What is Web Video Text Tracks Format ?

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Web Video Text Tracks Format

Web video text tracks are commonly called as (WebVTT). It used for giving captions or subtitles for the video. In connection with HTML5. The forgiving tagline was the same as titles and subtitles for the video contents. It released on 10th August 2010. It is a time text media format. It is an open format. It was formerly known as WEBSITE also, <track> element is used.

Web Video Text Tracks Format

WebVTT file is the text that tells about different types of information about the video. The information is the metadata, chapters, descriptions, captions and the subtitles.

WebVTT –web subtitles resource tracks. It shares.srt file extension .The first line starts with WebVTT. There is a space for header data between the first line and the first cue. Full stops are used instead of commas for separation of time code fractional values. Time code hours are optional. Metadata frames like NOTE can be added. It supports only extended characters of UTF-8.

• Subtitle: translation of the dialogue.

• Captions: includes sound effects and also other audio information.

• Description: describes a video through a screenreader.cp

• Chapters: intended to help the user navigate through the video.

A simple text editor is required.

WebSRT or web resources subtitle tracks is the advanced version of SubRip subtitle format. Though both of these are similar to a great extent, these two are not compatible. The WebSRT subtitles are stored in .srt file.


A simple way for webVTT editor is to open a text editor like notepad and paste the contents. Now save it using the editors. Use the extension”.vtt”. Writing a subtitle is easy but getting it on the right time is difficult. The lines shouldn’t go beyond 32 characters.

WebVTT Validator

WebVTT validator is used to check the correctness or the validity of the written texts. Validation checks for the correct syntax.

Web Extension

There are different extensions for different editors like: for websrt i.e, web subtitle resource track, the extension is “.srt”. To convert a vtt to srt file. First, name the video file and the subtitles file with same names. Open subtitle file and correct it with editor, now open it in notepad and delete the webvtt1. Replace all the dots with commas. Save and close the window. Change the subtitle file name and check the video file.

The WebVTT Parser

Web VTT parser is used to break the data into smaller parts for easy translation into another language. For easy understanding of the titles or subtitles in a video, the parser used. It usually takes the input from given structure and then builds up in the form of a parse tree. Used as a compiler. Three processes one is lexical analysis and syntactic analysis and other is semantic analysis. Other ways of parsing are top-down parsing and bottom-up parsing.

The WebVTT Player

The topics explained info is termed in webVTT player. Firstly, the video to which the titles or subtitles are to given is selected. And then, using editor, the titles and the subtitles are given. Certain rules should be followed while giving the subtitles. After giving the titles and subtitles, validation of the VTT done which corrects or checks the subtitles. After validation, extensions are done i.e; the file is executed by.vtt extension. Next comes parsing; it helps in breaking the data into small elements and modifying the data. The webVTT player played later.

WebVTT is used to give the subtitles and titles to the videos. Using the VTT i.e., video title track we can give the titles in any understandable language to the videos.