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Ways to Remove a Copyright Strike on YouTube – Retract Claims

Retract Claims

YouTube copyright strikes are most common for most of the video uploader.Sometimes, the videos are blocked by YouTube citing the reason of copyright.It is not difficult to avoid getting the strikes.YouTubers must keep in mind not to use any pictures that are not drawn by them, not to use any video that is not created by them, not using music which is not their own etc.

When some other person claims that the material a YouTuber used in your video on YouTube is copyrighted material, he may get the copyright strike. Here are the tips on how to handle the strike. There are different ways to remove YouTube copyright strike with their own merits and demerits.

• Check who claimed the copyright.The YouTuber can file a counterclaim if the copyright strike is a false flag. This can be filed if the material is being used under fair use.However keep in mind that the counterclaim information will be visible to the claimant and could create problems if the content is not truly created by the YouTuber.

• If the material used in the video did belong to some other person, ask for a retraction.Telling the claimant that due recognition will be given to them.

• If the claimant refuses to retract the claim, there is nothing much one can do except to wait for the copyright strike to expire.One has to wait for around six months.

YouTubers must keep in mind that if their YouTube channel gets three copyright strikes, the YouTube channel will be blocked.This can impact the revenues.  The ContentID system of YouTube automatically identifies the original owner of the content and flag the video.Revenue from flagged videos goes to the owner of the content.

Most of the YouTubers are struggling to get rid of the problem of copyright strike while successfully running the channel. Need not to worry about that make sure to concentrate on below phrases.

If you get a copyright strike that means your video has been taken down from YouTube because a copyright owner sent them a complete legal request asking us to do so. When a copyright owner formally notifies us that you don’t have their permission to post their content on the site, YouTube is required by law to take down your upload. Keep in mind. Videos can remove from the site for different reasons, not all of which are copyright-related. Also, most copyright claims don’t result in a strike.

When you get a Copyright Strike against your YouTube account for uploading and publishing copyrighted content, you’ll be penalised pretty heavily by having features removed from your account, restrictions applied, and more. If you receive three copyright strikes, your account terminated. All the videos uploaded to your account removed. Users with terminated accounts aren’t able to create new accounts. Sometimes these copyright violations are accidental or have good intentions, so assuming you didn’t maliciously violate copyright law, how can you remove the copyright strike against your YouTube account?

Ways To Remove Copyright Strike from YouTube Account

There are three ways to resolve a copyright strike.

  1. Wait for it to expire: A copyright strike will expire in six months as long as you complete Copyright School and receive no additional copyright strikes during that time.
  2. Get a retraction: You can contact the person who claimed your video and asks them to retract their claim of copyright infringement.
  3. Submit a counter notification: If your video mistakenly removed because it was misidentified as infringing, or qualifies as a potential fair use, you may wish to submit a counter


These will help you to get rid of from the problem of copyright strike. To have the knowledge about the copyright strike is much useful to maintain the reputation of the channel for a long time.

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