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Video Curation 101: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Video Curation 101 The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Videos have become a very powerful medium. Hours of videos are uploaded to different video platforms every day. There are two ways to create a video. One of them is to invest time and resources and create a video, and another way is to curate the videos available online.

Video Curation

Video curation requires a strategy. Curate the video content that is interesting and relevant and offers some value to the viewer. Choose the ones that are related to the brand.

Change the title and description of the video. Have a clear thumbnail. Provide backlinks to the original video when you are posting the video on your blog post. Having transcription to videos is one of the good ideas to increase traffic. Give credit to the owner of the video.

To be successful video content curator, add your descriptions to the video and also write a unique title. Include your text. Have a playlist of curated videos on your site and break them into categories.

YouTube Video Curation

YouTube is the second largest search engine and has lots of content available. We can find well researched and well-made videos on YouTube. These videos can curate for different purposes. Embed the videos on the site and write something about them to use them as subjects for the article.

For YouTube video curation, first find the videos related your niche. Choose the most suitable one from the search list. Check the viewership rate of the video and choose the one with lots of views. Rewrite the title, watch the video completely and then write an article with the information provided in the video.

Video Curation Platform and Apps

Why should we need a platform for video curation? A professional can handle the curation work better. They will do the collecting and organizing videos and other works. They can also provide the analytics and metrics to track the popularity of the video content.

• Curation traffic is a curation plugin of WordPress that has all the tools and strategies for video caution.

• The pocket is another app which lets to store the interesting videos and use them later for reference.

• is a video curation tool that allows embedding sources from trusted media makers on your site. It searches for the most relevant videos for the site.

• With Vidinterest, it is possible to discover and bookmark videos and create playlists of videos and use them when necessary. You can bookmark videos from several video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

• Huzzaz is another video curation platform which can be used to discover, collect Vimeo and YouTube videos. It also allows analyzing the video metrics and find the videos that matter most for increasing site engagement.

These are only a few of the online video content tools and platforms, and these offer tools to search the web and provide a collection of videos. Some of them have their own video players.

Advantages of Video Curation

We will now see what are the benefits of video curation, which is one of the types of content curation. It gives an opportunity to gain knowledge. In video curation, you need to add your own thoughts to the topic and for this, you need to understand the topic better.

When you share video content from other bloggers and brands, the brands will take notice of you and this increases brand awareness. The viewers will also understand that you have their interest in mind and will be loyal to your brand. Another benefit with video curation for the original creator is that it will reach the wider audience.

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