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Top 10 VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

VLC Media Player

VLC media player is one of the most well-known media players across the web. Some of us don’t know about various tricks and tips related to the VLC media player. Here are some exciting tips and tricks to know about VLC.

1. File conversion

Just go to start menu and select media and then convert or save option. By adding a file and clicking on the save or convert option you can select the codec.

2. Online video playing and downloading

Go to Media option and select Open network stream and click on the network tab. Enter the video URL and click on the play button. In order to save the same, you have to play and choose convert option.

3. Recording playback

You can record currently playing file by using the shortcut keys CMD+ALT+R

4. Desktop recording

Record a video on your desktop by going to media option and select the convert/save and then go to the capture device option and select the desktop option in capture mode. Click on convert and save and select your codec and click start and to stop click stop option.

5. Screenshot of current screen

You can do some inception trick by pressing CTRL+N and type Screen:// in the window opened and just click on to the play button to watch an inception trick.

6. Automatic Shutdown

Open the notepad and write the code as START \WATCH:\” Program files”\videoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1vlc://quit shutdown –s –t 60. After this, you can save the feel with.BAT extension.

7. Adding supportive mouse gestures

Navigate towards view and add interface and click on the “Mouse gesture” tab and have a look on different mouse gestures.

8. Video chat record

Go to navigate media and open the capture device option and on the capture device screen, select audio and video device like a microphone on the system. Adjust the brightness and saturation etc. choose the destination for the file to save.

9. Internet radio on VLC

Open the playlist tab and at the top left side you can find internet radio services. Click on the given collections and load the albums and start listening for free of cost.

10.Framing Subtitle

If the video is playing in any other language or if we need to see the subtitles to understand in a better way then this VLC media player has an option of subtitle track from the video key on the top of the player.


The above article will lead you get to know more information about VLC Media Player. Here are some impotent tips and tricks guide to use VLC Media Player.

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