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Video Analytics Trends: The Definitive Guide

Video Analytics Trends

Now everything is going on video, and in simple words, it is the sovereign of global marketing. Social media platforms that are completely related to the source video are the main target for the advertisers and marketers. Find everything especially about the Video Analytics trends 2019 in below phrases.

How can we find the performance of particular video on a channel?

Video Analytics 2019

Multiple devices are playing a role to watch the video, and it is difficult to analyze the activity of a particular content, i.e., from where and how the video is showing best results. We can overcome all these hurdles by using the concept video analytics.

The use of video analytics will give you the perfect figure to consider the advanced strategies that help in building the brand with continuous engagement.

Video Analytics Trends in 2019

Predictive Video Analytics

The intention of introducing predictive video analytics is to analyzing statistical information of the video by considering the upcoming trends and the interests of the audience.
The predictive analytics technology will increase the ROI with ultimate content marketing.
It is the most useful for the marketers to have effective brand marketing by considering the interests of the customers with data analytics.

Intelligent Video Analytics using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data

The information of videos retrieved with intelligent video analytics that contain the AI, machine learning and big data and also fast search is possible that directs to have the potential customers.

The fraud can be identified by using machine learning and AI. The big data analytics will help to reach the targeted customers by analyzing their behavior.

Video Analytics with Location and geotargeted

It helps to generate the video content that is most preferred by the audience.

The approach to it will enable the marketers or advertisers to reach the global customers along with the local customers.

Micro Expression Video Analytics

Microexpressions will identify the behavior and actions by adding emotions.
The collection of data and the analysis will generate the micro expression video analytics.

Video Tracking in Video Analytics

We can find a number of tools to identify the performance of the video.

For example, Google Tag Manager is the one which generates the full information about the video playing and also metrics that defines the relationship between the video and websites. It is one of the trend in Video Analytics 2019.

Object Detection in Video Analytics

It is the most useful one which is used to detect the behavior of objects in the video.

Facial Recognition in Video Analytics

This software will help to recognize the person that enables to provide the excellent customer service and also to secure all resources. It is going to be as the trend in Video Analytics 2019.

Tamper Detection in Video Analytics

The clogged and unfocussed cameras detected through Tamper detection.

Shape Recognition in Video Analytics

The areas like AI and machine learning are used to recognize the different shapes in the particular video.

Dynamic Masking in Video Analytics

Dynamic masking is the one which deliberately hides the video signal which is needed to be covered and also guards sensitive and personal information.

Style Detection in Video Analytics

It will recognize that from where the signal is produced through settings. Google cloud vision API is used to detect the clothing in the video by labeling the patterns, type of garment and color.

Egomotion Estimation in Video Analytics

With the analysis of output signal, the camera location can be represented.

Motion Detection in Video Analytics

The motion of the objects can be recognized with constant background without a physical operator.

Video Analytics Market Statistics and Projections

The growth of video analytics will reach $3971.2 million by 2020 from $1537.9 million in 2015.

From 2014 to 2022 the global video analytics reaches to 25.2% CAGR.

Key vendors of video analytics are Cisco Systems, Axis Communications, Bosch security systems, Agent video intelligence, Honeywell security group and IBM.

The main regions are EMEA, APAC, and America.


This article will let us know how the video analytics is going to play a role in the advanced strategies. Entertainment, retail, healthcare, transport and automotive, etc. are completely involving in the video analytics.

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