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What is Kodi ? – The Ultimate Guide


Now each individual is looking for the advanced and best media players which are available at reasonable cost. This sounds somewhat different and difficult for most of the developers but the only name that has made it in simple and easy is Kodi.

Do you want to know about it?

Just have a look below.


It is completely different from others, i.e., it is the open source software which can be termed as the media player. By installing this Kodi on any device, we can access it to watch the videos, photos, music, even games, shows and podcasts in a simple way.

By enabling this Kodi we can surf all other streaming service providers on it. The Android TV box has inbuilt Kodi software, and we can watch anything that comes under the media where the Kodi can be installed especially on mobiles, personal computers and TV.

What can Kodi do?

It can be accessed on any devices like mobiles, personal computers, and advanced TVs to watch all the entertainment series through the Internet by turning to the smart world. Kodi provides the best services for the search of our required content in a simple way.

While comparing with other competitors it’s not available only on the particular app store, and it can be accessed from any place at any time.

’10-foot-UI’ advanced feature of Kodi will define the meaning that it can be accessed up to 10 feet.

How does Kodi Works?

It has been generated to make the streaming providers into online entertainers.

The devices like fire TV stick, BBC iPlayer and itv can have the access to install the Kodi.

The provided add-ons on Kodi will lead to watch the movies or shows that have been held by Kodi.

How to Setup Kodi?

The continuous browsing of the internet, i.e., while surfing any sites on the web will give a ring to the hackers to hack the user personal details that lead to criminal and illegal activities. To eradicate that problem Kodi has come up with the bulletproof like Kodi VPN. By using this, the customers can easily surf the content they want from any VPN server at very high speed by hiding those hackers.

  1. Initially, download the Kodi on your device and open Kodi.
  2. Find the file-manage through the system then hit on Add Source.
  3. After that hit on ‘None’ then enter the URL
  4. Now put the name of the media device then assign fusion and enter ok.
  5. Visit the Home screen of Kodi and hit on a system then visit Add-ons through a panel.
  6. From zip file make installation then hit on fusion and XMBC-repos then pick English.
  7. Finally choose the and look about the message of Add-on.
  8. When it’s done just hit Helix containing ‘Get Add-ons’ then choose metalkettles Add-ons repository.
  9. Now visit Program Add-ons then pinch Open VPN and make an installation.
  10. After getting the message of enabled Add-on then click VPN for OpenELEC.
  11. Again install then the enabled Add-on message will be appeared.
  12. Now we can easily access the Kodi to watch our favored movies, shows and games etc.

What is XBMC?

XBMC is the preceding name of the Kodi which has the capability of streaming like Kodi. This Xbox Media Center will be operated on any operating systems like Firestick, Windows, OS X, Linux and iOS.

The Android has unique identification in Kodi or XBMC because the number of customers are from mobile.

The Android is more adaptable than other platforms. The other service provided by the XBMC is that the users can install the Add-ons through which the huge content can be retrieved. The users can fetch the content through the stored area.

Best Kodi Add-Ons

Here is the list of best Kodi Adds-Ons that have a huge demand in the public and these are mostly required Add-Ons for the users as these are daily using apps on social media.

“YouTube, USTVNow, Twitch, Dbmc, FilmOn TV, Plex for Kodi, iPlayer WWW, FTV, cCloud TV, Football Repeat, Zem, MetalliQ, SportsDevil, BBC iPlayer, BOB, Veetle, Xmovies8, Exodus, TuneIn Radio, Stream Engine, NBC Sports live extra, UK Turk’s Playlist, Sanctuary, Vidtime, iStream, NAN Tutorials, KissAnime and AnimeGo”.

Kodi Compatible Devices

The Kodi exists with some devices in a fine way and the combination of those two will give the ultimate entertainment for the users. Those are

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Seguro Trongle X4
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Build your own PC
  • Emtec Gem Box

Advantages of Kodi

This is freely available software for which services we need not pay any amount.

The entire digital world will be in the hands of mobile users.

It is compatible with almost all operating systems that are mostly used by the users.

Cord- cutting might be diminished totally as it provides all services of cable operators.

The ‘10-Foot UI’ is the unique features that it can be accessed up 10 feet.

The Kodi provides the facility of adding too many ‘Add-ons’ that are mostly required and used by the present generation.

It is aimed to provide the ultimate entertainment for the users by considering all directions.


Now you understand about the outlines of the Kodi which has a huge demand in the category of a streaming provider with free of cost on any device. It seems to pull down all other competitors with its extraordinary services. If you don’t have Kodi on mobile just make use of it to get real fun.

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