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Using 360 Degree and Virtual Reality Video for Brand Storytelling

Virtual Reality Video

Online marketers have great trust in video marketing practices as video can grab the people towards the product and services compared to other marketing media. Technology has modified the video with new 360 degree and Virtual Reality Video experience to the audience.

Marketers will get successful if their brand message can make the consumers to reach their product and generate leads.

In order to generate the leads, the visual storytelling plays a vital role to grab the audience.

We are presently in the virtual world, and people love to watch the virtual reality and 360-degree video content.

So let us explore the following

What exactly is this VR and 360-degree videos?

Impact of 360-degree videos and Virtual reality

Influence of 360 degrees and VR videos in present marketing ecosystem.

How social media platforms had adopted the technology for marketers?

Why marketers and brands have to start VR?

Advantages and disadvantages of VR and 360-degree video usage in video marketing

What exactly are this VR and 360-degree videos?

Virtual Reality is a highly developed software which provides the users with three dimension view and lets the audience feel the real-time environment while watching the virtual reality video. Even the 360-degree video enhances the viewing ability as the cameras can cover the 360 degrees of the location.

The new 360 degree cameras already became great buzz across the web. even the prices have become affordable with great improvements.

Virtual Reality and its impact on online marketing

Virtual reality and the new 360 degree videos are driven by the technology which was successfully grabbed a great space in online marketing.

Marketers depend upon the visual storytelling to reach the audience with their video ads. The Virtual reality has transformed the way of storytelling in the video.

With virtual reality, technology is driving the people by surrounding them with a 360-degree view in three dimensions. The emotional story telling becomes more effective with virtual reality elements.

The virtual reality has the capability of creating a wonderful way of storytelling where people can connect the VR elements can make them in the center during the narration of the story.

Virtual reality made a great impact on the online video marketing as it is more effective than any other tech element that can make the ad more interesting to the audience.

So, Brands and marketers are following the 360 degree and virtual reality video content to grab the attention of people.

Influence of 360 degree and virtual Reality videos in the present marketing ecosystem

From brands to news agencies, were working with the virtual reality and 360-degree videos as a part of their strategy as they can deliver their brand message in an impressive manner.

The immersive video marketing can enhance the engagement rates at a high rate. It builds good trust between the marketers and audience.

several brands are already following the 360-degree video and virtual reality to provide their audience a real time experience about their products and successful in generation of better sales leads.

How social media platforms had adopted the technology for marketers?

Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook were also in the race of 360 degree and Virtual Reality video content. These platforms had already provided different formats that support the virtual reality content with ease.

Social media platforms always buzz with audience across the web and marketers target the audience with different tactics by conveying their message with different social video ads.

The virtual reality ads are capturing the audience attention comparing to the general video ads today. So, it was already made its impact on social platforms too.

Why marketers and brands have to start Virtual Reality Video?

Marketers and brands have to focus on virtual reality and the 360-degree video content production because it will be the future in video marketing which brings a great immersive video experience to the audience.

It is a powerful tool to build interest, trust and excitement in the audience towards your product and its presentation.

The main reason why brands and marketers need Virtual Reality Video and 360 degrees in their strategy are they can surely deliver the message and the emotion that carried to the audience. It will help the brands and marketers to get most of the marketing.

The only thing they have to remind us how the audience are consuming their content and from which type of devices they are using to consume the VR content matters for marketers to target them.

At present, there are very few people are using these devices that are compatible with the VR and 360 degrees across the globe. But, many tech savvy’s and researchers are expecting a great future and developments in VR and 360-degree videos in marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of VR and 360-degree video usage in video marketing

• The main advantage of using VR and 360-degree video content in marketing is, you can deliver the immersive viewing experience where your audience will be centered in storytelling.

• It is 10 times more effectively and efficiently delivers the brand message to the targeted audience.

• Consumers are still rushing to buy the supportive VR devices and it becomes the backdrop to the sales.

• The brands have to look forward whom they are targeting and the audience way of consumption of VR content as there are comparatively very fewer users using VR technology and 360 compatible devices.

Therefore, VR and 360 degree is the next big thing in online video marketing. Let’s hope for quick developments in VR and 360 degrees to increase and expand the marketers reach towards the new era.

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