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Vuze 360 VR Camera – Review

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Vuze is the world’s first affordable 3D 360-degree camera manufactured by Human Eyes. This camera provides complete 3D 4K capability and shoots 360-degree camera footage.

Vuze 360 camera seems to be the dream of HumanEyes team in virtual reality field. Hollywood budget or as a professional expert gives unforgettable Footage with Vuze 360. Vuze 360 camera is featured with 8 image sensors allows you to capture high quality 360 spherical VR videos, captures UHD 4K images and photos in 3D stereographic images.

Key Features Of Vuze 360 VR Camera Review:

Vuze 360 Camera is quite pocketable, comfortable to fit in your back pocket to carry easily. The design seems to be quite unique from normal 360 cameras, it looks like rounded square shape with the bright plastic body is eye catchy.

Vuze comes with 8 image sensor cameras, 4 directional microphones that can capture videos of 2D, 3D, and 360-degree videos and images. All videos are 4K HD resolution compatible you can watch in any Virtual reality headsets.

Vuze was built with 12 x 12 x 3 cm dimensions, so it is portable, fit, you can carry to anywhere to make instant 360-degree 3D images and videos. Controllers are mounted on the top and tripod mount is made on the bottom of the Camera.

Vuze Cameras are dedicated to Android and iOS apps to control the camera with the help of Smartphones. It allows instant sharing and directly shoots videos from Facebook and YouTube channels.

It contains Micro SD card for storage, WiFi IEEE 802.11 d/g/n 2.4 GHZ Remote control, WiFi supported PC OS, Mac OS, weight 250 gm, LED light, video recording rate is 30 fps extended up to 120 Mbps, VBR FOV spherical 180 X 360 audio format.

The camera is available with its tripod mounts and selfie sticks which are specially designed for Vuze cameras. It comes with removable SD card which can capture an hour video and battery.

Images and videos can be viewable with the help of VR headsets, 3D devices and on TV via any VR players. It gives high-resolution Videos and 3D videos compatible with any VR devices.

The company itself providing with a VR kit with Cam, virtual reality headset, a tripod, software like Android and iOS apps. It also works with nontechnology people.

The only drawback with the Vuze 360 cameras is expensive. The price is a bit high when you compared to other 360 degree cameras. But the features and accessories provided by Vuze are best compared to other Cameras.

Vuze camera is simple lightweight and easy to establish even nontechnical person can handle with Vuze gives an amazing experience. It records everything into SD card and shares it through Social media via WiFi.

You can capture up to two hours of video with one full charge of the battery, so you don’t need to worry about battery life, it is safe if you have one more spare battery urgently required in the middle of an Event. It comes with IP64 which is dust proof and splash proof.

The box comes with a USB charger com input, USB cable, lens cloth, mini VR glass, hard shell case, carrying a charger, power adapter, warranty booklet, Camera with tripod thread mounts.

If you would like to Order in online you can buy it for $ 799 , in some store it is only available under $1,000 cost and is available in three colors like Red, Yellow, Blue or Black.


The people who are waiting from one year onwards for Human Eyes Vuze 360 VR camera, it’s time to order and enjoy the excellent features of Vuze 360. IT is a little bit costly when compared to other VR cameras Features makes to craze on Vuze 360 Camera.