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Top 10 Online Cloud Video Editor and Platforms

Top 10 Online Cloud Video Editor and Platforms

sharing videos in social media is quite an interesting and common thing in the digital world. creating a video is not such an easy task .Online Video editors helps easily, creating videos with various effects directly online. Divide the video into small clips add some special effects create a beautiful videos.

Large numbers of online cloud video editors and platforms have popped up and comparing each and every one to know the features is not easy. Video editing is no longer is the domain of professionals. Simple video editors are available online that can be used by anyone. Cloud-based video editing solutions allow users to edit the videos without actually installing the resources.

1. Pixorial not only is a platform for video creation but is an editing site. It is user-friendly and the editing tools are simple to use.


2. WeVideo is a video creation and editing tool offers clean interface.


3. Loopster is user-friendly and can be compared to other popular editors such as iMovie. There are also various paid for options.


4. FileLab video editor offers impressive editing options and capabilities.

5. Captevate this is mostly useful for small businesses and students. Simple and impactful videos can be created and edit with the elaborate filters and features available.


6. JW Player editor allows online video editing and the free version provides 1 GB online storage.


7. Though Clickberry Interactivity creator is not a cloud-based video editor, it is recommended for its simplicity and cloud integration. The videos can be editing with the desktop operating system and then are saved online. 1 GB cloud storage is offered to each who signs up.

8. YouTube video editor can be used to upload videos and then edit them. Music, transitions, adding or removing frames, rotating or annotate frames are some features that can be used. Most of us use YouTube for sharing videos but can also try this cloud editing utility.


9. Magisto is online video editing software and is also available as a free iPhone app. This is free to use and videos can be hosted on this site.


10. Video Toolbox is a video editing online platform to edit the video files. Also, the video is converted into whatever format the user needs.

The above mentioned are some of the cloud-based video editing platforms. Several packages are offered by each one of them at different prices. The online storage offered differs from package to package.

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