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Marketing 101: Video Marketing Strategies All Students Must Learn

Video Marketing Strategies

For any marketer, whether fresh out of university or someone who already works in the highly competitive marketing industry. video marketing is a vital tool and one that it is impossible to achieve marketing success without. That said, it’s not just a case of putting together a piece of video marketing and sharing it – there is a lot more to marketing success than that, which is what it’s vital all marketers understand.

To be successful, a piece of video marketing content needs a ‘roadmap’ outlining what it’s for and where it is going, enabling you to measure its success. The plan for a piece of marketing video does not have to be intricately detailed; it just needs to bring the goals of the company together. A solid plan is required; otherwise, the piece of content is less likely to make an impact or be as successful.

Here’s a guide to all the most vital video marketing strategies (and hacks) that marketing students must learn.

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Determining what a piece content will accomplish is vital

It’s vital that whether you are working on a piece of coursework for your MBA in marketing. Whether you are producing a piece of video content for a client, you take the time to focus on what the piece will accomplish. It’s all well and good having some fantastic ideas, but if they don’t lead towards a goal accomplished, they become pointless. As part of this process, you need to determine what type of content you will create – educational, informative, entertaining, practical, etc. The company’s audience requirements should determine this – use their target demographic information to help ensure you get the content relevancy spot. It’s also vital to understand the value that your video content creates – what does it offer viewers? If it has no value, there is no point creating it.

Outlining the function of video marketing is a must

When creating video content to implement as part of a brand’s marketing campaign, it’s vital that the function of the content is outlined. Start by looking at what the company will be using the content for, and then use that to aid the creative process of the content. For example, for a B2B company, video content can be used not only to market a product or service but also within the company to help support a range of different areas. Once you have determined what exactly a client needs their video content to provide, you can then brainstorm the options for creating the ideal content for them. Marketing isn’t just about advert-style content; it’s also about how-to videos, customer testimonials, and case studies. There’s a lot more to producing video content than meets the eye.

Ensure performance is effectively measured

In the same way that KPIs tracked for written content, it’s also vital to ensure that there is analytics available for each video produced, so that you can monitor its success. You can’t justify using a certain video marketing method on a regular basis if you can’t show your customers how effective that method can be. You need to be able to determine who is watching your videos and for how long, as well as who is choosing to share them.

There you have it, vital lessons that all video marketing students must learn, should they aim to be successful in the future.

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