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Video Production 101: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Videographer

Video Production

Video production requires great planning and teamwork. It need not be always expensive and even if it is, it is worth the time and money investment. If you are a marketer considering including video content in your marketing efforts, it will provide many benefits.

Video production is much more than shooting the clips in the video and assembling them into a final story.

Video Production 

Video production consists of three important parts and these are writing the script, shooting and finally the editing.

To produce a video you need to have a script based on which you have to shoot and then edit the footage to look crisp. There are three main stages in the video production and these are the pre-production stage, production stage and the post production stage.

The pre-production stage is the planning stage. The script is written in this stage. After it is approved, the cast is selected and the members who are going to work for making the film or video are also selected in this stage.

The screen locations, equipment, the call sheets or artists and every other thing are kept organized.

Production stage is the important stage that begins after the cast and crew are chosen, the script is ready. There is a need to travel to each location and shoot the scenes. After the completion of shooting of the scenes, we move to the next stage of video production.

Post-production is the final stage is video production. Editing of the footage is done here.

Other actions that are performed are merging the scenes, syncing video and audio, editing of audio and video and adding any required special effects.

The initial visions of the videos need to be get approved and finally, the video is exported in the final format.

Different Types of Video Production 

There are different types of video production. Let us know about some of them.

• Corporate video production 

  1. Corporate videos
  2. Event videos
  3. Presentation videos
  4. Recorded webinars
  5. Company culture videos
  6. PowerPoint presentation videos

• Sale and marketing videos 

  1. Unboxing videos
  2. Marketing videos
  3. Testimonials
  4. Shopping spree videos
  5. Promotion videos

• Informative videos are training videos, video tips on particular subjects, education videos etc.

• Entertainment videos are the music videos, documentaries, ceremonial videos, travels videos etc.

• Other types of videos are the news related videos such as digital journalism videos, interview videos and public service announcement videos.

Best Practices in Video Production 

Valuable time and resources are spent on creating a video. To get the money’s worth from the video production, some best practices need to be implemented.

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from the video. Know the target audience. Be clear and what the message the video is going to deliver.

If you are making a video for marketing, be sure that the video is of optimal length for usage on different platforms. Do not compromise on production values. Remember that great audio quality is as important as the video quality for the success of the video.

Try making an emotional connection with the audience. Humor is an emotion that helps connect with people easily.

Promoting the video is also as important to creating a great video. Social sharing helps in the promotion of the video.

Re-purpose the video in different ways. Break it down and share on the social media pages. Publish them on platforms such as YouTube.

To get most out of the videos, video production companies implement the above practices. Take the help of professional video production companies who can help and guide you.

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