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What is Cord Cutting ?



Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is referred to as stopping the costly cable subscriptions and switching to the internet or any other clients for television channels.

Introduction to cord cutting

Cord cutting is a way of watching your television without a cable wire, which means cordless. People can watch the television using the internet and other services to watch TV. Many other services are available for people to watch the television on different devices without any cable wires. Drastic effect on the cable providers.

Previously Cable TV is an ultimate entertainment to the people across the globe. But people are searching for useful and trending content. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some of the other cordless television providers who hit the heads of cable providers today.

Advantages of Cable Cord Cutting

• The first most advantage of cable cord-cutting is saving the money without sacrificing your favourite television shows.

• There are different streaming services and devices in the present market offering good services to the people which are comparatively cost effective than the cable providers.

• So you can save a lot of money by cutting the cable cords.

• The streaming devices provide you with the latest information about the must-see shows instantly when connected to the internet.

• There will be many options with the streaming devices where you can also access the new movies and premium content within the device.

• All options are very cheaper than cable television when compared to the market prices.

Disadvantages of Cord Cutting

• The first disadvantage of cutting your cable cord is losing access to the live events, news live streaming etc.

• The users cannot be able to watch the other live sports events and games across streaming devices.

• Only national games can be covered in the streaming sticks as they can be available for free of cost across the web.

• There will be some delay of watching the television series if you are a dedicated follower of some series.

• If you are a hardcore follower of television series of episodes, then it is really a great challenge to them to wait for the next episode which is really difficult.

• There will be some cable locked channels like HBO which you cannot access all the things as it limits access.

Cord-Cutting on Rise [Study]

According to the new research reports, It was revealed the following things:-

• Nearly 3.8 percent people who are subscribed to Pay TV revealed that their age is between 18 to 64 years and are likely to cancel their subscriptions in next 12 months.

• More than 82 percent respondents are using the Pay TV providers and are about to cancel due to rising in price.

• 9 percent people who are using the cable services are going to connect with the other providers. They are planning to cut the cord and switch to cordless service providers.

• More than 3.8 percent cable users are likely to connect with the online apps or services.

All these above survey reports and other information about the cord cutting reveals the internal and external opinions of the users and as well as it also reveals the upsides and down sides of the cable cord cutting today.

20 Amazing Facts and Figures of Cord Cutting

From many years cable TV networks are providing good quality content through their networks. Now it’s become expensive when you go for consumer choice. Curd Cutting is the Process of removing the expensive Cable TV networks, moving to OTT networks or low-cost networks.

Now let’s take advantage of many streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Each service has their plans for the consumer choice with the least amount of cost.

20 Amazing Facts and Figures of Cord Cutting

  1. Cord cutting is nothing but replacing the Pay TV with the over the top streaming media services
  2. According to the recent reports, revealed that cord cutting becomes trend in North America and many other countries too.
  3. 8.4 percent of the TV subscribers had ditched their service
  4. In 2015, it raised to 1.5 percent
  5. In a survey, the pay-TV subscribers said that they are going to reduce the cable or satellite TV services
  6. Cord cutting also called as “Cord Saving.”
  7. People are adopted towards the online video streaming services and leaving the Pay TV
  8. Consumers of Pay TV were dissatisfied because of high subscription rates for the satellite services and the poor cable services.
  9. 45 percent cable services stopped
  10. More than nine percent people are decided to cut the cable services
  11. Some seven percent internet service users make their decision to cut their internet connection because of low services from the provider
  12. More than 81 percent people are watching, just one to ten channels from the Pay TV out of some 100 channels at an average provided by the provider.
  13. More than 38 percent companies are offering poor customer services also one of the reasons for cord cutting
  14. 40 percent pay TV users are only watching one to five channels
  15. Awareness increased in the people in which more than 58 percent respondents have good knowledge on one or more services that are available
  16. Consumers are spending more than one to five hours of time on various services
  17. The Pay TV industry was losing its subscribers, and according to 2015 reports, it revealed that more than thirty thousand customers lost from the industry.
  18. Cable companies were combined lost more than ninety thousand subscribers
  19. More than 1.42 million households in the US are cutting their Pay TV subscription
  20. More than 3 million US homes got broadband connection rather than Pay TV connections


This article introducing amazing benefits and plan like cord-cutting process. We have given 20 amazing facts and figures about Curd cutting, how to do it and implementation process. Let’s check it and taste the best features of new streaming services.

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