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Video Marketing 101 – What Marketers need to Know?


Video marketing plays a crucial role in the present online businesses success. Marketers are experimenting new strategies with the present trends in the digital marketing to enhance the video marketing and targeting the audience across the web towards the business.

The majority of companies are failed to reach the audience with video just because of lacking good efforts in production. Marketers must need to know the existing digital space and how consumers are reacting to the strategy.

Here are some important things that marketers need to know before, after and during the video marketing strategic plan and best practices.

Get ready with the answers

Always brainstorm some extensive and basic questions about your video marketing flow. The first thing you need to know is your objective, targets, and audience.

Understand your audience interests in your business objective and what type of content they are expecting from your niche and what kind of content they are interested in.’

You need to target these things while preparing your video marketing strategy for your business. Your video must be clear, attractive and must convey the brand message in a precise manner that audience must not get bored with your content.

Many proven marketing strategies help marketers to strengthen their video marketing strategy and enhance their company growth. Here are some few video marketing strategies you can go with.

Testimonial videos

General Testimonials

Video testimonials about your existing service and product offerings can be the most powerful way of approaching the things. Consumers always value the experience of other customers towards your product.

Today the marketing funnel was completely changed, and people are looking forward to knowing the others experience before buying the product. They are researching on a particular product or service before buying. So these users related testimonials always work well and help you to build a loyal following and loyal customer base.

Spot testimonials

The reactions which capture on the spot will bring you more customers towards your brand or business. Just request your clients when they visit your company and ask them to share their thought about your product and experience about it. Don’t expect the elaborative answers from customers, just ask them why they love and trust your product. You can also request the quick testimonial videos on social media platforms.

Testimonial case studies

These type of testimonial videos mainly targets an in-depth case study by focusing on the impact of your products and services basing on the company as the major one. However, it needs good efforts from the production side. However, they can be able to generate good production leads.

Personalized videos

Personalization always works very well when comes to video marketing for your business online. So personalise your brand message to your customers to boost the conversion rate. So, start posting the video posts on your blog and see how the audience is responding to your content. Notice whether your video can provide the value what customers are expecting.

Try Instagram along with Youtube

Instagram videos have greater engagement levels along with the Youtube. So, try posting your product related videos on Instagram and boost your engagement.

Highlight the special events

Make a good number of videos about your recent special events in your company. Let your audience know how well you are providing your services to your customers.

Video contests

Video contest is another great way to reach the customers online. So, go with some user generated content which adds significant value to your video marketing efforts.

Follow the above few best practices in your video marketing strategy and kick start your project.

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