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What is Video SEO ? – The Ultimate Guide



Video Seo

We all know that video is the most powerful tool to enhance the online presence across the web. However, your content must be identified among the millions of hours of video content on the web.

That means you must need an efficient video optimisation system to understand the present situation across the search engines and have to know about the factors that influence your ranking across the search engines and much more.

What is Video SEO?

Search engine optimization is nothing but the application of various techniques and tactics that are required for the content to be unique, best and well optimized.

When the optimization comes to video is complete covers from search words to the metadata for video content.

It is nothing but called as a video SEO.

Let us dig deeper into this concept.

How to get started with your Video in SEO?

The important things you have to remember while you planned to incorporate the video into your SEO strategy.

You must know how to enhance your online video presence across the web and how to improve your video visibility and to work on metadata of the video in a better way.

These things are imperative to enhance your rankings and visibility which leads to success.

The most preferred platform for video advertising is YouTube. YouTube is the best way to convey your marketing and promotional messages in a right way. Let us discuss how to develop your YouTube SEO.

Research Keywords

Search for the right search terms to make your videos rank better in the search engine results.

So, it is good to start listing the videos and figure out keywords that work well and have high rankings on the first page of Google search result. You can search your keyword planner to check the best keyword planner to know the volume of the keyword.

Video Creation

After finding the right keywords for ranking, the next thing you have to do is to create a good video.

The quality of the video is paramount along with the compelling storytelling and editing.

A good storytelling helps you to reach the right audience. So, don’t make your video too boring for your audience.

Try adding some entertaining content and attract the audience across the web.


Video editing process is somewhat frustrating as it consumes much time and needs a lot of effort to make the video perfect.

The editing must be done in a perfect way to secure the quality of the video content. Finally, come up with the best production quality to get good ranking on Google.

Video Composition

If you want to reveal your creative inclination in the video, then focus on the structure of video content.

By utilizing the storyboards, you can easily visualize the things before you shoot and it will consume a precise time as well as delivers a compelling story to your audience in a right way.


Analytics play a significant role in SEO because it is the primary metrics that can reveal the engagement level of your content across the web.

So, understand the analytics data to estimate and expect the results.

You need to learn some terms like video retention and so forth to understand it 360 degrees.

YouTube platform uses the specific things to measure the quality of the video content and which is employed in the ranking.

Video retention is all about how your video is viewed by the people and how long they watched your content.

Comments and subscription rates, watch later and so forth are some of the most important words you should remember while checking your analytics for your video content.

If your video was getting some comments in a positive way, then you can treat it as the best omen for your video engagement on the web.

Even the subscription rates will also reveal the steps to success. If people added your video to the watch later, it is also can be considered as a good sign which can generate the greater interest levels towards your video in the audience.

Video Optimization for YouTube Platform

Just Start with the Naming of your Video File

Use some good keywords while naming your file. It is vital to target each and everything that relates and represents your video. So, include the keywords in the image tag as well as in the file name.


The video title must include at least five targeting keywords within the longer phrase. So, make sure you have a well-inserted title that is optimized with the keywords.

Description of Videos

Video description also plays a vital role in YouTube SEO. While you wrote a blog post, the Google can crawl across the post for the content quality but search engines cannot. So, YouTube checks the keywords whether it is relevant or not.

Always remember that the description must included with the links. By placing your site links at the top of your video description, can means a lot as it can maximise the clicks on your site. It also increases the visitor traffic on your site.


Tags are also one of the best ways to raise your video rankings by including the right keywords which help your video visibility to your audience across the platform.

Encourage your Audience

Encourage your audience to like and subscribe the video content. For this link building plays a vital role in improving the ranking on Google search engine.

Encourage the viewers to subscribe your channel, remember that YouTube also utilizes the experience of users for ranking the videos across the platform

Playlists Creation

Create good playlists by including the necessary keywords in the playlists to target the keywords completely in your videos. By using the playlists with different categories can also help you to reach your audience in a better way. So, create and organize the playlists.

Finally, try real professional Video SEO expert consultation or services for better results. All these above suggestions can help you to gain a sound knowledge of the main elements that must be covered in your SEO guide.

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