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Videos on Pinterest – The Next Big Thing

Videos on Pinterest

More and more users are saving videos online, and this is the reasons platforms are trying to improve the user experience by introducing new features. Videos in any format can help increase conversion rates and boost customer engagement. Pinterest is not behind, and in few days it is going to debut a native video hosting.

Using Videos on Pinterest video hosting it will be possible for some companies and experts to create and share videos.

This is the first step of Pinterest to let the experts and other partners companies make how-to videos and share them on the site.

The video is growing medium and Pinterest is going to focus on videos.Pinterest has more than hundred million monthly active users and it is now planning to introduce video ads as another revenue source apart from other sources such as e-commerce.

This is not surprising as the consumers are now able to watch videos everywhere and anytime on their mobile devices with the availability of fast and cheap internet service and this is the reason why companies are now seeking more revenue through videos.

Pinterest is updating search tools and the native video player being built by it is going to change the way users engage with pins.

This also will allow social media users include Pinterest, a part of the digital strategy. The search tool will be able to categories and search the native videos.

It is also expected the Pinterest will expand the feature of directing the viewers to buyable things related to the video similar to the feature it offers for the photos.

According to surveys, videos influence the customers to take action. Capturing the attention of users with video is also important for the advertisers and Pinterest, with its native videos can place ads on the videos.

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