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User Generated Content (UGC) Videos – The Next Big Thing


Marketers are always in search for the audience and following different reports to now where the audience are shifted to and planning the strategy again. It is very tough to be a marketer as the audience are shifting their presence and connecting with the things from one platform to other platforms. The marketers are going along with the shifts in modern marketing.

User Generated Content

So they are concentrating on the User-generated content. The user-generated content is the content that was produced by the general users in the form of comments, tweets, posts, chats, etc. on a various social media platform. Social platforms are the leading destination for the user-generated content.

Why brands should consider UGC for thier business?

Marketers are focusing on the user-generated content because it is increasing as the video broadcasts on Twitch has raised to 83 percent, pins on Pinterest increased to 75 percent. More than 26 percent of search results are linked to the user-generated content online. When it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, the user-generated content is uploaded daily in the form of images and videos.

More than 85 percent Millennials love the User-generated content as the best way for brands to share their quality of services and products. The consumer reviews are playing a significant role as people are purchasing the products after going through several reviews across the web.

More than 80 percent of businesses were utilizing the user-generated content as part of their marketing efforts and succeeded with UGC content.

Benefits of User-Generated Video Content

Today the brands are more passionate about building the long-lasting customer relationship. User-Generated Content playing a vital role in achieving that.

Building Trust:

Building trust at the customers is the primary task for the businesses to reach their target sales. While comparing with the previous era, the customers are much cautious about brand performance in the market. It becomes too tough for the brands to establish trust at the consumers quickly. In such cases, UGC is the best way to invite happy customers by defining your brand’s story.

The involvement of other customers in your brand story will let the new customers trust more towards your products or services. Why does this happen? Because the customers involved in sharing your products will not gain anything. But they participate in expressing their good experience of your brand.

Social media reach and growth:

The launch of UGC video campaigns on social media will elevate your brand at the million audiences. The satisfied customers will share your UGC campaigns and also tag their friends. Hence, it leads to reaching more customers that gain the social following.

Save time and money:

The unique and best activity of UGC is that it conserves the resources of particular brands. The businesses are more specific about the time and money. The UGC never consumes time and money. Within your budget, you can launch the more efficient ad campaigns, but what you need is high-quality content.

Audience insights:

You can analyze the performance of your UGC ad campaign and about your brand by collecting the data from customer feedback, opinions, and reviews. From those valuable insights, you can make amendments in your products or services according to the user requirement.

Boosts conversion:

It helps the brands to explore by the word of customers involved in the ad campaign. Here the customers involve in giving feedback and sharing your brand will help to improve conversion rate.

Top User Generated Content Campaigns of All Time

The BBC:

The BBC collaborated with Seenit in celebrating the Royal Wedding through the launch of an ad campaign in which fifty public members are invited to Windsor Castle.

Meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding guests

Meet some of the incredible members of the public from across the UK who have been invited to the Royal Wedding.

Posted by BBC iPlayer on Friday, May 18, 2018

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke:

In this campaign, the company has print more than 150 most popular and common names on bottles and asking the customers to “share a Coke” with their loved ones and friends on social media. Overnight it got a massive response from the global audience.

Tourism Australia:

Tourism Australia has implemented the best idea that all love to share their tour videos and photos. They brought world travelers all together with the hashtag campaign #SeeAustralia shared on social media. They invited both who had visited and who wishful to visit their travel community.


Netflix turned to promote the fan post about their movies and shows with the hashtag of show’s titles to spread out the upcoming premiers. It drives the Instagram users to visit the Netflix page.

View this post on Instagram

🚨 STRANGER THINGS SPOILER ALERT 🚨 I enlisted @donte.colley to help you move on from all the things in ST3

A post shared by Netflix US (@netflix) on


GoPro is the best and a top brand in engaging Instagram users with User Generated Ad Campaigns with the relevant product hashtag.

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The IG #GoProFamily is now 16 MILLION strong. 💪 We’re thankful for your inspiring creativity, relentless ambition, + sense of community. • Tag a friend below. We’ll choose a lucky comment + send you both home with a new #GoProHERO7 Black.

A post shared by GoPro (@gopro) on


The brand engagement rates are highly increased with the user-generated. By utilizing the user-generated content on your website, you can generate good traffic towards your site. The user-generated ads and campaigns are the best way to get connected with your consumers.
Therefore, user-generated content is the next big thing for marketers to reach the audience.

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