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Virtual Reality 101: A Complete Guide to VR

Day by day plenty of advanced applications are being in the market but only a few them are draining the attention of the global market. In such category, the Virtual Reality is in the top position by magnetizing the most of the users with its unique feature. Now everyone wants to view the videos with virtual reality experience which gives the most pleasure. Here is the complete guide to go through more about virtual rality video

The word that is being chanted by everyone from gamers to video marketers and advertisers is Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is nothing but the immersive experience that being generated by using the certain equipment like VR headsets that include some other accessories.

In simple words, the virtual reality video will give the real time experience of being in that video.

With this concept, the VR headsets are becoming most seeking one to video game lovers.

The vloggers are fetching a number of ways to find the best 360-degree video cameras to follow the trending concept.

What is VR Device?

As we discussed above VR Headsets are one that plays an essential role to fulfill the virtual reality concept. These headsets will give the complete virtual reality experience.

We can find varied VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive etc. are being operated with their own apps.

What is Mixed Reality?

The involvement of both digital and physical objects that give the completely new surroundings with effective visualisation and in this, both the real world and virtual world have been combined which is named as the mixed reality.

What are the types of Virtual Reality Headsets?

There are different types of Virtual Reality Headsets and here is the list.

Google Cardboard

Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Sony PlayStation VR

Usage of Virtual Reality Videos in Different Industries

Arts & Design

The environment of the Arts and Design with virtual reality will be the most enthusiastic one to gain more visitors.


Especially movies will make use of VR to have much more audiences.


The online teaching with VR concept will make the learner to learn quickly and easily.


Most of the online gaming services will provide the VR experience to the players.

Travel & Tourism

To give the demo of visiting places in the tour through VR will generate more interest in the tourists to make plan immediately.

Real estate

This VR will be used to show the particular property by describing every inch to the buyer or tenant.


To define the qualityand designs of the products this is most useful.

Medical & Healthcare

it can be used to train the nurses and doctors. As well as the rehabilitation can be monetized.


Especially Football and Basketball have the huge fan base and this can attain some more fans.

All these are the important categories at which the continuous engagement of the public will be found. Hence to elaborate much more these are turning towards the virtual reality concept.

Virtual Reality Trends

Demand to create VR content:

Most branded companies will crawl to generate the ultimate VR content for the brand promotion.

Filming industry completely slants on VR:

The VR films will be produced as they are much excited to watch and generates much more entertainment.

Gaming world is the VR:

Cent percent of the online video games will be designed with the concept of virtual reality.

Brand Investment on VR:

All the branded companies will make an investment to explore the VR concept at everywhere.

The craze of VR developers:

As everything turns to VR world then the developers are the most seeking in the market.

Fashion and Merchandising on VR:

The evergreen trend fashion and the merchandising of products or goods will use the theme of VR to give the best service to the customers.

PlayStation totally equipped with VR:

PlayStation has become daily usage device at each home and it will be generated with the VR equipment to proliferate the gaming experience at the player.

Huge demand for advanced VR headsets:

The advanced VR headsets which are having ultimate featured will be preferred by the users.


Everything turns to the virtual reality and the current trending video platforms will completely migrate to have the virtual reality videos to gain more audiences than the present.

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