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Wedding Video Live Streaming Big Trend in India

Wedding Video Live Streaming

Weddings are the occasion of joy and togetherness of near and dear. People may miss at birthday parties and other functions but will not like to lose in weddings as it has such charm and joy. The binding of families and people with tradition can see in Indian weddings. India has received a significant boost with the new ongoing trend online Wedding Video Live Streaming to reach the dear ones who are not able to attend the wedding.

Indians spend some millions on weddings every year. Now the Wedding Video Live Streaming had become the new buzz across the web as well as new for wedding planners too.

By going with the Wedding Video Live Streaming, your wedding occasion will live stream across the web, and it had already become a fast catching trend in the country.

To cover such type of events, all you require is a high definition camera and high-speed internet and good knowledge in handling the things while live streaming the wedding occasion.

Many startups are now working on this live stream wedding trend and are working on different plans to go with cost-effective solutions. More than 75 percent viewers have occupied the live streams from India.

The majority of the viewers for the Wedding Video Live Streaming are foreigners who are unable to reach India for their loved one’s marriage. Here are some important things to know about the Wedding Video Live Streaming.

Wedding Video Live Streaming Tips


The live streaming needs high-speed internet connectivity at the marriage location with at least 257 kbps for the clear webcast. You can lease the internet connection at venue, but one must make sure the link must not be shared as it may decrease the bandwidth.


You need a good camera to capture the marriage perfectly. So, it is better to consider the USB streamable video camera with high definition quality. Go with shots close up of bride and bridegroom as people are excited to have a look from the other side through live. So manage the camera lens and don’t be shaky as it distracts the viewers while watching the live from their place.

Flexibility is important

The camera must be flexible and must not be shaken at all. You must bore the viewers those are watching live. So get some best shots from the couple and live to stream them. Make it flexible as you must reach the entire venue, so be sure about wiring which can provide better flexibility.


Go with good wireless mic which is ready for entire broadcast. Audio is the leading company in the live broadcast. You may also communicate spontaneously during the live webcast introducing the marriage venues etc. make sure you choose the right media platform. Make sure you have better software requirements for the live telecast or webcast.

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