What is Bitmovin

What is Bitmovin? The Ultimate Guide

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Founders of Bitmovin are Stefan Lederer, Christian Timmerer, and Christopher Muller. bitmovin offers streaming video information technologies. Bitmovin provides live and on-demand video encoding. It encodes the videos into MPEG-DASH and HLS. It has become one of the top online technology leaders. The cloud-based video encoding service and the HLS, MPEG-DASH player are the most popular service. Does anyone looking to know What is Bitmovin?

What is Bitmovin?

Bitmovin video player supports HLS and this is a feature of rich video player. It can be integrated with a various plug-in.

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HTML5 Player for Adaptive Streaming from Bitmovin

Adaptive Streaming is the technology that provides great viewing experience on various devices over different connection speeds. Adaptive streaming produces files from a source file and distributes them to the users who are watching the streaming on different devices using different connection speeds. There are other technologies for streaming, but adaptive streaming technology helps deliver outstanding quality streams.

Bitmovin adaptive streaming player can use on various platforms and devices as an optimised MPEG-DASH and HLS player. It delivers the best streaming performance. The user can have a great experience even in mobile network conditions. Other features of it are the DRM support, Ad support encoding service, and fastest loading files.

This is how you can install the bitmovin player. Sign in for free and get registered at bitmovin. The user will provide with a personal key. The player key added to the player configuration. After this simple process, you can enjoy the best adaptive streaming performance. The advantages of the bit moving adaptive streaming player include that it prevents video buffering and the visitor will not have to wait for the video to run. There is no need for a plug-in. It has the fastest startup, and this also supports DRM. Another great feature is that VR and 360-degree videos enabled in the player. Signing up for the player is free.

Remember however that though the HTML5 player is important it is equally imported to check how you are encoding the video. Here comes the benefit of cloud encoding service of Bitmovin.

What is Bitmovin and Bitmovin Player

The bitmovin player can configured into the blog or web page using a config object. The player allows the adaptive content to played on different devices and another advantage is that it can played on any browser without buffering.

DASH and HLS Live Streaming

DASH and HLS are two streaming formats of video and these are supported by the Bitmovin player. These live streaming are API based. The playback of the video stream should play on players such as bitmovin, JWP player etc. as these are compatible with DASH and HLS formats. Visit the official website of Bitmovin to test the video stream.

It is also easy to set up live stream playback on the player provided by bitmovin. The bitmovin player can be easily embedded. The overview tab of the player provides all the necessary instructions and step by step guide for setting up.

It is also possible to generate

What is Bitmovin
What is Bitmovin
and HLS content. For this use the bitmovin encoding section. The users can also try it for free. bitmovin is the best for live streaming in the mobile environment as it prevents buffering. The HLS protocol supported by the player.

Bitmovin is a service that is playing a crucial role in increasing the video quality on the web. Every information about setting up the adaptive streaming player and other related things are available on the official website of Bitmovin. Watch the demos to understand the things. The bitmovin player can installed after creating a free account.