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Video Editing Tools: The Definitive Guide

Video Editing Tools

Digital video has increasingly become a critical technology in a wide range of activities in our everyday lives from creating the home movie for special occasions to designing multimedia products. However, with recent advances in digital video equipment and editing software, more and more people can be engaged in producing and editing their video. To save money, you can use Video Editing Tools which are free of cost to edit videos.

Video Editing Tools


Nutshell creates fun mini-movies for you by using the elements of snap pictures, add captions, choose graphics.Nutshell creates entertaining mini-movies using these few items for you in just a few seconds. It even creates an audio track for you using the sounds that captured when the three photos snapped.


Magisto is used to transform photos and videos into edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes. It is entirely automated video editing app. Within in the app or select photos and videos from your camera roll, you can shoot video clips. It uses you to select video style and soundtrack also It edits your video with automated editing.


Animoto is used to make most of the decisions for you to simplify video editing by limiting the number of customization options. It is the straightforward process with impressive results.

It has additional features like HD videos, longer videos, video downloads, cloud storage, more photos and videos to upload. Animoto generates a preview with automated editing.


Videoshop creates movies inside a relatively user-friendly interface without restricting you to a template format. It can arrange your clips in your preferred order and also trim your clips to the free length. It has the feature of adding filters and titles.

iMovie App

The iMovie app makes it easy for you without the limitations of a required template to produce videos to fit your needs. It is accessible from first to the last.

iMovie for Macs

The Mac version is more potent than the iMovie app. Thus both iMovie versions should be listed as unique options for video producers. It is the easy and best for the use of beginners.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor, which helps you create amazing and high-quality videos (4K) with powerful video editing tools. It supports all kinds of videos, audio files and photos and recording the PC screen.


VirtualDub offers features like the user-friendly interface and allows for adding files, deleting files, reordering video parts, cropping sidebars, and rotating videos. Apart from editing, It’s an all-in-one program that can as well convert videos.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is a very minimal of your effort and resources also will be the right choice for coming up with stunning videos. Sony Vegas Movie Studio has unique features that include the simple interface, video stabilization, texts and real-time effects.

Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro 2.0 displays some capabilities required for a professional digital video production suite. Final Cut Pro can deal with multiple tracks of media.

For example, the program supports three-point editing, multi-track trimming, graphical ripple, and roll, slip and slide trimming, keyboard editing, timeline editing, and match frame editing.


FFmpeg is a paid video editing tool for windows. It is a complete and has the cross-platform solution to record. It is a collection of free software that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video, including libavcodec and libavformat.


Blender is one of the best video editors for both Windows and Mac. It is the free open source 3D content creation which supports all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

Blender has many advanced features, such as modifier-based modeling tools, powerful character animation tools, a node-based material, etc.

DaVinci Resolve

It has revolutionary new tools for editing. Here color correction and professional auto post Production can be done in DaVinci Resolve all in a single application. DaVinci is a world’s fastest growing and advanced editing software.

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is an intuitive, feature-rich and easy to use video editing platform. It is a natural editing with its drag and drops type timeline for the beginners and loads of transitions, effects and speed adjustment features make customization easier.

The results can be posted quickly on social media networks like Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube, etc. at the end.


OpenShot is an impressive interface for free software. There will be 3D animation options, and animation framework for its primary focus is on quick editing while the editor offers video effects.

Studio DV

Studio DV can capture individual scenes within videotape. This layout shows the producer where media elements start and stop. Another attractive tool is the SmartCapture tool.

To save storage space during the editing phase, SmartCapture records video at a lower resolution can introduce. Once the movie has been in exact size by trimming, Studio DV automatically digitizes the final video at full DV resolution. The film then can be exported to QuickTime or DV.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete, the Lite edition is designed to delete unnecessary fragments (e.g., cut out commercials), copy, move, mix and save individual pieces. Also, you can use the software to remove audio tracks from video files.

Machete Video Editor Lite’s simple and intuitive interface you can edit your files within a few minutes after downloading the program, even if you never wrote a video file before.


Avidemux allows you to basic Video Editing Tools without worrying about a loss of video quality. The tasks can automate Projects, job queue, and powerful scripting capabilities. For the beginners, the program supports multiple video formats, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, QuickTime, and MP4.


Wevideo is the online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create and view. WeVideo has features of audio editing capabilities, a library of commercially licensed music, and the ability to share videos in 4K resolution.


Lightworks used for importing, trimming, and seamlessly weaving audio and video together with a few simple mouse. ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ are two different licenses you can choose from with Lightworks. Pro version offers more features, including stereoscopic output and advanced project sharing.


The shortcut is a great video editor for as much compatibility as possible and simple, highly customizable interface. It easy to capture and use video right from your computer with support for up to 4K resolution.


The Above mentioned are best Video Editing Tools which are very useful to you in your market resources and are all free Tools to use. These are very useful and profitable for video editing software.

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