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How to Build a Video Marketing Pipeline

How to Build a Video Marketing Pipeline

Every individual wants to raise their brand either to promote services or products through the medium of video marketing. While doing video marketing, an essential thing is video content to enlarge the brand throughout the Global. But how the video content is being at the heart of the video marketing? Here are the key points that elaborate your video content creation.

Video Content Ideation:

To reach the target of clients the perfect idea about video content is needed.

Just get an idea where you need to focus regarding the content of the video like reviews of a newly released product or service, seasonal concepts, unboxing videos, testimonials, answer queries raised by your client videos and take interviews from experts.

Video Content Creation:

While creating the video content we must follow some tactics that boost up the conversion rate which helps in elevating the brand.

Create the video content that is on most viral topic and prefer the audience com clients by researching on previous records of analytics. The creation of the video might lift or sink your brand.

Video Content Production:

After creation of a wonderful video content through deep analysis, the production of the video content is the most crucial pillar while doing video marketing that we need to step in.

Here we need to make amendments like adding visual effects for the video content we create to integrate it into audience or clients through blog posts and sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. These platforms have millions of users which could best fit to reach our target.

Stick to Hero, Hub, and Hygiene Video Content:

There are three types which are highly participating in the video content creation. We should analyze these three categories that helps in elaborating your organization,


This is huge instants that help in exploring the business by approaching a vast number of audience through the establishment of articles for the videos in the blogs.

To make the marketing viral this is the best content type in the previous era.

While implementing this then it must reach the targeted group of audience or clients with unexpected demand which seems to be viral in the public.

There should be a specific boundary of producing hero for the whole year.


This is another form of content that has been designed by considering the preferences of the targeted group which has been led by the organization or company.

This video content will be accelerated to the aimed clients by predicting the visiting time of the audience.


This is completely created depending on the aimed group hunting on a search engine. Question words like how, which, where and what concepts are most used ones.

The most important thing in it is building the strong relationship with the audience by forcing trust at your organization.

Hero, Hub & Hygiene Video Content Strategy with examples:


For example, when you are using Amazon echo then you might have the question word how to do online shopping through voice command over Alexa.

It’s related to hero which seems to be Amazon echo.


Amazon Go for most advanced shopping by targeting the issue of consuming time while doing shopping by the huge number of customers.


Here we can consider the Amazon prime in which it produces the originals, exclusives and seasons of Amazon prime videos regularly on the search basis of customers.

Digital Brand Storytelling with YouTube:

Prefer to describe the initiation of your brand by releasing documentaries especially on YouTube.

Try to establish digital campaigns at public places like bus stops, shopping malls and train stations by using billboards then release those moments on YouTube.

Video Content Publishing Calendar:

When the video content is ready to publish then you must check the calendar.

That means you need to analyze the user visiting times at which the video content can be circulated on the browser for more than expected time.

QA Checking:

Quality Assurance is the next step before publishing in which you need to rectify the issues and generate solutions for it.

This quality assurance checking will make your video content to look beautiful by adding high-quality framing.

Pre-Publishing Checklist with the Team:

Allocate the specific team for checking the completeness of the video content i.e. whether the titles are given correctly or not, giving proper links and copyright issues if any.


Congratulations On the successful completion of reading this article. Now you need to implement all these strategies in a real-time of your marketing journey then only you can have good moments after the return of your video marketing tour. Hurry up.

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